The US is not an ally of Israel

Francisco Gil-White asks the question Is the US an ally of Israel? and takes a A chronological look at the evidence. and concludes conclusively that the US is not an ally of Israel’s


The 1930’s Negative – The US Establishment helped sponsor the rise of the German Nazi movement.

1939-1945 Negative This year’s material is divided into the following sections:


1. The general policy of the Allies towards the plight
of the Jews

2. No US visas for European Jews trying to escape the Nazi slaughter

3. The allies refused to sabotage Hitler’s Final Solution by military means

1945 – Negative – After 1945, the US created US Intelligence by recruiting tens of thousands of Nazi war criminals.

1947-48 – Mixed to Negative – Forced by external circumstances, the US government gave lukewarm support to the creation of the State of Israel. But then it reversed itself and implemented policies designed to destroy Israel.

1949-1953 – Negative – In Israel’s hour of supreme need, the US allied with Israel’s mortal enemies.

1955 – Mixed – The US forces Israel to withdraw from Sinai, but makes some concessions to the Israelis.

1955-1965 – Positive (in one regard only) – Israel indirectly gets some US weapons.

1958 – Negative – Israel assists US military intervention in the Middle East; when this places Israel in danger, the US does…nothing.

1964 – Mixed – The US abandoned its previous official policy of trying to get Israel to relinquish the territories won in the War of Independence. Why had it been trying to do this?

1964-1967 – Negative – Although Israel suffered terrorist attacks from its Arab neighbors during these years, when they staged a full-scale military provocation, the US refused to help.

1967 – Negative – After the Six-Day War, the US put pressure on Israel to relinquish the territory gained, even though it knew it was indispensable to Israeli defense.

1967-70 – Negative – The Arabs attack the Israelis. The US response is to try and remove the Israelis from territory they need for their defense.

1970 – Positive – Washington temporarily abandons the diplomatic effort to make Israel withdraw from the territories.

1973 – Positive – The US assisted Israel in the Yom Kippur War.

1973-1975 – Negative – The US supported the election of a pro-PLO Nazi war criminal to the post of UN Secretary General.

1975 – Negative – The US reached an agreement with Israel not to have contacts with the PLO. The US immediately violated the agreement.

1977 – Negative – Jimmy Carter worked hard to give the terrorist PLO the dignity of a ‘government in exile,’ and then he teamed up with the Soviets to try and saddle Israel with a PLO terrorist state next door.

1978 – Negative – When Israel tried to defend itself from the PLO terrorists, the US forced Israel to stand back.

1979 – Negative – Jimmy Carter began large-scale US sponsorship of antisemitic Islamist terrorists, especially in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

1981 – Negative – The US pushed for a PLO state in the West Bank against Israeli objections.

1982-1983 – Negative – The US military rushed into Lebanon to protect the PLO from the Israelis.

1985 – Negative – 1985 includes more material than other years, so we have divided it into subsections.

1. Shimon Peres acted as a US agent, against Israeli interests.

2. Bettino Craxi and Giulio Andreotti (respectively, the Italian prime minister and foreign minister) committed political suicide for the sake of pushing the PLO. The US was behind them.

3. Ronald Reagan denied the Holocaust

4. Who was in charge of US covert operations in 1985?

1987-1988 – Negative – The ‘First Intifada’ was a US-PLO strategy used to represent the Arabs in West Bank and Gaza as supposedly oppressed ‘underdogs.’

1989 – Negative – With Dick Cheney, the US began supporting a PLO state in the open as the ‘only solution’ to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

1991 – Negative – Bush Sr.’s administration forced Israel to participate in the Oslo process, which brought the PLO into the West Bank and Gaza.

1994 – Negative – Yasser Arafat was given a Nobel Peace Prize, and the CIA trained the PLO, even though Arafat’s henchmen were saying in public, this very year, that they would use their training to oppress Arabs and kill Jews.

1996-1997 Negative – The United States exerted such strong pressure on the Netanyahu government (including threats) that, even though Netanyahu had been elected on an anti-Oslo platform, he had the necessary cover to betray the Israeli public that had elected him.

2005 – Negative – Mahmoud Abbas, who will soon have total control over Gaza, is the one who invented the strategy of talking ‘peace’ the better to slaughter Israelis. The US ruling elite loves Mahmoud Abbas.

(I will soon post documentation for the missing years in between.)

[Do visit his site and get all the detail.]

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  1. A British Obama?

    One Obama is more than enough.

    Comment by ayn reagan — May 5, 2010 @ 4:34 pm

    I have my prejudices for the well-being of America. Not so for Britain. I hope Clegg strikes a coalition deal to become Britains foreign minister.

    Israel will survive him. Britain won’t.

  2. Analysis: J’lem watches the rise of Nick Clegg

    Israel’s approach is self-defeating,” he argued. “The overwhelming use of force, the unacceptable loss of civilian lives, is radicalizing moderate opinion among Palestinians and throughout the Arab world.”

    A British Obama?

    One Obama is more than enough.

  3. Resupplied with what?

    In the Lebanon war we used a lot of Ammo and lost 2 choppers, which have been embargoed to us ever since.

