Things aren’t looking so good

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader in Tehran Calls for Israel to Be “Wiped Off the Map” – Amir Taheri (New York Post)
This week, Kamal al-Halbawi became the first Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood leader to visit Tehran. There he announced that he wanted for Egypt what Iran has today: “a true Islamic state.”
“Egypt and the world of Islam as a whole need leaders like President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,” he said.

Egypt should join “a new world order with Iran and Venezuela plus Hizbullah and Hamas to chase away the Americans.”

“Every night when I go to bed, I pray to wake up the next day to see Israel is wiped off the map.”

Hamas Asks Rival Fatah to Reconcile for “Jihad” Against Israel (AFP-Jordan Times)

Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal on Sunday called for reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah based on “jihad” against Israel, in a speech in Khartoum broadcast live on Sudanese state television.
“The first step [to liberating Jerusalem] is refusal to negotiate with Israel…and to establish a new, reconciled Palestinian position based on jihad,” he said.

Sudan’s President Omar Bashir said, “What is going in the region is a prelude to the battle for Jerusalem. And we are committed to supporting the [Palestinian] people of Jerusalem in their jihad.”

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Awwwww…the muzzies are going to take off their masks so the world can see the true face of Islam. Everyone will see that they never believed in peace and yet Israel will still get the blame.

  2. Lovely. Just f$%king lovely. So where are all the moderate, peace loving, democracy seeking, pro-Western heroes who bravely stood up to the big bad Middle Eastern despots and threw them out with the trash? Truth is, there never were any such heroes. They were figments of the liberal Western media’s imagination, who day after day gushed with giddy pride about how democracy was finally going to come to the Middle East.

    When will the media understand that “choice” is not the same as democracy? Was it not obvious from the beginning that the upheaval we were seeing in the Middle East was not the birth of democracy as much as it was the death of hope?

    The liberal media owes an explanation to the free and democratic world why they were so high on the prospect of democratic Muslim countries when they continue to gag at the mere mention of a democratic Jewish Israel. The liberal media has the same credibility as Muslim democracy – a big, fat zero.