Israel must maintain its deterrence and wean herself from the US

By Ted Belman

Mordechai Kedar in his recent article, Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, reviews the decline in American power and will to protect its values from her defeat in the Vietnam War to the present. It is long but worthwhile. He ends it with:

    The conclusion that Israel must draw from all of this is clear: It’s security must not depend on the ever-dissipating American determination, because some Americans who determine policy have the tendency to throw their friends – as in the case of Mubarak – under the bus. There are more than a few people in the American political community who are not at all convinced that Israel’s existence serves the interests of the United States, and especially if their support of Israel might anger the Muslims.

    Therefore, Israel must place before her neighbors a real, concrete and credible threat, because in the Middle East peace is given only to those who can not be vanquished, and freedom is given only to him who is ready to fight for it. The Middle East is no place for bleeding hearts, and especially those whose glory has passed and is no more. The Arab and Islamic world knows how to appreciate and honor only those who honor themselves, who know how to draw a clear red line and then be willing to battle anyone who desires to harm them, to go to battle in order to guard the freedom of their region and their global glory.

    However, the malaise of the United States is not terminal: In the times of Ronald Reagan, George Bush the father and George W. Bush the son, there was in the United States a different image, because then at least, there was the will to cope with the problem-makers, not to appease them and not to surrender to them. Those were the days and those were the people. Are there any left like these? Where are they?

The more Israel appears dependent on the US, the less it will be feared. To this end, Israel has been developing its relations with Russia and China who perhaps might be induced to use their SC veto to protect Israel if the US declines to do so. Israel has been devloping relations with other smaller countries that might be relied up for resupply.

Bombing Iran will be perceived as a sign of independence and this will add greatly to our deterrence aside from delaying the Iranians from getting the bomb. If war breaks out with Lebanon or Gaza or even Egypt, Israel must achieve decisive victories and devastate the enemy. This may require Israel to reject a call for a ceasefire from the UNSC even under Chapter VII. In the past because of Israel’s dependence on the US, Israel felt compelled to accept any ceasefire brokered by the Americans. These ceasefires always reflected American interests.

In a year or two, Israel will be energy self-sufficient and will have large revenues to finance its wars should they become necessary.

It is time for Israel to wean itself off the $3 billion in aid or at least the military component that it receives from the US. This will liberate her to buy military hardware elsewhere at great savings and to sell to whomever she wants.

When the Arabs want to have their way with us, they appeal to the US and the US then pressures us.

The more independence we achieve, the less influence on our policies the US will have. This will be good for Israel and the US.

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21 Comments / 21 Comments

  1. It is easy to disregard the needs of someone who is wholy dependant. You just start worrying and pay attention when another suitor can take your subject to his side.
    By all means, regain the equilibrium and start warming up to Russia.

  2. Linking itself to Russia? No but giving them access to deals that would have gone to the US. Same for China. Time for Israel to give the USA the cold shoulder. USA can no longer be counted when he chips are down. The USA ignored completely the demonstrations in Iran. Super Power to Super Joke. After Israel distances itself from the USA, Israelis will see that it was the best thing they ever did.

    Let the USA pay the MB to protect their ships in the Egyptian docks. Hillary’s assistant can arrange that.

  3. The Middle East is no place for bleeding hearts

    That is for certain.

    However, the malaise of the United States is not terminal: In the times of Ronald Reagan, George Bush the father and George W. Bush the son, there was in the United States a different image, because then at least, there was the will to cope with the problem-makers, not to appease them and not to surrender to them. Those were the days and those were the people. Are there any left like these? Where are they?

    Yes they are and I pray that come November that America will reemerge.

  4. @ yamit82:
    Israel wants to be loved which is a big mistake. In this corrupt world it is better to be feared than loved. The Arabs understand that very well.
    Israel has the means to be greatly feared. They just need the proper mindset to implement it.

  5. @ Andrew:

    An addendum to my comment in moderation: Some of the top Russian Nuclear and other scientists immigrated to Israel from the old USSR. This has greatly enhanced Israels capabilities and know-how.

  6. @ Andrew:
    It has been estimated that Israel possesses as many as 400-plus, nuclear weapons, which are reported to include thermonuclear weapons in the megaton range. Israel is also reported to possess a wide range of different systems, including neutron bombs, tactical nuclear weapons, and suitcase nukes.

    China: About 240 total warheads.

    France: Fewer than 300 operational warheads.

    United Kingdom: Fewer than 160 deployed strategic warheads, total stockpile of up to 225.

    India: Up to 100 nuclear warheads.

    Pakistan: Between 90 to 110 nuclear warheads.

    Israeli Delivery mechanisms include Jericho intercontinental ballistic missiles, with a range of 11,500 km, and which are believed to provide a second-strike option. Israel’s nuclear-capable ballistic missiles are believed to be buried so far underground that they would survive a nuclear attack. Additionally, Israel is believed to have an offshore nuclear second-strike capability, using submarine launched nuclear-capable cruise missiles, which can be launched from the Israeli Navy’s Dolphin-class submarines. Although the Israeli Air Force lacks strategic bombers, its F-15I and F-16I Sufa fighter aircraft are capable of delivering nuclear weapons at strategic distances using their Aerial refueling fleet of modified Boeing 707’s.

    Chemical weapons

    190 liters of dimethyl methylphosphonate, a CWC schedule 2 chemical used in the synthesis of Sarin nerve gas, was discovered in the cargo of El Al Flight 1862 after it crashed in 1992 en route to Tel Aviv. Israel insisted the material was non-toxic, was to have been used to test filters that protect against chemical weapons, and that it had been clearly listed on the cargo manifest in accordance with international regulations. The shipment was from a U.S. chemical plant to the IIBR under a U.S. Department of Commerce license.

