The West is complicit in resurgence in antisemitism

MARK STEYN: Resurgence in antisemitism may lead to second Holocaust


TORONTO – Western society is complicit in a resurgence of antisemitism that may lead to a second Holocaust, for which humankind will have no excuses, warned Mark Steyn.

“There is something profoundly wicked in the contortions that Europeans are willing to make with respect to their own complicated history with the Jewish people,” said Steyn. “We are on the verge of the biggest, most disgusting and evil event of all, in part because of the complicity of the West.”

About 1,000 people filled the sanctuary at Holy Blossom Temple last week to hear the best-selling author and political commentator in conversation with Dr. Elliott Malamet, founder of Torah in Motion and associate professor of Jewish Education at York University.

Steyn decried the “nimbleness of the Western mind in regarding a relatively small and peripheral group of people as the source of the problem” in the Middle East. “The Western intellectual says the state of Israel was the imposition of an alien, Western European culture on the Middle East…. It’s easy then to see the next step. You wake up in the morning, there’s a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv, and you see the European foreign minister saying, ‘Obviously we regret the loss of life but it brings to a close this tragic chapter in Middle East affairs.’”

He elaborated in an interview with the Jewish Tribune: “The Holocaust happened because people said Jews are sinister, rootless, cosmopolitan people, who are not citizens [with] allegiance to a conventional nation state. So the ones who were left got themselves a conventional nation state and now they’re hated for that, too. That tells you something about Jew-hatred’s ability to adapt. But the fact that the intellectual class in Europe is able to swivel so swiftly, from hating them for one reason in the 1930s to hating them for this reason now, says far more about Europeans than it does about Jews.”

Some Europeans can sidestep blame for the Holocaust because it truly was unprecedented and inconceivable, he continued. However, “when you go in the space of two generations to the fact that, not only is antisemitism rampant and resurgent, but that we are actually contemplating with equanimity” the genocide of millions of Jews in Israel, “history will be far less forgiving. It’s one thing if it happens the first time and you go, ‘oh, never again…’ If, two generations down the road, so-called civilization permits a crime of that magnitude to occur a second time, it’s far harder to take refuge in the defence that these crimes were literally unimaginable. Neville Chamberlain and Lord Halifax and the rest of them have that excuse; our generation does not.” Allowing a second Holocaust to occur “would illustrate an almost industrial-scale corrosion of basic humanity.”

When asked by Malamet about Canada’s human rights tribunals, Steyn said members of the Jewish community who support them are making a big mistake. He cited the failure of the Weimar Republic’s speech laws to stop Hitler and the Nazi party.

“The idea that that is the way to go is profoundly destructive and…a lot of …prominent Canadian Jews, are on the wrong side of this…. One of the most fascinating things about the new antisemitism in Europe is the number of people who blame the Jews for the Islamization of Europe, the number of people who say, ‘We wouldn’t have all these mosques in Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg, and Malmo if we hadn’t been so riddled with post-war Holocaust guilt. Those Jews did it to us!’

“And that is why, for that particular reason, Jews – of all people – should know that empowering the state to police what you read, what you think, and what you say, is unlikely to turn out well.”

After Steyn’s talk, many people purchased his new book, After America: Can the West be Saved? and some waited in line for more than an hour to have it autographed. The event was presented by Torah in Motion, and the Gerald Schwartz/Heather Reisman Centre for Jewish Learning at Holy Blossom Temple, and dedicated in memory of Colin Malamet by the Hart and Malamet families.

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  1. Yamit,
    When I wrote that Israel “can NOT afford to lose its best friend” (the US)on the world stage, you responded by giving me “estimates of natural gas reserves” in Israel but Israel’s wealth is NOT the reason why it needs a strong relationship with the US. Just look at the relationship that the Saudis (and most of the other oil-rich countries in the Middle-East) have with the US. The relationship exists for the same reason that NATO exists – to come to the aid of a country that the US is aliened with which is attacked by an outside power.

    The Kuwaiti’s can attest to the benefits of having the US as a “friend”. The Australian’s recently agreed to the US opening up a Marine base in Australia. And on and on it goes throughout the world – the US is looked upon to help guarantee the protection of countries that want to maintain their sovereignty.

    The bottom line is that the tougher the neighborhood your in the more you NEED the US as a friend!

    Natural gas reserves and the nuclear bomb is NOT going to enable Israeli citizens to sleep soundly in their beds – NOT as long as you have a determined enemy with the ability to call on religious fanatics to strap on suicide belts.

  2. Ray says:
    January 5, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    You are foolish to think that it would be “in Israel’s interest to divest from America”. That would ONLY lead to celebrations in ALL the capitals of Muslim Arab world.

    The US is, for what looks like a short window, the world’s only super power. Yes, it doesn’t concur with ALL of Israel’s positions, but it is undeniably Israel’s BEST friend, by a wide margin, in the world.

    Right now Israel needs more friends. It can NOT afford to lose its best friend!

