There is no scientific data that shows Masks save lives, so why vote for Biden who would dictate that we all wear them?


If Joe Biden is elected, the wearing of a mask in public will mandatory, nationwide.

“The one thing we do know is these masks make a gigantic difference. I would insist that everybody out in public be wearing that mask. Anyone to reopen would have to make sure that they walked into a business that had masks,” Biden told CNN’s affiliate in Pittsburgh, KDKA, while wearing a black mask.

Pressed if he’d use federal power to mandate wearing a mask in public, Biden responded, “Yes, I would. From an executive standpoint, yes I would.”

Asked again if that meant he would “in effect” mandate mask wearing, Biden said, “I would do everything possible to make it required that people had to wear masks in public.”

YouTube screen grab (cropped)

In Illinois, our governor and his health experts say continuously that they base all their dictatorial edicts that have destroyed our economy on science and data. They chastise other states for reopening too soon and having less strict standards. We are lectured that our health will be jeopardized if we travel into surrounding states with less strict standards, including not requiring face masks. What we don’t see are data from other states to support those statements. Supposed journalists never challenge the statements by doing research and reporting data so I will do it for them.

Here is data through June 28th, almost four months into the serious effects of the virus and almost two months after some states started substantial reopening.

The eleven worst states, along with DC that had the most deaths per 100,000 people were mostly the most restrictive.

  • New York 165
  • New Jersey 168
  • Connecticut 121
  • Massachusetts 116
  • Rhode Island 87
  • Washington DC 77
  • Louisiana 68
  • Michigan 61
  • Illinois 54
  • Delaware 52
  • Maryland 52
  • Pennsylvania 51

Almost all the states with the worst death results had very strict dictatorial edicts.

Meanwhile some of the states that were much less restrictive and have been reopened for up to two months have much better results including.

  • Oklahoma 9 (which we were told was exploding before Trump visited)
  • Texas 8
  • Florida 15
  • Arizona 21

Texas and Florida are very large, diverse states and their death rates are a small fraction of the rates of NY, NJ and IL, and have been lower the last week yet the media rips them to scare the public and applauds New York and Illinois for their restrictions. The biggest spike is in California which has remained substantially closed.

Here are all the states that touch Illinois, other than Michigan, that Pritzker lectures people to be careful in.

  • Missouri 16

We were told that cases and deaths would spike after big crowds on Memorial Day-They were 100% wrong.

  • Iowa 22
  • Indiana 38
  • Kentucky 12
  • Wisconsin 13

We were told cases and deaths would spike after Republicans beat the tyrannical governor at the Wisconsin Supreme Court and because of an in-person primary. They were 100% wrong.

The dictatorial edicts have greatly harmed the citizens from their states and there is no statistical data that shows better health and death results. The cure is worse than the disease.

There is also no scientific data that shows many children carrying or spreading COVID 19, yet the mental, physical and emotional damage to children continues. They should open without masks.

Here’s an interesting statistic that we won’t see: 15% of Arizona hospital bed use currently is filled by COVID 19 patients. Yet, the media leads us to believe that the hospitals are being overtaken by patients with the virus. They lie to push an agenda to scare the public.

Have we ever tested people before for the seasonal flu, swine flu or other virus where the people had no symptoms? I certainly don’t recall all the free clinics to do that.

Here are things Americans should do every year, whichever virus we are dealing with:

  • Wash your hands,
  • Keep your areas clean,
  • If you are sick don’t go to work but go to the doctor and
  • Don’t hang around with people you know are sick.
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13 Comments / 13 Comments

  1. Mask to wear or not to wear?
    Even accepting the uncertain premise that masks are useful, “incorrect use and disposal may actually increase the risk of pathogen transmission, rather than reduce it, especially when masks are used by non-professionals such as the lay public.” Given that most “masks” are simply kept handy for use when required, set aside, and then re-used, most mask-wearing by the public is likely to increase virus exposure, not reduce it.
    But do properly used surgical masks reduce disease spread in the general public? To say there are almost no data would not be overstating the case. When households with sick kids were examined, even rigorous mask-wearing provided no statistically significant improvement in adult infections. Cloth mask are even worse, it’s equivalent to using a chain link fence to stop mosquitos.
    Think about this, the virus cell enters the respiratory system and goes inside the lung cell. It can only be seen under an electron microscope, so how will a cloth mask stop this especially the flimsy ones they sell today?

  2. I’m with Hellner 100% here. The Bible predicts a time when everyone will be required to get the “mark of the beast” before they can buy or sell. Substitue “mask” for “mark”, and you have it.

    In the first quarter of the year, when we were largely ignorant concerning COVID-19, there was some justification for the draconian measures passed (often against steep Democrat opposition). Now that we know the “lion” is really a pussycat, there is no reason for the dictatorial, unconstitutional dictates.

    In Oregon, it is especially absurd. In this state of seacoasts, mountains and open spaces, Democrat Governor Brown has mandated the wearing of masks at all times in public — even though, rather than any hint of a “spike”, coronavirus deaths continue to decline across the state. SHEER POWER GRAB BY THE DEMS.

  3. @ riverfred123:
    It’s not expected that the virus particles will be stopped directly. It’s that they ride on droplets that are exhaled or expelled by coughing and it’s the droplets that are supposed to be trapped to some extent by the mask. Asians have believed in this for years.

  4. “Sonovia says Lab Tests Show Antiviral Masks Neutralize Over 90 percent of Coronavirus.”