    In 1993, the U.S. Congress Office of Technology Assessment WMD proliferation assessment recorded Israel as a country generally reported as having undeclared offensive chemical warfare capabilities. Former US deputy assistant secretary of defense responsible for chemical and biological defense, Bill Richardson, said in 1998 “I have no doubt that Israel has worked on both chemical and biological offensive things for a long time … There’s no doubt they’ve had stuff for years.”

    Biological weapons

    Israel is believed to have developed an offensive biological warfare capability. The US Congress Office of Technology Assessment records Israel as a country possessing a long-term, undeclared biological warfare program. Israel is not a signatory to the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC). It is assumed that the Israel Institute for Biological Research in Ness Ziona develops vaccines and antidotes for chemical and biological warfare.It has not been possible to conclude whether Israel currently maintains an offensive biological weapons program: it is speculated that Israel retains an active ability to produce and disseminate biological weapons

    (Israel holds a 1973 patent on laser isotope separation).

    Suitcase bomb: Seymour Hersh reports that Israel developed the ability to miniaturize warheads small enough to fit in a suitcase by the year 1973. Israel may also have 175 mm and 203 mm self-propelled artillery pieces, capable of firing nuclear shells. There are three battalions of the 175mm artillery (36 tubes), reportedly with 108 nuclear shells and more for the 203mm tubes. If true, these low yield, tactical nuclear artillery rounds could reach at least 25 miles (40 km), while by some sources it is possible that the range was extended to 45 miles (72 km) during the 1990s. ( It is safe to assume that Israel has improved it’s capabilities since the 90’s)

    EMP strike capabilities: Israel allegedly possesses several 1 megaton bombs,which give it a very large EMP attack abilities. For example, if a megaton class weapon were to be detonated 400 kilometers above Omaha, Nebraska, USA, nearly the entire continental United States would be affected with potentially damaging EMP experience from Boston to Los Angeles and from Chicago to New Orleans. A similar high altitude airburst above Iran could cause serious damage to all of the electrical systems in Middle East, and much of Europe.

    Enhanced Radiation Weapon (ERW): Israel also is reported to have an unknown number of neutron bombs

    Nuclear land mine: Israel supposedly has deployed multiple defensive nuclear land mines in the Golan Heights.

    It’s time for Israel to Chuck conventional warfare doctrines and bring up our Nukes from the basement. MAD Jews should be feared more than our enemies, our so-called friends as well. What we don’t have are MAD Jews in leadership and decision making positions, thus no one fears our power because none believe we would exercise it. The world needs a little demonstration to drive home the message. ‘Don’t F…, With crazy Jews who have the power to literally destroy the world’.

    On January 7, 2007, The Sunday Times reported that Israel had drawn up plans to destroy three Iranian nuclear facilities with low-yield nuclear bunker-busters that would be launched by aircraft through “tunnels” created by conventional laser-guided bombs. These tactical nuclear weapons would then explode underground to reduce radioactive fallout. Israel swiftly denied the specific allegation and analysts expressed doubts about its reliability.

  7. Following on from what you said Yamit. There has been speculation over the years whether Israel has battlefield nukes (small nuclear devices that could be launched by one or two soldiers in the field of battle). If that is the case, I agree with you. Disband most of the army and have a few soldiers armed with these weapons on each border.

    During the Yom Kippur war, Israel should have blown up the aswan dam, making a point that there would always be a price to pay for starting a war. Just like Damascus should have been given Dresden like treatment.

  8. Israel has a perfect opportunity to re-assert her dominance by using nuclear weapons against Iranian nuclear facilities.

    It is always dangerous to rely on a protecting empire: Jews tried that with Assyria, Rome, and Persia.
    Fortunately, Israel need not rely on anyone: her arsenal of nuclear bombs, if wielded wildly enough, would force everyone from Tehran to Washington to behave to our liking in our region. No one would like the mad Jews to nuke the oilfields, and no one can do anything to prevent us from doing so. To be mad is easy and feasible: reduce the army to a level clearly insufficient for a conventional war and pass a law which mandates automatic nuclear strike over the enemy’s attack, mobilization, or nuclearization.

    In terms of alliances, the American one is empty. Our earthly protector gives Egypt and Palestine more aid than us, supplies Arabs more weapons than us, and pushes us around diplomatically. The Maccabees were practical: they had no qualms about switching from the progressive Syro-Grecians to the relatively barbarous Roman thugs.

    It was briefly reported a few years ago that China shot down a satellite.

    If true, it changes the nature of deterrence and even future warfare.

    China and Russia sell Iran pretty much what ever they want. China, a country ruled by a handful of communist bureaucrats, you never know whether they would opt pragmatically for open markets with the West, or for international supremacy in conjunction with Russia?

    The next major world war could be fought with only Kalashnikoffs (AK-47) instead of F-16′ and more advanced platforms.

  9. Yes, Israel must wean itself from the United States (and I think it becomes even more of an imperative if Barack Obama is re-elected. He is not to be trusted. He is a con artist; many people are being fooled, but I suspect Obama harbors an intense, deep animosity toward Israel, while admiring Islamists. And, no, he would not have Israel’s back in a time of crisis.)

  10. Better now than later. The sooner the better.

    The alliance with the US is done. US is too dependent on the arab market and all that arab oil.

    Israel need not sell its soul to Russia or China but they have the world’s most “sane” currencies and both have found ways to make communism profitable.

    Just do it. Say no to worthless American fiat. The Anglo American reign is done.

  11. Are there any left? Sarah Palin is one? And I think Romney, if elected, will be a friend of Israel’s.

    As far as Russia and China are concerned, be sure to read Ezekiel 38-39 before making alliances with them.