Threat of Arabs, Persians, and Turks toward the newest democracy in the Middle East

By Fred Abbas

Nowadays, we see Arabs, Persians, and Turks fighting so hard to cancel any gains Kurds made in Kurdistan of Iraq or within the new Federal Iraq by the use of sanction, embargo, isolation, and threats.

A few days ago Iran closed its border with Kurdistan to prevent any goods coming to it; on the other hand, Syria and Turkey are working in tandem do the same or in gradual manner. A few days ago, the Iraqi Oil Minister, Hussein al Shahristani declared any agreements with Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to be an illegal agreement and during a recent interview with CBS he said ” Iraq’s neighbors – Syria, Iran and even Turkey – have said they will only allow oil over the border to market that is being exported by the federal government”.

Kurds are at crossroad today, they need to make very hard and complex decisions, they need to make sure that their interests withstand any interests and their interests do not get derailed as it did during 1923 Lausanne Treaty. We have to be self-sufficient, build friendships among world community, and not trust the any regional governments or Middle East regimes because all the suffering that occurred to Kurds was caused by those chauvinist regimes; furthermore, Kurdistan Regional Government must enforce the new Iraqi constitution by implementing Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution and support democracy in Iran and Syria. Supporting democracy can only help Kurds and create friendly region around them and create an outlet for them; therefore, they must support democratic forces within Syria, Iran to weaken those dictatorial regimes to spread democracy, create an outlet for KRG to survive by allowing it to market its oil via Mediterranean Sea.

At very least they should support Kurds and democratic forces within Syria since Syria is the weakest link and the best out-let for them counter their landlocked location especially, since Kurdistan of Syria is strategically located and important to all parts of Kurdistan because it links Kurdistan of Iran and Iraq to the Mediterranean Sea.

North and North-East of Syria is known as Kurdistan of Syria. So, by crating friendship among Syrians and Syrian Kurdistan we can reduce the threats of regional dictatorships and promote a viable state in north of Iraq or maintain KRG’s gains.

September 30, 2007 | Comments Off on Threat of Arabs, Persians, and Turks toward the newest democracy in the Middle East

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  1. Islam: the evil that will not be named.

    If you look at this article, you will find the word “terrorists” but no mention of islam or muslims.

    This is another sign of the Orwellian (politically correct) world we live in. These savage murderers were described as terrorists, whereas, according to islam, rather than being terrorists, they are exemplary practicing muslims carrying out the word of allah, the savage muslim “god” and muhammad his “prophet” (the most perfect human being who ever lived). “Cast terror over them who have disbelieved; so strike them over their necks.”

    And Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak want to surrender Israel to them. The Rabbis in Europe said before they were slaughtered that “the cultured Germans under Hitler will never actually do to us what they say they will.” Accordingly, before they became post-Zionists, Israel lived by the slogan “never again”. But Livni and Barak now say: “The Muslims will never actually do to us what they say they will.”

    Is this deja-vu all over again or what? (The more things change…).

    If Israel does not neutralize its leftists, it will perish in a second Shoah.

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