    From israel. The FDA has approved Sonovia from Israel and I got a package of them. They came quickly. They are washable and reusable. They cost about $50 a mask. Very comfortable. A medical professional did an online review of them and said they are very good but suggests using 1 inch paper medical tape to seal the top both for defogging glasses and to prevent drops from going in that way. They are comfortable.

    “Israeli startup Sonovia Ltd, the developer of anti-pathogen, anti-bacterial fabric and textiles, says lab tests have shown that the company’s face masks can neutralize over 90 percent of the coronavirus.

    Recent tests in the Microspectrum lab (Weipu Jishu) in Shanghai confirm that the patented, anti-viral fabric is effective against the novel coronavirus, Sonovia said on Monday.”

    “We already knew that our technology is virus-neutralizing. About a month ago, we received confirmation of 99.9 percent resistance to a virus similar in structure to the COVID-19 family and today we received the first proof of effectiveness against the novel coronavirus itself. This is another significant milestone for the company,” said Dr. Liat Goldhammer, Sonovia’s chief technology officer.

    Shanghai’s Weipu Jishu lab has strong connections to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and many of the best universities in Shanghai, Sonovia said.

    The tests in China were performed in accordance with the international standard for determining anti-viral activity of textile products, Sonovia said in a statement.

    They follow a test on the material at Austria’s HygCen medical lab using the Vaccinia virus conducted last month, which has similar properties to the SARS-COVID family, and showed “a good virucidal effect”, according to the lab report.

    Dr. Jason Migdal, the company’s Microbio R&D strategist, says Sonovia is also awaiting a “significant series of tests in a German government-certified laboratory for the final mask development,” he said.

    Sonovia’s tech is a novel, ultrasound-based, antimicrobial coating applied to fabric and textiles. The technology mechanically infuses metal oxides nanoparticles onto textiles during an ultrasonic-assisted impregnation process with the specialized chemical compound turning the textiles into highly effective blocks against bacteria and fungi, the company says.

    Based in Ramat Gan, the patented technology that Sonovia aims to commercialize was originally developed as a bacteria-fighting nanoparticle finishing technology by Israeli scientists at Bar Ilan University.

    In February, Sonovia sent samples of its fabric to two medical labs in China – the Shanghai branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a medical lab in Chengdu and was awaiting results on whether its tech is effective against the virus. Dr. Migdal told NoCamels at the time that additional fabric samples were sent to Singapore for testing in late February.

    Healthcare facilities in the northern Israeli city of Nahariya were among the first in Israel to receive a shipment of hundreds of reusable antimicrobial facemasks treated with the company’s tech in April.

    The company said that the Israel Police also received a supply of masks after the protective gear requirements set by the police were met. Sonovia has also donated masks to essential workers at Shufersal, Israel’s largest supermarket chain, as well as to non-profit aid organization Latet to send to those who need them, the company said.

    Sonovia fabrics are to be used in many applications, including textiles for hospitals, protective equipment, sports clothing, other apparel, and textiles in vehicles and public transport

    Sonovia is conducting a pilot at Adler Plastic in Italy to use its fabric in vehicles and public transport and is selling its masks online to retail consumers.”

    Sonovia Web Site

    “Israeli antimicrobial washable facemasks enter US market
    Sonovia’s reusable cotton-poly SonoMask are infused with metal-oxide nanoparticles that kill germs and last through 100 washings.
    By Abigail Klein Leichman MAY 10, 2020, 8:33 AM”

  5. The gov’t (Rep/Dem) want us to behave like the Orientals who (they believe) obey their rulers without question.
    We are trained to reach for the masks instinctively, without being told.
    The filthy rich envy the economic success of China with China’s workers who work like ants for little pay with little environmental protection, and they dream of turning all Americans (and Europeans) into obedient little ants but, of course, without any “socialist” benefits (such as health care, social security, etc.) under the pretense of a “free market” and “fair competition” allegedly inherent in capitalism.
    This is the reason for the coronavirus hysterics which destroyed the world economy while, paradoxically, making the very rich even richer.
    This whole debacle is only about them achieving complete power over the little tin soldiers and permanently securing their place on the very top of the food chain.

  6. My comment got trashed twice.
    Maybe it makes sense to just cancel ALL COMMENTS on this blog rather than make people suffer with multiple captchas and constant comment trashing?

  7. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    I don’t know who said “cancel culture” but “change culture” is certainly applicable here.
    I HATE masks and I find it difficult to breathe when I wear them (or it because I have only one mask in the car) but I have to wear it to stores (ordering for delivery would cost me more and make more money for the store).
    Nevertheless, I realized recently that I started reaching for the mask automatically once in a store’s parking lot and that I even forget to take it off until I am back at my car.
    And I am not like a lot of people who wear a mask while walking their dogs, riding horses, driving their cars (alone in the car), etc.
    The management of our apartment complex has just requested that every tenant wear a mask when outside their apartment!
    I won’t but they are perfectly capable of threatening eviction if they catch me outside without a mask.
    I am thoroughly miserable because of this coronavirus idiocy, and I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way.

  8. @ Sebastien Zorn:
    I bought a packet of six Sonovia masks for 59.00 plus tax and “foreign transaction fee” charged by my credit card company. They are extremely tight-fitting and uncomfortable, they make my glasses fall off , damaging them,and/or fog over so that I can’t see. A

  9. @ Adam Dalgliesh:
    Probably knockoffs. I bought them from Sonovia. Special offer: $140 for 3. I didn’t have that experience. Are you in the US, Israel, or somewhere else? Go to the Web site. They start at $69 each and come in Men’s, Women’s and Children’s sizes.

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