The Very Fabric of This Great Nation Will Be Torn in Ways That Can Not Be Repaired

By Dr Robert Malone

After the leak of Justice’s Alito opinion on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, there has been an organized campaign to attack the Supreme court’s legitimacy, which really began years ago. The Wall Street Journal writes:

But as the court has grown more conservative in recent years, the left has stepped up the attacks on the court’s “legitimacy,” including character assassination of individual justices, with little objection from mainstream Democrats and plenty of help from the media.

Justice Alito says “this type of concerted attack on the court and on individual justices” is “new during my lifetime. . . . We are being hammered daily, and I think quite unfairly in a lot of instances. And nobody, practically nobody, is defending us.

The idea has always been that judges are not supposed to respond to criticisms, but if the courts are being unfairly attacked, the organized bar will come to their defense.” Instead, “if anything, they’ve participated to some degree in these attacks.”

Judges are in a double bind: If they don’t respond, the attacks stand. If they do, they diminish the mystique on which judicial authority depends.

Although this article is in the Wall Street Journal, one could argue that for the most part, these attacks have come from almost all of the main stream media sources, not just the “left”. For instance, there are hit pieces calling for more oversight of the Supreme court and highlighted alleged ethics violations in BloombergYahoo News, as well as just about every legacy corporate media outlet that you can think of. One has to ask, has there been some sort of organizing element to these attacks on the Supreme court?

Thanks to the Matt Taibbi’s Twitter Files and the Louisiana/Missouri lawsuits, we know much more about the censorship and propaganda during COVID-19. Then we have the Congressional investigation of the “The Great Barrington Declaration” as well as Congressional investigations of other censorship/propaganda operations run by the US government during the last three years of the COVIDcrisis. There have also been various Epoch Times exposes and other FOIA documents (in particular thanks to Project Veritas and Judicial Watch), documenting that the Federal government has been involved in these types of propaganda campaigns for many years. The extent of these operations has been vast, with billions of dollars funneled into astroturf organizations and NGOs. The military, HHS, the White House, big pharma companies, and big tech have been partnering together to conduct these operations. These include money, meetings, strategic sessions, technical help, “hit” lists of people to take down, etc. Andrew Lowenthal, on Substack writes:

I also underestimated just how explicit many organizations were regarding narrative policing, at times blatantly drifting from anti-disinformation to monitoring wrongthink. Stanford’s Virality Project recommended that Twitter classify “true stories of vaccine side effects” as “standard misinformation on your platform,” while the Algorithmic Transparency Institute spoke of “civic listening” and “automated collection of data” from “closed messaging apps” in order to combat “problematic content”, i.e. spying on everyday citizens. In some cases the problem was in the title of the NGO itself – Automated Controversy Monitoring for instance does “toxicity monitoring” to combat “unwanted content that triggers you.” Nothing about truth or untruth, it’s all narrative control.

Government and philanthropic oligarchs have colonized civil society and proxied this censorship through think-tanks, academia, and NGOs. Tell this to the sector, however, and they close ranks around their government, military, intelligence, Big Tech, and billionaire patrons. The field has been bought. It is compromised. Pointing that out is not welcome. Do so, and into the “basket of deplorables” for you.

For myself, I know that the campaign to besmirch my reputation, including outright lies and malicious defamation written about me by the Atlantic Monthly, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Rolling Stones, The Scientist and Business Insider, to name a few, was a coordinated campaign that has been led by the US government. All evidence suggests that they did this because I spoke out about the toxicity of the pseudo-mRNA vaccines early and so they worked to dispute my role as the original inventor of these vaccines (which gave me legitimacy to speak and be heard). My Wiki page was edited early on to make me look like a fraud and to limit my role. This editing came from one editor, tied to the UK government, operating under the sock puppet name of “Phillip Cross”. BTW- none of these articles even mention the patents where the proof of principle mRNA vaccination studies, which can be found here (there aren’t hard to find). It is also true that those propaganda pieces are still front and center on a Google search of my name, despite many other articles with far more views, including many of these Substack essays. I think we can all agree that something just isn’t “right” about the search algorithms these days. Yet, the subtle dent to the reputation of people by the skewed algorithms sticks in people’s minds; even if completely untrue. Modern psychology demonstrates that repeating a lie is an effective method for subconsciously programming people to accept and repeat falsehoods without examining the actual facts.

We know that the Federal government interfered with Hunter Biden’s laptop, when over 50 “ex” intelligence officials signed a letter stating that this was a fake story planted by Russia two weeks prior to the 2020 presidential election. Thus, the Federal government directly interfered with a Federal election, which by all estimates was the deciding factor in President Biden’s election. Where is the media outrage about this?

Both US Government and corporate media also actively interfered with investigations of the funding by HHS and DTRA/DoD, State Department and USAID of the gain of function research that creating SARS-CoV-2-WIV. One example of this was when Dr. Fauci actually got up and lied in front of Congress, claiming that the gain of function research was not funded by NIH, a statement now clearly contradicted by documents since obtained by Judicial Watch. This may also have included planting stories (such as the origin of the virus came from (in chronological order over time: bats, snakes, pangolins, and then three years after the virus came on to the world scene, wolf dogs). Yet, people still believe that this is a virus of natural origin, once again a false narrative frequently repeated.

The government censored and harassed the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration – again having negative and defamatory hit pieces placed in main stream attacking the authors. More propaganda.

