The UAE deals a blow to America and Israel

Mudar Zahran brought this article in the Jordanian Press and translated by Google.

The Hebrew newspaper , Yedioth Ahronoth, said that the US-Israeli efforts in the region had received a new blow, after the UAE withdrew from a naval alliance against Iran. Because of her disappointment in the United States.

And the UAE announced, today, Wednesday, that it withdrew two months ago from a US-led maritime security coalition in the Middle East.

The unified naval force consists of 34 countries, and works to ensure security and combat “terrorism” and piracy in the Red Sea and Gulf regions, where some of the most important shipping routes in the world are located. The main headquarters of the force is located in Bahrain , as is the case with the Fifth Fleet of the US Navy and the US Central Military Command. Ministry said

The UAE Foreign Ministry, in a statement carried by the official Emirates News Agency (WAM): “As a result of our continuous evaluation of effective security cooperation with all partners, the UAE withdrew two months ago from its participation in the Unified Maritime Force.”

She added: “The UAE is committed to peaceful dialogue and diplomatic means as means to promote common goals of regional security and stability,” continuing: “The UAE continues its commitment to ensuring the safety of navigation in its seas responsibly.”

The political correspondent of “Yediot” Itamar Eichner commented on the Emirati withdrawal, saying: “This announcement represents another blow to the efforts made by the United States and” Israel “to form an international coalition against Iran, after the first strike represented by the return of relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran . ” .

He indicated that stateThe UAE actually withdrew from the coalition two months ago, but it surprisingly announced this this morning. Because of its disappointment with the American role, the decline in US commitments in the region, and its failure to provide protection for maritime traffic in the Middle East.

It is worth noting that the US-led coalition includes 34 countries that do not include “Israel”, but the occupation cooperates with it and the US naval fleet in security.

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