The US and the EU funded the intifadah

Who paid for Palestinian violence?

Here is a revelation that is food for thought, from an article in the Beirut Daily Star:

    Under such circumstances, a resumption of foreign aid alone…is not sufficient to arrest a further deterioration in conditions…Under conflict conditions that have prevailed since September 2000, and despite the doubling of foreign aid to an average of $1 billion annually between 2001 and 2005…

Think about it please. When the Palestinian Authority refused the Clinton bridging proposals, openly broke its word to abjure violence, funded suicide bombers and sent them to Israel, stepped up incitement and built tunnels to smuggle in arms, the reaction of the donor countries was to double their aid to to the Palestinian Authority. Not content with the intrinsic reward of 72 virgins that awaits every Shahid, the wise men of Washington and Brussels saw fit to subsidize the “Intifada.” Of course, none of the funds can be proven to have been used for suicide bombings. They were used, to be sure, to pay the salaries of Palestinian police who fired on Israeli soldiers and of officials like Yasser Arafat, Marwan Barghouti and Mohamed Dahlan who organized and paid for terror, and to pay their travel and office expenses, as they went about drumming up support for the Intifada. They were used to put pita and olives and falaful on the tables of Palestinians, so that other resources could be used for the holy task of jihad against Israel. CONTINUE

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