Why should the EU support the PA?

By Michael Anbar, Israel Insider

We are being told that the EU is eager to renew it financial support of the PA once the Hamas-Fatah unity government has been established. If this information is correct, it is unreasonable. Why should the EU, currently under political and economic stress, in addition to its growing internal problems with its Muslim immigrants, invest hundreds of millions of Euros in the PA?

To answer this question let us recast it in generic form: Why should a country offer a significant portion of its fiscal resources to another country? Since there is no altruistic generosity in international relations, where Realpolitik prevails, there are several scenarios that make such support rational, desirable or even necessary: [..]

Notwithstanding all these Realpolitik consideration there seem to be undercurrent pressures on the EU and on the US Administration to support the PA. A rudimentary analysis will conclude that the main beneficiary of the elimination of Israel would be the Saudis. It would allow them to eliminate Hashemite Jordan and possibly expand the Saudi kingdom to the Mediterranean plus giving them the glory of conquering Jerusalem, thus neutralizing Egypt’s hegemony in the Sunni world. Realizing the power of Saudi money to buy political influence, is not beyond possibility that EU and US politicians are currently made to follow policies detrimental to the welfare of the countries they are expected to serve.

March 5, 2007 | 2 Comments »

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