    Ammo we make ourselves but we need to use American aid so we buy ammo from the states and America purchases certain ammo from us for use

    in Iraq. We make our ouwn Bunker Busters but they are expensive and we feel it prudent to use American aid package to relieve our defense budget constraints except for aircraft we don’t need American aid and I for one would rather buy from Russia and even France the platforms and put our own avionics and weapons systems on them. That could mean a weaponsystem even superior to Americas best. at a price 2/3 cheaper and few political strings such as we now have with America.

    Analysis: J’lem watches the rise of Nick Clegg

  4. Was the last conflict in Lebanon against Hezbollah a trial balloon?


    It was the most disgraceful event in Israeli history…the equivalent of Vietnam.

    Warring with the intention of losing is profoundly debased.

    Olmert is the murderer of every Israeli who died in that conflict.

  5. Middle East war clouds

    The next deadly clash between Israel and Hezbollah is brewing

    Seeing a military victory against Israel is extremely unlikely, if war breaks out Israel should be aware of ulterior objectives.

    1. During the last conflict with Hezbollah in Lebanon, the US stalled the U.N. while the Israelis were taking care of business and resupplied Israel with “smart bombs” during the fighting. Afterward, the U.S. replenished Israel’s weaponry that had been depleted.

    a. Do you think Obama will do the same when Israel needs resupply? Or, do Islamic countries know that he won’t.

    b. Being it is now known Israel will not be resupplied, would a war with Hezbollah therefore, be a decoy conflict—preparation, not intended to bring an immediate victory, but to deplete Israel’s weapon stockpiles and weaken Israel in anticipation of a much greater assault from Arab nations?

    c. Or, would a conflict with Hezbollah be a ploy of politics, purposely put in play to give occasion for other nations and international organizations to pass resolutions and force a solution for ‘peace”?

    Hezbollah cannot win, all sides know this. If there is war, Israel needs to be prepared to deal with the real objective of the conflict which will come after or as an intended result.

  6. It’s official: Veteran British singer returning to Holy Land on June 17, exactly 17 years after his previous concert.

    Comment by yamit82 — May 5, 2010 @ 2:31 pm

    Just what we need.


    Barney Frank I can do without.

    Comment by ayn reagan — May 5, 2010 @ 2:39 pm

    You don’t know what you’re missing.

  7. Good for Elton.

    I happen to be a fag hag.

    I love Isaac Mizrahi and Kevin Spacey and Nathan Lane.

    Barney Frank I can do without.

  8. If you can convince Elton John to devise a memorable melody, you have a hit song here.

    Elton will be performing here soon but was banned in Egypt. They are not as fond of homos as we are.

    Elton John’s Israel concert booked

    It’s official: Veteran British singer returning to Holy Land on June 17, exactly 17 years after his previous concert.

  9. I heard Bernie Madoff took him to the cleaners but good. 🙂

    Comment by yamit82 — May 5, 2010 @ 1:20 pm

    And now it’s Madoff’s turn to come clean.

    Chad Gadya!

  10. So how did Obama get 78%?

    I think it was written over ten years ago maybe more and never updated. Things have not improved vis a vis the Jews attitudes towards Jews,

    Judaism and their views of Israel since. Oh well we still have Elie Wiesel (sic). He’s made a fortune playing on other Jews misplaced guilt

    by the indulgent tsunami use of Pathos.

    I can honestly say that all holocaust victims were not innocent and guiltless and I can also say that many who survived maybe shouldn’t have.

    Seems our creator has a morbid sense of humor.

    Merciful as we have come to understand the term, he ain’t.

    Somebody should introduce him to rabbi Lerner, That’s what I would call a match made in heaven. Tweedledee and Tweedledum

    I heard Bernie Madoff took him to the cleaners but good. 🙂

  11. Why do you intentionally quote out of context? The remainder of Ron’s sentence continues: “and agree the Jews have G-d given rights to the Holy Land.”

    Does that sound like J-Street or something the ever came out of Yariv Oppenheimer’s miserable mouth?

    because one cannot be pro-israel and pro-pope and pro-“nt” – this is a question not only of logic but foremost of moral integrality. to utter falshood makes no impression on me. HAZAL compare for good reason the members of a certain sect to pigs, they are half kosher and … hypocrites.

  12. “he is an egoist and also a masochist, but certainly not an altruist and even less a Zionist…”

    Comment by Tar Yag — May 5, 2010 @ 8:49 am

    You have outdone Bernie Taupin.

    If you can convince Elton John to devise a memorable melody, you have a hit song here.

  13. These Jews who hate their own people are a tiny minority. Perhaps a mere five percent.

    So how did Obama get 78%?

