The World Ignores Peaceful Dying Refugees And Obsesses Over Murdering Synthetic Refugees

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39 immigrants suffocate in a truck in Bucharest.

Over 60 migrants die when their boat breaks apart off the coast of Italy.

53 migrants die in the sweltering heat in the back of a truck in San Antonio.

Between 79 and 600 refugees drown when their boat sunk off Greece.

Boat packed with as many as 750 fleeing migrants capsizes off Greece in June 2023<

Since 2014, the United Nations International Organization of Migrants estimates that 56,912 migrants and refugees are dead or missing. This year is set to be perhaps the deadliest on record, as thousands of people flee their homes due to war or poverty.

The United Nations and media spend a scant moment mourning these poor souls. Men, women and children who reluctantly ran to far-away lands in pursuit of peace were quickly forgotten. No actions are taken to prevent the frequent tragedies.

The United Nations has other priorities:

  • For synthetic “refugees” over real refugees; and
  • For people who seek to murder over defenseless souls

The UN has dressed up Palestinian Arabs who have been living in the same land for generations, as a special class of “UNRWA Refugees”. It pardons their jihadi violence against Israeli Jews as a matter of routine and concocted resolutions.

The media closes its eyes and minds to the facts that Palestinian Arabs are not refugees who do not deserve a special UN agency accompanied by a promise of invading a UN member state. Politicians suspend belief that they favor a two state solution while simultaneously advocating that the Jewish State shouldn’t be Jewish and forced to take in millions of Arabs from a few miles away.

The UN held a week-long conference on counterterrorism in June, and subsequently informed Israel that only the rest of the world can combat the global scourge. Israel must accept jihadi violence as penance for its existence.

The UN Security Council is now scheduled to meet to invert reality in discussing Israel’s successful raid to eliminate terrorists in Jenin but will not convene to dismantle UNRWA camps in Gaza and the West Bank which serve as the incubators for Muslim extremists.

The UNSC will certainly not meet the Special Rapporteur on human rights and migrants whose task it is to help millions of actual refugees, as that privilege is reserved for the Special Rapporteur for the Middle East Peace Process (really the UN Coordinator for Palestinian Appeals), who has regularly scheduled meetings to berate Israel.

It is terribly sad that politicians, the United Nations and media do not attend to peaceful people in actual dire need. It is a horrific state of reality, that the world supports jihadi extremists living next to Israel in their quest to kill Jews and the only Jewish State.

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