The World Revolution and the Russo-Ukrainian War

By Gary Gindler, AM THINKER

Since the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine started the practice of de-Stalinization, de-Leninization, and comprehensive de-communization. In the process, it acquired many friends, non-friends, and enemies. Naturally, all of them showed their colors in the Russo-Ukrainian War.

A part of the Left embraces Ukraine’s cause because it makes them anti-Russia — the theme they cannot vacate from following the “Trump is Putin’s agent” hoax. They invested exorbitant political capital in the anti-Trump “Russia-Russia-Russia” frenzy.

A portion of conservatives support Ukraine because it traditionally backs the independence of legitimate nations, such as Israel or Taiwan.

Many on the Left reject Ukraine’s sovereignty because they cannot forgive Ukraine for dismantling and emblematically throwing in the trash can communist symbols, statues, and worldviews.

Some conservatives ignore Ukraine’s plea for help because, in their view, their own country’s troubles are exponentially more critical than the problems of the territory somewhere in Eastern Europe. Besides, it occupies the world’s leading position in corruption metrics.

These diametrical positions are understandable. However, all of them are imprudent because their adherents focus on only one war while unthinkingly ignoring the rest.

In fact, at least three major wars are going on simultaneously instead of just one. First, the autocratic Russian regime wages undeclared war on Russian citizens. Second, radical left-wingers are in open conflict with the population of the United States. Observing those two wars, a prominent suzerain — the Chinese Communist Party — orchestrated the shooting war between Russia and Ukraine.

It is the same old story: a “clever” left-wing regime cooperates with another not-so-smart left-wing government to implement the New World Order because they realize they cannot make the World Revolution alone. They don’t have the economic or military power to do so. The solution? Make the not-so-clever leftists engage in a prolonged, exhaustive battle with some arbitrary targets. The goal is not to destroy a neighboring or faraway land. The intent is to drain every state involved to the desired degree of weakness. After this, the “clever” leftists will strike the decisive blow, overpowering both ideologically antagonistic states.

If the narration reminds you of something, it should be no surprise — we just described how Stalin stimulated World War II by exploiting no-so-wise Hitler.

How did they do it in the case of Ukraine?

Everybody has heard about the “rights of the Russian-speaking Donbas” (industrial region of the Ukrainian East) and their numerous “violations.” What is calculatedly hidden from the public is the underlying reason why so many ethnic Russians live in Eastern Ukraine.

When Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin used manufactured food crises in 1930s communist-occupied Ukraine, it triggered the Holodomor. (Note it is a standard leftist approach. Currently, China weaponizes food prices globally by using Russia’s hands.) The widespread famine killed millions of Ukrainians — all in an attempt to crush opposition to communist ideas. The residents of primarily agricultural West Ukraine, which had many small farms, had a better chance of survival than the relatively industrialized East Ukraine population.

Ultimately, Stalin decided to repopulate East Ukraine by forcing families from central Russia to relocate to Eastern Ukraine’s wastelands. They quartered Russians in houses by then-murdered Ukrainians and allocated parcels of land. Russians brought their language, culture, and traditions and — in return for handouts from the Soviet government — became loyal servants to the communist powers.

The tensions between cohabitants — native Ukrainians and involuntary “invaders” — had been growing since the 1940s, and even the iron fist of the Soviet dictators could not suppress them. Eventually, the foreseeable but not easily predictable turning point, like a secret intelligence agency (KGB) taking over Russia, set Ukraine on a collision course with China’s client state.

Over the years, both presidents — Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin — have demonstrated unmistakable signs that they are on the Chinese payroll. During a recent press conference in Vietnam, Joe Biden stated, “I don’t want to contain China” and “We’re all better off if China does well.” For his part, Vladimir Putin is solidly in China’s orbit: economically as a junior partner and politically as a vassal.

Per China’s request, both presidents are working tirelessly to impoverish the countries they helm: Russia with war on its neighbor and the United States as Ukraine’s primary weapons and financial supplier. Both are doing Chinese Communists’ bidding, preparing economic, political, and assaultive conditions for Mao’s version of leftism to establish the New World Order. All this while China plays the diplomatic role of peacemaker.

Fortunately, it is not a hot world war yet, but the Russo-Ukrainian War affected countries on all continents. However, the war’s mastermind, the Chinese Communists, cannot assert firm control over rapidly unfolding events. Thus, the sum of unintended consequences greatly outweighs the matters under Chinese management and control.

Chinese Communists may have worked hard to normalize aggression, but they are certainly not the first. The history of leftist actions indicates that they plotted constantly for the World Revolution in one form or another. In other words, the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war should not be considered an isolated incident. This war is just one single line in the overall leftist project plan. Other items from that plan are well-known. Recall the COVID-19 hysteria (even if the virus itself was not intentionally released from the Wuhan lab, the political component of the pandemic is unquestionable). Also consider “climate change” (sorry — it is now called “global burning”) and WEF-promoted ersatz-fascism.

The leftist informational blockade is challenging to break through. The card-carrying ideological foot soldiers have infiltrated media and social networks. They — knowingly and sometimes unknowingly — joined forces with a plethora of “woke” intelligence agencies. Many segments of society are not trained to see the forest behind trees because the description of reality and the corresponding political vocabulary are firmly in the hands of the Left. Like an experienced magician, China shows what it wants the world to perceive while keeping the actual agenda well camouflaged.