  14. Somebody is picking on poor Rabbi Lerner.

    Shame shame shame

    debate Lerner and Kahane

    Lerner, Michael “RABBI” This far-left radical wacko fraud is a legitimate rabbi about as much as Michael Jackson is white. Actually, Lerner and Jackson share at lest two things… They both live in an imaginary world and have a fascination with little boys.
    What kind of “rabbi” is this progressive fraud? Lerner once suggested that a prayer for the “Palestinian people” should be included in the Passover service! We doubt Moses prayed for the Egyptians! In an April 25, 2002 audio interview, this nasal-effeminate spoke as if he were doing the bidding of Jew-hating Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, when he accuses Israel of “the slaughter of Palestinian People,” how [Palestinian] “cities were being wiped out” and of the “horrendous atrocities Israel is visiting upon the Palestinian People!”
    “The idea that Israel could get security by occupying the people of Palestine is as whacky as the idea that the U.S. could achieve security by occupying the people of Vietnam or Iraq.” One would never know that Lerner is a rabbi (although his credentials on this matter are questionable) when he compares the Jews’ 5,000 bond to the Land of Israel to the American “occupation” of Viet Nam or Iraq!
    “The ethos of selfishness and materialism that is an outcome of society whose bottom line and definition of progress is the accumulation of money and things.” If there ever were an example of a stereotypical opportunistic, money-grubbing Jew, Lerner sets the standard with all his books, pamphlets, audios, videos and seminar after seminar! The only Jews more pathetic than he are those who attend his lectures, buy his books and tapes and pay his

    “Rabbi” Michael Lerner

    The Prophet Isaiah warned the Jews that those seeking their destruction
    would emerge out of their own midst

    Self-hating Jews support the enemies of the Jewish People
    because THEY TOO are enemies of the Jewish People!

    Jewish, Jews, Self-Hatred, Jewish Self-Hatred, Jewish Self Hate, Woody Allen, Lerner, Michael Lerner, Tikkum, Tikkum Magazine

    Why Does So Much Utter Madness
    Spring Forth From “Progressive Jews?

    Whether they be individuals or organized groups, the sheer number of Jews working against Jewish and Israeli interests is staggering. It is bad enough when an Arab, Palestinian, Muslim, Neo-Nazi skinhead or other non-Jew attacks Israel or Jews in general. We would expect nothing less from them. But when a Jew does this, his mere Jewishness lends exceptional credibility to the charges. Besides, why would Jews hate themselves when others are more than willing to do it for them!

    These whacko Leftist Jews are so drunk on their ability to empathize and “feel the pain” of their enemies that they simply can no longer call them enemies! Talk about the Stockholm Syndrome! Talk about excessive and misplaced mercy! Talk about disgusting Jews! And why do we Jews have so many self-haters springing forth among us? This can only be explained by someone with at least a few dozen degrees in abnormal psychiatry. Even an insane asylum would refuse to admit these sick, hopeless Jews!

    What would make an educated Jew grow into a frustrated, embittered and rebellious writer, intellectual, professor AND spokesman for the so-called “oppressed?” Are their miserable, phony lives so filled with boredom and irrelevance? Have some taken one too many schoolyard beatings and found it far easier to simply side with their anti-Semitic bullies? Have they no pride in themselves as a unique and special people? Are they not overwhelmed with the magnificence of their long Jewish history? Do they not look back at the enormous sacrifices and dedication of their ancestors? Have they ever firmed up their backbone to stand tall as a proud Jew? Have they EVER exerted one-hundredth the amount of effort to fight against the enemies of Israel as they have against Israel itself? Or has Israel simply become to them an unwanted “step-child?” Does he prefer to see Israel a nation of lambs where lions once roamed? Does the sight of a strong, fighting Jewish soldier expose THEIR cowardice to such a degree that they now must attack that very symbol of Jewish Pride?

    These little Jews are so filled with self-hatred and SHAME at their total inability to fight off the anti-Semites and enemies of Israel that they have no choice but to betray their own people. Do they think that by siding with the enemies of Israel they are writing an insurance policy for themselves should Israel ever be destroyed? Little do they know that an Arab knife will sink just as deeply into THEIR backs AFTER he finishes using them! You can be sure that just before a Jew is murdered, he is not asked if he is a pro-Palestinian Leftist or a proud Right Wing “fanatic” like we are at! Finally, we don’t mind at all if these cowardly, Leftist, self-hating Jewish Jew-bashers build THEIR OWN roads to Auschwitz. We just don’t want them to drag us along with them!

    THE PROPHET ISAIAH WARNED THE JEWS that those seeking their destruction would emerge out of their own midst (Chapter 49, verse 17).


    Jewish Leftists today serve as Jews-for-hire for every anti-Semitic and Israel-hating organization, magazine and web site on earth. These Jews who hate their own people are a tiny minority. Perhaps a mere five percent.
    But they get around!

    After five thousand years of Jewish history, there remain but 15 million Jews. Most have learned the lessons of the pogroms, the Holocaust and, most recently, Arab/Islamic terrorism. They are the vast silent majority.

    Sadly, there are other Jews who have not learned a damn thing. They are the socialists, communists, anarchists and so-called “human rights” junkies and “peace and justice” activists. The well-being of Israel is the very least of their concerns. What they lack in number they more than make up in noise level.

    Yes, a few of these Self-Hating and/or Israel-Threatening Jews may be well-intentioned but grossly misinformed… call it brainwashed by wave after wave of anti-Israel propaganda. But most of them know the Truth but hate their heritage to such a degree that nothing else matters to them except bashing Israel right out of existence.

