The Tyranny of the Minority


“The tyranny of the minority is infinitely more odious and intolerable and
more to be feared than that of the majority.”  William McKinley, 1886

There is so much out there that stinks. I’m considering digging out my mask, if I can find it, to keep the smell away.  Nothing is as it should be…criminals don’t get prosecuted, fires don’t get put out, the border will not be secured.  The war on drugs was lost decades ago, the homeless will not be asked to leave, too many men and women don’t know what gender they are, and every human worm has crawled out of its hole. But, a Chicago group did ask criminals to not shoot between the hours of 9AM – 9PM. For much of the country, especially the big cities, a total acquiescence.

Democrats have to show some semblance of law and order so they search high and low (mostly high) for Republicans they can charge with something.

A political minority has taken control of America and is dragging us down to the lowest part of the gutter.   And yet, Democrats are supporting Biden for re-election to the bad tune of 64% (Fox News Poll).  How is that possible?

Democrats today are like members of a criminal organization waiting for their part of the take.

This minority, this mostly White, very educated, very committed to rebuilding America in their image are  6% of the public, 7% of registered voters, 8% of 2020 validated voters, and are the Progressive Left, according to Pew (2021).  They control the entire education system and the propaganda.  They teach what they want and don’t teach what they don’t want. They have the universities and their research, especially concerning the climate hoax.  Many thinking scientists (hmmm) know that they have to agree with the Left to get funding for their research or, as they say, “seek employment elsewhere.”  AND, apparently they control the mechanism of the election system in this country…a massive problem we have yet to address with any urgency.

And what are these scientists agreeing with?  They are agreeing to take the money, do the research, AND to conclude that the Progressive agenda is legitimate (for the common good, of course).

They have the Executive Branch, with tightened fingers on the neck of the Legislative Branch, and a drop kick to the Judicial Branch that seems helpless to cease the downward spiral.  They certainly have the Deep State, the intelligence community (a misnomer if there ever was one), and they have many multi-national corporations that put profit second and social and political agenda first.  They have lots of money, primarily because Big Tech (the Nerds) have yet to understand that when (and if) the Left completely takes over, they will be taken over as well…as they say, ‘useful idiots’.

These are the Bill Ayers, Angela Davis, Obama types, those that admire Lenin, Marx, and Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School, a communist think tank, thrown out of Germany in the 20s and 30s (too much competition for the Nazis)  to find a home right here in River City.  Actually it was Stanford, Yale, Harvard, Princeton, etc.

The Left, admittedly, does amaze.  They don’t hide their agenda.  Obama said he was going to fundamentally change America (2008) and thousands of the brutish cheered him on, having no idea what the f*** he’s talking about.  Is there anyone out there that knows the meaning of the word ‘fundamentally’?  Thousands, maybe millions of Black people were convinced Obama was going to pay their rent.  And, what happened?  They got nothing.  They received much more from Trump, but he was the wrong color.  You see, receiving nothing from the Democrats is better than receiving anything from the Republicans.  Like Biden said to a Black man who was a bit confused, “…then you ain’t Black.”

The Left says they are pessimistic about racial equality.  Of course they are; it is politically expedient to say so.  To fight whatever system plagues you, you must have a crisis, a banner to flock to.  Say America is racist until your tongue wears out.  Many people will eventually believe it…or so they think (if that’s the right word).  But, they also had help from a new ally, and a brand new crisis to go with it… climate change.

Unfortunately, for America and the world, the Progressive Left has allied with the Globalists, The World Economic Forum, The Great Reset and The New World Order crowd and now they really mean business.  And they mean to close the deal, take over the world, in just the next very few years, before the end of this decade.  You may not believe this, but look around, connect the dots, whether you are in America or Europe.

What they will not tell you is that their ultimate solution to the world’s problems is to drop the population from 8 billion to less than 1 billion.  They have said it, they have written it.  You need to believe it.

The globalists are demonic, they are determined to create a godless society.  They say they can now create an artificial womb, and uterus and they can create human beings better than God.  These demonic entities are going to save us from the chaos they have created to make us desperate.  Why else would they allow cities to die?

The Left says we need socialism, so do the globalists, but they have to break America first.  Anyone can see they are very diligent about it  They have to convince Americans, especially young people, that socialism is the answer and to give up on God.  Even the Vatican is in full attack, from the inside, no less.

The tyranny of the minority is here.  They are in full battle array and taking no prisoners.  Like Vivek Ramaswamy said to Tucker Carlson, “This country is on the cusp of chaos.”  The Left sees many Americans giving up, throwing up their hands, walking back to their barbecue thinking they will be left alone.  They will not.  The Left smells blood in the water, and it’s our blood.

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  1. Ray Di Lorenzo:

    Much respect and agreement !

    Specifically, can you name ONE person or group who has the ability

    undo the present government and lead the USA in the correct direction ?