Who do you think finances the barbaric invasion of illegals into the West? Who continues to invest in the Soviet-era “Red Cocaine” strategy, but with modern narcotics like fentanyl? Every time leftists feel the chorus of people asking inconvenient questions is exceedingly loud, new, “recently declassified” UFO sightings suddenly appear.

The beneficiaries of the present-day Russo-Ukrainian War are not in Europe or the Americas, Africa, or Australia. The heirs presumptive are China’s Communist Party Politburo; all human beings outside the leftist ecosystem must learn that lesson. The unfortunates of Europe’s most significant military campaign since World War II are easy to spot: Ukrainian, Russian, American, Polish, British, French, and German masses — just to name a few, and most of Africa’s inhabitants.

To conclude, American and Russian presidents are not independent players on the world stage; instead, they are tasked with presiding over the decline. That leaves the Ukrainian president between a rock and a hard place. Ironically, leftist history suggests that the Chinese will soon become victims, too.

Gary Gindler, Ph.D., is a conservative columnist at Gary Gindler Chronicles and a new science founder: Politiphysics. Follow him on Twitter/X.

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  1. Hi, EvRe1. You said,

    I don’t have a problem with considering China as behind the war in Ukraine. However, I do have a problem with the destruction of the US economy overseen by the Biden junta in looting the economy to fight a war that is not our war. Taxpayer money going to kill people who are not our enemies and are not attacking us makes no sense.

    I think the first part of Gindler’s analysis — which details the various positions people have taken concerning the Ukraine War, as well as his notice of the complicating conflicts in the US and Russia — is cogent.

    I am not so readily convinced, though, that China is the main mover of events, and the one with the greatest interest to keep things going. Neither do I take a position like yours (which seems to match Steve Bannon’s), that it’s in our interest to ignore the plight of the Ukrainians and pursue an isolationist policy. Whatever we think of Biden, Putin and Xi, we already ARE at war in the Ukraine, on the side of the Ukrainians, and (Donald Trump’s assurances notwithstanding) it will not be an easy matter for us to try to escape its consequences.

    The particulars of how we deal with this problem (which all of the above parties had their hand in creating) need to be worked out, if indeed they can be. Just some points to consider:

    1. Xi Jinping certainly will affect the direction of this conflict — not only by to what degree he wants to abet the Russians, but also by what he plans to do in Taiwan and when.

    2. Putin’s actions will certainly direct the direction of events, along with his mutually antagonistic oligarchs.

    3. IF Trump gets elected and is able to force a solution in Ukraine “in 24 hours”, trade-offs will have to be made that will please nobody; and at best, he will be kicking the can down the road until such a time that the shooting flares up again.

    Forget about giving Ukraine the weapons it needs to defend itself. Forget also, about how to stop the endless graft in every direction, giving 10% increments to countless “Big Guys” on all sides. Forget about the considerable matter of who will pay to rebuild the Ukrainian dams, reactors, cities and farms that have been destroyed, about the matter of war crimes trials of Putin and others, or the fact that no matter what the outcome, Ukraine will more than ever want the protection of NATO. There’s still the matter of lives that have been traumatized for a generation: children losing their parents (Russian AND Ukrainian), wives losing husbands, Ukrainians losing homes and families to indiscriminate Russian bombing (I would be pleasantly surprized, if we have seen the end of this). Who will pay? Who will answer?

    I know who will pay, no matter who gets blamed: The most productive people in the world will pay, because they are the only ones who CAN pay: The US taxpayers, MAGA, the deplorables — to the rescue yet again, as always.

    And of course, there’s the matter of forgiveness.

    Interesting times ahead…

  2. I don’t have a problem with considering China as behind the war in Ukraine. However, I do have a problem with the destruction of the US economy overseen by the Biden junta in looting the economy to fight a war that is not our war. Taxpayer money going to kill people who are not our enemies and are not attacking us makes no sense.

    The Biden junta axed 70,000 good paying jobs on Day 1 of his fake presidency by cancelling the Keystone Pipeline, and simultaneously made Russia extremely wealthy and able to fight a war they never would have been able to fight when oil was $40 a barrel, as it was during the Trump Administration.

    The Biden junta and globalists are sucking every possible dollar out of the US economy spending billions and billions on a war that is not necessary for the survival of Americans, in fact it is putting our survival as a nation in great peril.

    Whether China is behind it or not, there is plenty of responsibility to go round. Donald Trump never would have threatened Putin and gone to war in the Ukraine.

    We know that the globalists are in favor of the CCP, and Klaus Schwab openly states that the CCP should be the model for governments around the world.

    The US cannot fight and win a military conflict with China or Russia, so we have no business provoking Putin and creating death and destruction that will have no good outcome for the Ukrainians. The Ukrainians, and Americans suffer the most from this war.

    Tensions were rising in Ukraine, the most corrupt country in Eastern Europe, because there are neo-Nazis with an axe to grind against Russia. That should not be our concern, and we should not be supporting that particular fight. The only motivation for this on the American side, is to make lots of money by killing people. There is no strategic advantage to be had in fighting a war we cannot win.

    The people in charge of this war in the US seem to be either insane or psychopaths.

    I have to stop here and remind us that there is still a lot of good in the world.

    Did you know that 2500 bibles are bought in the world, every hour? Doesn’t that say something positive about the world’s people?

    We all must focus on helping one another through these days and reminding each other we are all made in God’s image, and we, the ones who want peace will win in the end. That is what God has put us here for.