    In an October 22, 2004 Jewish Press Letter to the Editor, Isadore Frank got it 100% right when he wrote, “Unfortunately, the vast majority of American Jews… utterly secular, thoroughly liberal, abysmally ignorant of their heritage… are beyond redemption. Not only are large numbers of them unaware or apathetic about the inroads made by “Palestinian” propaganda, many are actually in agreement, at least to some degree, with [those scurrilous] ‘Palestinian’ claims.”


    Israel is in a struggle for her very life. She is surrounded by nearly two dozen Arab countries, some of whom have already tried several times to wipe Israel out of existence. There are also over 2 million so-called Arab-“Palestinians” between Israel and the Jordan River on sacred Jewish territory and who demand statehood even as they continue to send suicide-homicide bombers to murder Jews. And there are nearly a million and a half Arabs within Israel herself — one-fifth of the “Jewish” State’s total population — whose loyalty to that Jewish State is questionable. In other words, Israel has a “full plate” — enemies outside, along side and within!

    Israel signed a peace treaty with Egypt in 1979. Yes, there has been no-war but there is also no peace. All economic, social and diplomatic contact has ceased. The Egyptian Army continues to arm themselves to the teeth and rehearse battle drills on the Sinai Desert — territory Israel handed over to them as part of that very peace treaty!

    In 1993 Israel signed a peace treaty with the Palestine Liberation Organization [PLO] leadership in the hopes that Yasir Arafat had enough of Jew-killing and might actually be ready to lead a “Palestinian” nation. He and his so-called “Palestinian Authority” were to be offered most of Judea-Samaria (the “West Bank”), Gaza Strip and part of holy Jerusalem in exchange for ending their long-standing thirst for Jewish blood. But the murder of Jews continued and with unbridled ferocity. The total number of Jews stabbed, machine-gunned, burned or detonated in buses, restaurants and shopping malls since that “peace” treaty has soared to nearly 1,400. Based upon a 60:1 Israel-America population ratio, this would be the equivalent of 84,000 dead Americas losing their lives — or twenty-eight September 11th terror attacks!

    Tourists are no longer visiting Israel in large numbers. Unemployment is everywhere. Israelis are fearful of murderous attacks that could come at any time and at any place. Frustration and despair are commonplace and Israel needs all the support she can get! This is NOT the time for true friends to pick and scratch and dig into any less-than-perfect action that Israel may need to take.

    But the Jewish People have amongst them a disproportionate number of Self-Hating and/or Israel-Threateners who, for reasons only a trained psycho-pathologist could possibly explain, have a sick need to conspire with the enemies of Israel. The notion of “circling the wagons” and protecting one’s own is foreign to them and so they spew their venom toward Israel as they lick the boots of her enemies. These “anti-survivalist Jews reject, abase, disgrace and degrading themselves and their people. Call it a sickness or call it madness. It makes no difference. Israel pays the price for these traitors’ actions.

    “End the occupation,” they collectively shout. “Stop settlement activities!” “End construction on the Apartheid Wall!” “Stop the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians!” “Zionism is Nazism.” “Ariel Sharon is Hitler!” “Sharon is a war criminal!” “Stop the holocaust upon the Palestinian people!” “Don’t treat the Palestinians the way Hitler treated you!” “Peace Now – give peace a chance!” “Land for peace!” “Create one bi-national state!” “Stop the human rights abuses!”

    If anyone still wonders how the Holocaust against European Jewry could have ever happened, all he has to do is observe the behavior of today’s “Judenrat” traitors. They run forth to an anti-Semitic world trying to prove that THEY are the good Jews — not those arrogant Israelis! The Truth, however, is that these radical, leftist, academic, socialist, “progressive,” enlightened know-nothings are not even worthy of the name “Jew.”

  15. j street is also pro-israel
    and I read just yesterday that yariv oppenheimer defines himself as a Zionist

    Comment by Tar Yag — May 5, 2010 @ 8:40 am

    Why do you intentionally quote out of context? The remainder of Ron’s sentence continues: “and agree the Jews have G-d given rights to the Holy Land.

    Does that sound like J-Street or something the ever came out of Yariv Oppenheimer’s miserable mouth?

  16. Reagan was appalled at the news footage from Lebanon …

    poor galut Jews who lay all their hope in the goyim – for you Israel is nothing but a Miklat (shelter), to be a Zionist is very much different from this kind of EGOISM portaited as altruist “patriotism”. Rav Kook writes at the very beginning of Orot that who thinks that Israel is a shelter understands NOTHING about Judaism, because Israel is our soul and even if it happens to be here the worst place for Jews (which can happen and also happened sometimes in the past), it is still the only place we love, the only place where our soul belongs and the only place all our minds and emotions are directed to. But the minds of the galut Jew are directed to the goy, he wants to be loved since he is an egoist and also a masochist, but certainly not an altruist and even less a Zionist.

  17. all my Catholic friends feel the same way and are pro Israel

    j street is also pro-israel
    and I read just yesterday that yariv oppenheimer defines himself as a Zionist

  18. Reagan was appalled at the news footage from Lebanon that purported to show the IDF indiscriminately killing civilians.