In the face of this clear history of coordinated public-private partnering in advancing propaganda narratives, can we say with certainty that the defamatory statements concerning President Trump and the Russia Disinformation propaganda and censorship have not been operations coordinated by the Federal government?

Some believe that the Federal government may have interfered with the J6 investigation and even the event itself.

Did the government plant the story about a yacht blowing up Nordstream?

Then we have the curious “official” stories concerning the Ukrainian bio-labs. Even though our government has admitted involvement in the running of these labs, a google search today will pull up first the “fact checkers” and main stream media articles about the “fake” news that these labs existed of Ukraine prior to the war in Ukraine. But then any sort of pro-Putin articles or memes will also get censored.

Thanks for investigative reporting from Epoch Times and at least one unnamed whistleblower, we have learned that the US Government, through their non-profit the CDC Foundation, hired third parties to censor, defame, cyber-stalk and gang-stalk myself and others who spoke out about the safety and efficacy of the pseudo-mRNA “vaccines”. The irony being that cyberstalking is a federal crime.

Interestingly enough, the 2023 Congress has not investigated the censorship, propaganda and harassment of physicians and scientists who have questioned the mRNA jabs or early treatment, only those who advocated other public policy stances against masks and lockdowns have been asked as witnesses. The Senate oversight committee with jurisdiction over the Department of Homeland Security seems to be completely disinterested in the topic. Those physicians and scientists who have published or written about the adverse events, safety and efficacy of the mRNA jabs have not been asked to testify. Nor have those who have advocated early treatment. Yet, they have had continual defamatory propaganda written about them, as well as being harassed by groups of social media influencers, who censor, gang-stalk, and cyber-stalk at behest of the US government through the CDC foundation’s activities. Yet, this same physicians and scientists have been asked to speak to the European Parliament and a few of us spoke to the Mexican Senate. Many of us are speaking to state legislative bodies through the USA.

There is a clear and compelling case to be made that when the main stream media attacks in a systemic fashion and is acting in coordination with each other, that the Federal government must be suspected in leading that attack. Because this has become a pattern of abuse by the Federal government. Please see this thread on Twitter for a better understanding of what is happening. This circles back to the attacks on the the conservative justices…

We must consider that the conservative court and justices are being targeted by the Federal Government propaganda machine. Why? Because these attacks in the main stream media and big tech are occurring in a systemic fashion and in coordination with main stream media and big tech. Which means that this propaganda attack may be being coordinated at the highest levels by the Federal government. Is this at behest of the White house, or members of the administrative state? Only FOIA documents will tell.

I urge Judicial Watch to consider putting resources into the discovery into these systemic attacks through FOIA requests, because I believe the Federal government has the receipts somewhere.

But this goes beyond media and big tech. After the leak of Justice’s Alito draft opinion on the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, there was and is an organized campaign to physically intimidate and harass conservative justices by activists. Individual supreme court justices have been doxed, with agitators protesting outside their homes. These violent protests have been allowed to continue unabated, despite there being a Federal law on the books prohibiting the targeting of Federal judges. The Department of Justice refuses to take action against the protestors. There was an attempt on Justice Kavanaugh’s life. For which President Biden and the media were mostly silent. The Supreme justices must now travel in armoured cars and have full time security.

Living with this kind of fear is one of the most insidiously damaging psychological campaigns one can imagine. I know. I have at least seven cyberstalkers that repeat malicious defamation against myself and my wife on a daily basis. This is different from having some corporate media doing a hit piece. This is repeated defamation which is repeated daily.

“It was rational for people to believe that they might be able to stop the decision in Dobbs by killing one of us.” (Justice Alito)

The systemic attacks of both Supreme court justices and conservative judges continues unabated. It is not just those seeking to return federal abortion rights to the USA. Justice Thomas has been the victim of co-ordinated attacks by the press for years, including coordinated racist and downright libelist articles written about him and his family. Yet, despite all these media hit pieces, no charges have been brought forth. More evidence that this is a coordinated propaganda campaign.

Other conservative judges have been harassed by trans rights protestors, gay rights protestors, and have even been harassed for the sin of for being appointed by President Trump to a judicial position. These are not peaceful assembles, as is our right under the First Amendment, but are concerted efforts to harass and physically intimidate officers of the court. The tools being used include cyber stalking, gang stalking, violence, physical intimidation and harassment.

Who is leading these systemic efforts? What agencies? How deep does the propaganda and censorship go? Is this even a real concern or just another conspiracy theory? These are legitimate questions and the public deserves answers.

The American people can no longer trust that the US government to be neutral. Our rights to a free press and free speech are being stripped away daily. The US government, big tech, media, pharma, the military are acting in a coordinated fashion to censor and create propaganda. We know that media and big tech are getting paid by the government to do this. That the HHS also paid out a billion dollars to both advertise the jab campaign and to censor critics of the “vaccine” program.

I am pro-America and a patriot. I am a Constitutionalist. I believe in free speech. A strong nation. A free press. Our republic. Our democratic institutions. This is not an anti-government tirade. I am not anti-government, I am a conservative constitutionalist, but I am shocked and saddened by how quickly our great nation is falling into corruption rationalized by the thesis that censorship is necessary to “preserve democracy”.

I truly believe that if the American people, Congress, and the courts do not act fast, that very fabric of this great nation will be torn in ways that can not be repaired. Our rights of free speech and free press will soon be consumed by the US Governments’ need to control. Is this a national government we want to live under?

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