There is no solution in a “solution”

YNET published an article by Dr Guy Bechor, Look who’s talking, blaming it all on Secretary Rice.

We’ve had enough of amateurish Mideast diplomacy based on empty words.

In one of Shakespeare’s works, the tormented hero concludes in disappointment and bitterness: “How my achievements mock me.” US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is visiting the region once again. She is reproaching Israel and the Arabs while surrounded by the ruins of her achievements. But who will pay for the destruction she has inflicted on the Middle East?

It was Condoleezza Rice who heralded democracy in the Middle East, and according to her vision, Iraq and the Palestinian Authority were supposed to have been the vanguard of the democratic storm that is yet to break out here. And indeed, Iraq and the Palestinian Authority drowned in the sea of democracy. Chaos there and an Islamic militancy here have taken up the regime.

It was Condoleezza Rice who refused Mahmoud Abbas’ pleas not to allow Hamas to participate in the elections of January 2006; it was Rice who coerced Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to participate in the elections at the end of 2005, in total opposition to his views. In both cases the outcome was catastrophic. She came here lacking any knowledge or experience and now she is reprimanding everyone.

It was Condoleezza Rice who recommended the “soft approach” regarding the Iraqi conflict and engaging in talks. The bedlam of the horrendous terror attacks is echoing throughout the Middle East. It was Rice who recommended the “soft approach” against Iran, assuming that sensitive negotiations would convince it and its president Ahmadinejad. Here too the outcome was not just failure, but rather, damage to almost the entire region, which is experiencing real existential fear.

Neglecting Iran’s nuclear ambitions is a serious American shortcoming, while the implications on Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others are clearly evident.

This week in a press conference held in Jerusalem Rice announced that a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict much be reached. The moment she demanded a “solution” – there was no solution. Moving a real peace process forward would renew the wave of terror that has subsided at this point in time. Would Hamas, al-Qaeda or “Arab intellectuals” let a real solution exist? Or true recognition that would include ending the conflict with the Jews? CONTINUE

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