    Based on his own experiences with the network news, he should not have been so gullible.

    But he was, and coerced Begin to back off.

    That was a fateful moment in history. It represented an enormous victory for Iran, which repaid Reagan by having its surrogate Hezbollah slaughter Marines in Beirut.

    Had he refrained from interfering, Lebanon would now be free and Hezbollah would be a memory.

    I believe that GW Bush understood Reagan’s mistake and was willing to let Olmert correct the mistake, but Olmert was too irresolute.

    Now, it is too late…unless Netanyahu discovers the courage to attack Iran, in which case he may as well take out Hezbollah and Fatah and Hamas since Israel will be castigated regardless.

  19. He embargoes Israel with weapons ordered for over a year. Sold the Saudis AWACS to be used against Israel and by defeating AIPC thus

    rendering them impotent to this day. There is much more.

  20. Reagan’s unforgivable mistake was siding against Israel in Lebanon.

    That was contemptible.

    But compared with other recent presidents, he did pretty well.

  21. No, he didn’t deny the Holocaust he just put German sensitivities ahead of Jewish sensitivities.

    Now why should any Jew expect more? If that were his only decision were Jews would be placed at the bottom of his priories and Presidential decisions might be overlooked but RR had a history and a long list of screwing the Jews. Was he antisemetic? Probably but he might not have thought so Most gentiles of his generation were.

  22. 3. Ronald Reagan denied the Holocaust

    He did no such thing.

    Comment by Laura — May 4, 2010 @ 11:29 pm

    That is a reference to his Bitburg speech:


    This planned visit caused a great deal of anger outside of Germany. Many prominent government officials, U.S. Army officers, and celebrities, protested the planned visit. Concentration camp survivor and author Elie Wiesel spoke out on the topic at an unrelated White House ceremony, saying, “I… implore you to do something else, to find another way, another site. That place, Mr. President, is not your place.” 53 senators (including 11 Republicans), signed a letter asking the president to cancel, and 257 representatives (including 84 Republicans) signed a letter urging Chancellor Kohl to withdraw the invitation. Former Army S/Sgt. Jim Hively mailed his World War II decorations, including a silver star and a bronze star, to Reagan in protest. The Ramones recorded the song “My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes to Bitburg),” which alludes to Bedtime for Bonzo, a movie from Reagan’s film career that co-starred a chimpanzee, and Frank Zappa recorded “Reagan At Bitburg”. Robyn Hitchcock’s song The President from his album Element of Light also makes reference to the incident.[2]

    Chancellor Kohl responded in an interview with the New York Times: “I will not give up the idea. If we don’t go to Bitburg, if we don’t do what we jointly planned, we will deeply offend the feelings of [my] people.” A poll revealed that 72% of West Germans thought the visit should go forward as planned. Kohl admitted that rarely had German-American relations been so strained, and in the days leading up to the visit, the White House and the Chancellery were pitted against each other in the blame game. The White House claimed the Germans had given assurances that nothing in the Bitburg visit would be an “embarrassment” for the president: “As clumsily as we handled it, Kohl &. Co. have surpassed us in spades.” A German official said: “The Americans also have a responsibility toward the president. They must also check on the history that is beneath the ground. It was not very intelligent.” Reagan defended himself by saying:

    “These [SS troops] were the villains, as we know, that conducted the persecutions and all. But there are 2,000 graves there, and most of those, the average age is about 18. I think that there’s nothing wrong with visiting that cemetery where those young men are victims of Nazism also, even though they were fighting in the German uniform, drafted into service to carry out the hateful wishes of the Nazis. They were victims, just as surely as the victims in the concentration camps” [3]

    Reagan was criticized for this statement by opponents of the visit. Equating Nazi soldiers with Holocaust victims, responded Rabbi Alexander M. Schindler, president of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, was “a callous offense for the Jewish people.” Many questioned Reagan’s claim that most of the SS soldiers at Kolmeshöhe had been teenagers drafted against their will into serving, but later research indicated that most of the 49 SS dead were between the ages of 17 and 20[citation needed]. Some critics claimed that Communications Director Patrick Buchanan wrote those remarks, which he denies [3]. Kohl confirmed earlier press comment that in the last days of the war he was able to avoid service in the SS because he was only 15, “but they hanged a boy from a tree who was perhaps only two years older with a sign saying TRAITOR because he had tried to run away rather than serve.”

    Kohl made a call to the White House days before Reagan’s visit to make sure the president wasn’t wavering in the face of criticism, not to mention pressure from wife Nancy. The Chancellor’s aide, Horst Teltschik later said: “Once we knew about the SS dead at Bitburg – knowing that these SS people were seventeen to eighteen years of age, and knowing that some Germans were forced to become members of the SS, having no alternative – the question was, Should this be a reason to cancel?” Reagan aide Robert McFarlane later said: “Once Reagan learned that Kohl would really be badly damaged by a withdrawal, he said ‘We can’t do that; I owe him.'” Prior to sending Deaver back to West Germany for the third time, just two days before the scheduled visit, Reagan told his deputy chief of staff: “I know you and Nancy don’t want me to go through with this, but I don’t want you to change anything when you get over there, because history will prove I’m right. If we can’t reconcile after forty years, we are never going to be able to do it.”

    There was one announced change: an added visit to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp to itinerary.

    The controversy might have cooled slightly if one of the many commentators had mentioned that the men buried in the Bitburg cemetery were Waffen SS—combat soldiers— not SS-Totenkopfverbände—concentration-camp guards. Soldiers, in fighting battles, sometimes commit war crimes, but this is not their purpose. The concentration camps and the death camps were designed to commit crimes against humanity: these crimes are the purpose of the guards.

  23. The American people are pro-Israel.

    Laura you can take that to the bank. In fact all my Catholic friends feel the same way and are pro Israel and agree the Jews have G-d given rights to the Holy Land.

    This tiny but giant nation is and will be protected by G-d. Think, G-d did not lead the Jews back to the Holy Land and leave them unprotected.

    The Muslim world should be careful, as my Catholic school nun use to say, “A word to the wise should be sufficient”. (unfortunately I remember it now more than then. Wow was she smart).

  24. ma shlom Laura ?

    Comment by Tar Yag — May 4, 2010 @ 9:07 pm

    The American people are pro-Israel. I stand by that. Polls show that to be the case and I know that from personal experience. Again, I wonder why you are tolerated here given that you have no real contribution to make.

  25. American liberals are crestfallen that the NYC terrorist whom they had deceitfully identified as being a “white guy” turned out to be a Pakistani Muslim.

    They were so hoping that he would be a Tea Partier.

    Yes, but they have been buoyed by the oil spill. “Drill Baby Drill”, has been replaced with “Spill Baby Spill”

  26. I even question whether he is on the side of the United States.

    Look at his pro Islamic Marxists policies again and there should be no question whatsoever.

  27. Islamism can be defeated only after liberals have been defeated.

    Your right Ayn. Liberals can’t handle the truth. They prefer to be pacifist than fighting and defending what is good and right.

    By the way New Yorkers have to be thankful the terrorist didn’t know how to set a clock otherwise this disaster would have been on the acorn community organizing, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel US impostor presidents watch.

    Of course his staff will come to his aid and declare “we were on it from day 1”. Bull shit.

  28. American liberals are crestfallen that the NYC terrorist whom they had deceitfully identified as being a “white guy” turned out to be a Pakistani Muslim.

    They were so hoping that he would be a Tea Partier.

    Or a Southern Baptist holy roller.

    Or a Roman Catholic pedophile priest.

    Or – best of all – an evil Jew neocon.

    No, he is one of the Left’s Chosen People…a Muslim terrorist.

    So, they have seamlessly transitioned into casting him as a victim.

    His house was being foreclosed.

    Ergo, the terror attack is the fault of George W. Bush.

    I’ll say it again, Ted: the enemy is liberalism.

    Islamism can be defeated only after liberals have been defeated.

  29. By doing so, we risked nuclear war with the Soviet Union.


    Attention, National “Jewish” “Democratic” Council; this was by order of your Almighty God, aka Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who also put American citizens in concentration camps because of their race.

    True but a Republican congress had passed anti Jewish immigration Laws and congress does have some power I think, more then than they do today.

    During the war years every poll showed Jews ranked above both Japan and Nazi Germany as the more hated in America.

    Do you think the American Jewish leadership wasn’t aware of the American sentiment against the Jews?

    So Levinson take your simplistic political monodemensional world view and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    America hated Jews more than the Germans and the japs. FDR as a Master politician had the American people behind him.

  30. The definition of a liberal: someone who believes that illegal Mexicans can live in eastern Los Angeles but Jews cannot live in eastern Jerusalem.

  31. Also Yamit82 is also merely restating the obvious, all of us here know that the US is siding with Islam, but why? He does not even pretend to answer that central question

    Where is the UN?

    don’t be surprised if familiar tragedies keep recurring as farce, like a broken record and effluvium of a bad meal.

    The big bad hologram wants to make a meal out of Israel again; those damn Jews still won’t get out of Arab-occupied central Israel, and idiot Jews won’t stop giving them jobs within the green line. And now this dude, an ostensible victim of racism wants the Jews out: in ‘his’ defense, he’s just an image on a screen, a talking head, a façade, albeit a grimy and unpleasant one.

    Where is the UN? One ought to ask before one places all the blame for “the cycle of violence in the Middle East” and world tensions on the Jew-hating nut-ball who styles in Tehran. While post-modern students may not know it, the United Nations is in NYC; it was conceived there and in London and squats unpleasantly on land gifted to it by a munificent doyen of the Rockefeller clan. There is a photo of him handing the check to the first President of “the world body” in 1946: it is not a pretty picture.

    Those who think that the goal of I’m a dinner jacket is to incinerate Israel are stewing because this hate-monger was at the UN (last year) for, what, the third straight year, to flaunt his dashing person and to keep the world’s level of Judenhaas high. The holy perpa must be pleased not least because the annual extrusion tends to occur very near Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Hisster also liked to plan special actions on Jewish holy days.

    Where is the UN? It is in NYC; Mr. Ahmadinejad would not be in NY or anywhere in the USA unless those who run its diplomatic and intelligence operations wanted him here. It is no stretch to notice that if he is here and here repeatedly it is because they want him here, perhaps even to get briefed and de-briefed. He serves their purposes.

    As to their purposes, they also blare forth from the mouthpiece that goes by various names, among them, “Obama.”

    Is the hologram a racist? Of course not, it’s just that he loves peace, hates segregation, and those damn Jews in Judea and Samaria, etc…

    Why do the power brokers who design and manage the grand game want the dinner jacket in NY raising tension, nastiness and keeping the concept of exterminating the Jews in everyone’s consciousness and, therefore, possible? It is, in principle part to push a contrived dialectic whose solution, a “comprehensive peace agreement” will create a greater Middle East that will be anchored by Israel and Persia, restoring control to the managers of Anglo-Persian Oil, now terming itself, “Beyond Petroleum.” In plain English that means that the plebes won’t get much of an oil ration in future and that it will be veddy, veddy expensive.

    “Comprehensive Peace Agreement” is the modern Pax Romana as in, “they made a desert and called it peace,” or, “you need protection.” From whom? “From us” or is that, from USA?

    Notice: as the threat of attack from Persia and its Syrian satellite grows so does the American protective presence in what remains of the land of Israel. We assume readers know about the advanced American anti-missile batteries in Israel that do not share their intelligence readings with IDF staff unless the Americans deem it useful to dribble some leftovers to their vassal. How bitter that the Israeli vassal does more genuine service to its American masters than perhaps any other vassal state in history.

    There is a ‘good’ reason for this: by running the “Jewish State” as a subsidiary of the Quartet directorate, the subcontractors (perennial client regime, a.k.a. the undertakers) get to suppress the Jews. There are few things a modern or post-modern Hellenist loves more: it demonstrates the progress s/he has made from the superstition of a living culture into the great darkness of world-Hellenism and its Dionysian trappings and substrate.

    The unacknowledged chieftain of this de facto Quintet wears a funny suit and hat, and a vest with keys on it. Tony Blair is the silly putty by which he binds together the various members of this world body, the penultimate incarnation of the British invasion first planned by the illustrious Round Table whose end game is on track.

    So don’t blame Ahmadinejad, at least not exclusively or mainly; look rather to Moscow, Berlin, London, Rome, Paris, Madrid and Washington for the sources of our distress. And the next time some despot starts ranting against Israel or America, don’t forget that the UN is in NYC and that said despots would not be there unless it suited the purposes of our masters for them to be there. Antiochus and Hadrian have not ceased from their main agenda, they simply have extended the scope and diversified the sites of their rule. Forewarned is forearmed: history reflects the future…

    The thoughts and writings of Prof. Eugene Narrett

  32. Also Yamit82 is also merely restating the obvious, all of us here know that the US is siding with Islam, but why? He does not even pretend to answer that central question


    Police detective to Bank robber: Why did you rob banks?

    Bank robber to Detective: Because that’s where the money is!

    Everything else is commentary

  33. Felix,

    Your thinly-veiled attack on the proletariat is despicable.

    Once again, you have inadvertently exposed yourself as being an agent provocateur of the bourgeoisie.

    The working class will surely rise as one to eliminate the oppression imposed by your hegemonistic ways.

    You are truly a running dog for the capitalist pigs.

  34. But who will come to the rescue of the Jews of Israel.

    The Israelis. If worse comes to worse, the Samson Option will come into play, but with one difference this time; Samson will be left standing.

    Here all on Israpundit are bankrupt and especially bankrupt are the suggestions before

    …and so you have come to enrich us all?

  35. Ayn Reagan in her comment 1 in particular has cut across the main lesson of the FGW research. Rather than dealing with this learned research Reagan cuts off at a tangent, into an attack on Obama, but the point of the GW article is that it is ALL Presidents of the US, and this furthermore is reinforced by learned articles by Joseph Alexander Norland on the Eisenhower Dulles years.

    And that is the point that I made to Ted a week ago, and to Spencer and Geller, that we know that the US is creating Sharia states in the world, Afgahnistan, Kosovo, Palestine. But why? What is the strategy behind. Ted refused to publish my article and so the discussion was avoided, as did Spencer and Geller.

    To get some idea of what is going on underneath the surface you will have to turn to the site

    In fact Gil White did not answer this question either because he is not based on an analysis of the capitalist crisis and how antisemitism has always been used as a tool by ruling classes.

    Also Yamit82 is also merely restating the obvious, all of us here know that the US is siding with Islam, but why? He does not even pretend to answer that central question.

    There is much rubbish talked above and it appears that many on Israpundit live in a dream world if they think as Reagan suggests above that there will be an orderly development through the next years to elections etc. What makes Reagan so sure there will be a next election? As in the past?

    A much better idea can be had from perusal of this article

    Leave aside that Ephraim Sneh is from the traitorous wing of Israeli society, yet his prediction of a November strike by Israel on Iran, and the suggestion by another that Israel will be forced to use “low yielding earth penetrating nuclear weapons” against Iran.

    And Timmerman is correct, it will be a conscious attempt to buy Israel time, to set the Iranian regime back some.

    But who will come to the rescue of the Jews of Israel.

    Here all on Israpundit are bankrupt and especially bankrupt are the suggestions before

  36. You must mean California Watson.

    California Watson would have taxed and regulated Sharon to death.

    I think she preferred Tex.

  37. The US will soon have much more to be occupied with than undermining Israel—I’m sure Obama will still find time—economic disaster is looming and national security threats are greatly increasing. Some professionals in off-shore drilling are saying the way the rig in the gulf is purported to have blown is not plausible without assistance of a human element and explosive device. After the 911 Truthers everything is a conspiracy, which makes me a skeptic. Still, there are a whole lot of questions marks now than in any other time I can remember. Thousands of little puzzle pieces are all over the place, by the time they come together to where most people can get the picture, it will be too late.

    (05-04) 04:00 PDT Beijing —

    North Korea’s reclusive leader Kim Jong Il arrived in China Monday, making a rare trip outside his hermit nation in search of money and support from his country’s last political patron. . .

    If Kim gets money, will he give something back such as being a proxy (a state ‘hit-man’) to do the dirty work China doesn’t want it’s fingerprints on…ships, oil rigs, ?????????????

  38. Over the past few years I have posted numerous historical facts that substiantiate Gill Whites independent research. It is impossible to

    understand American Israeli relations with the historical context.

    I have maintained that from the very beginning America was not only not our friend and ally but constantly working to weaken and undermine

    our existence and security.

    All American administrations from Washington to Obama have had strong elements of antisemitism. American Jews may point out that when compared with all other countries where Jews inhabited none can compare eith the freedoms, opportunities and saftey America has provided and there is truth in that.

    lets not forget though that those freedoms and opportunities where awarded only grudgingly and not without numerous battles of jews and other minorities to win those freedoms, rights and opportunities. Jews were not allowed most rights of citizens until the 14th amendment.

    Jews did not actually receive most of those rights until well after the second world war.

    Most American Jews like the pre WW 2 German Jews fail to understand that what was not given freely can be taken away under certain conditions.

    I don’t believe Jewish History began in America and that human nature is different in Americans than any other place. Sooner or later Jewish history will manifest and repeat what has been before in all the other places in the World.

    What, How and When it will manifest itself, is another topic for possible discussion.

  39. Isn’t American liberal jurisprudence fair and progressive?
    This is why America has no future. Muslims Welcome! Mexicans Welcome but Israeli scientist working in Dimona ?

    Well it used to be niggers and Jews not welcome and now only Jews.

    Rev Wright might have had a point when he coined the phrase “G.D America”.

  40. Post Election 2012: If re-elected, Obama will treat Israel the way Tex Watson treated Sharon Tate.

    For those unaware of who Tex Watson is:

    Good ole’ Tex 😉

    tex watson
    When Charles “Tex” Watson entered the Cierlo Drive home of Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski he said, “I’m the devil. I’m here to do the devil’s business.” And that’s exactly what he did. All victims died of gunshots and multiple stab wounds coming mainly from Tex’s knife. Abigail Folger was stabbed 21 times. Voityck Frykowski was shot once and stabbed 51 times. Jay Seebring was shot twice and stabbed six times. Steven Parent was shot three times. Sharon Tate was stabbed 16 times.

    When the heat came down Tex ran to his home in Texas. There he was arrested and extradited to California. While awaiting trial he lost fifty pounds and was unable to communicate or feed himself. He reached an acute state of psychosis and was sent to the Atascadero State Hospital. Once his health improved he was tried, found guilty and sentenced to death. A year later the Supreme Court abolished the death penalty and Tex’s mental instability improved rapidly. He found God and devoted himself to praising the lord with the same fervor he once wallowed in the blood of his victims. A changed man, Tex has become a preacher, a husband and a father (thanks to conjugal visiting rights). He hopes to be released soon on parole so he can preach the word of the law.

  41. This is the time line:

    May 4, 2010- – Election Day, 2010: Obama will scale back the public animosity against Israel to con once again those most (willingly) gullible of creatures…liberal American Jewish voters. His anti-Zionist aggression will continue unabated, but will be done furtively.

    November 3, 2010 – circa December 31, 2011: Obama will put the screws to the Jewish state to the maximum extent that domestic American politics allows. The assault will be vicious, but the level of transparency will depend upon which party controls Congress. If the GOP gains a huge victory this year, he will have to resort to extreme subterfuge. It is at this point when a Gulf of Tonkin-style incident becomes likely.

    Approximately January 1, 2012 – Election Day, 2012: Obama will sweetly caress Israel…tenderly…lovingly. BO will reveal that he is the twin brother of Jackie Mason. He will claim that he has been repeatedly circumcised while watching “Schindler’s List”. He will confide that during intercourse, he always insists Michelle (and Vera) must call him “Rabbi Moshe Goldberg”.

    Post Election 2012: If re-elected, Obama will treat Israel the way Tex Watson treated Sharon Tate.