    My reply is:

    Do you think I care what the Arab countries say or do? Besides Europe Korea and Singapore would buy all the gas and oil we can supply them.

    Recent upwardly revised estimates of natural gas reserves in the Tamar field, in which Noble has a one-third stake, may indicate even larger quantities than previously estimated at the Leviathan field, which is three times larger than Tamar. Alongside natural gas the Leviathan gas field is believed to possibly contain 4.2 billion barrels (670×106 m3) of oil.

    The two fields contain at least 25 trillion cubic feet of gas, enough to supply Israel for decades and still leave plenty for export. The Leviathan gas field is a large natural gas field located in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Israel, discovered in June 2010. The gas field is located roughly 130 kilometers (81 mi) west of Haifa in waters 1,500 meters (4,900 ft) deep in the Levantine basin, a rich hydrocarbon area in one of the world’s larger offshore gas finds of the past decade

    Sarah and Myra sometimes inverted as Myra and Sarah, are two offshore exploratory drilling licenses located west of Netanya, Israel. A three-dimensional geological survey published in June 2011 revealed a 54% probability of 6.5 trillion cubic feet (180 billion cubic metres) of natural gas for the licenses, as well as an 18% potential of over 150 million barrels (24 million cubic metres) of crude

    Israeli oil shale discovery could rival Saudi Arabia oil reserves, it is estimated that at one location there is approximately 40 billion barrels worth, with a potential of 250 billion barrels in Israel.

    After completing operations at its six oil shale experimental drilling sites, Israel Energy Initiatives has submitted a final assessment of its project’s environmental impacts to the Environmental Protection Ministry.

    IEI hopes to get the project’s official pilot phase under way in the coming months.

    One site is located in a valley which is close to the spot where David slew Goliath, as mentioned in the Old Testament. It also may become the site of Israel’s future energy supply. About 400 feet below the surface sits a huge deposit of shale oil.

    More than Saudi Arabia

    Experts say it could eventually produce more oil than Saudi Arabia.

    “I would say that we have found a spectacular resource,” Yuval Bartov, chief geologist for Israel Energy Initiatives, told CBN News.

    The company is licensed by the Israeli government to explore for shale oil.

    “Just within the license area, which is a small part of the basin, we’re talking about 40 billion barrels,” Bartov explained. “In the whole part of that extended area, we’re talking about a hundred billion barrels.

    “We know very accurately the numbers. But with respect to the entire country, we did a little bit rougher estimate but probably underestimating it now. But we’re talking about 250 billion barrels just of what we have knowledge of in Israel,” he continued.

    “So when you’re hearing big numbers of this kind and even higher, they’re real. They’re real because they’re there. It’s in the ground,” Bartov added.

    Those estimates, if true, rival Saudi Arabia’s reserves of 264 billion barrels.

  3. Unlike some others in the forum, I do not recommend that Israel withdraw unilaterally from the UN. Our enemies would have a field day spinning that as confirmation of Israel’s “outlaw”, pariah status, and would pile on in every conceivable way accordingly. This would substantially raise the likelihood of embargoes, sanctions, etc., being applied to Israel, aimed at strangling her in the manner of Rhodesia in the 70s. This is the openly stated concrete policy goal of the PA. Why do anything to help them? Guess who’d replace Israel’s seat at the UN if she left?

    That said, I would very much like to see a group of Western democracies, led by the U.S. in coordination with other leading Western countries – including Israel – walk out of the UN. The idea would be to collapse this petrodollar brothel, this cesspool, both financially and politically. They have become a joke and a circus….but as long as they are given money and legitimacy by major powers, they are a joke and a circus that retains significant clout in world affairs.

    For the time being, I do not see this happening. If someone like Gingrich were to become president, maybe, but he is not going to make it. The best that we can hope for in the meantime is that blocs of leaders – maybe a post-Obama U.S. along with Canada under Harper, and a few other key players – can keep the bad guys from influencing the UN to do anything outside of meaningless GA resolutions.

  4. Yamit,
    You are foolish to think that it would be “in Israel’s interest to divest from America”. That would ONLY lead to celebrations in ALL the capitals of Muslim Arab world.

    The US is, for what looks like a short window, the world’s only super power. Yes, it doesn’t concur with ALL of Israel’s positions, but it is undeniably Israel’s BEST friend, by a wide margin, in the world.

    Right now Israel needs more friends. It can NOT afford to lose its best friend!

  5. Vinny, I commend you for your efforts in writing to your local newspaper and trying to get them to understand and change their point of view regarding Israel. The US and Israel need more engaged citizens like you who are making an effort despite the frustration and lack of a measurable results.

    As I indicated in an earlier post, for four years I published a local community magazine. One issue that we published had a “point-counter-point” article written by two local citizens, each of whom recently visited Israel and wrote about their different perspectives on Middle-East peace (one was pro right-wing, the other was more of a peacenik).

    Vinny, by writing to your local newspaper you make the best argument for why Israel should continue to make its case at the UN. There is no difference between your efforts to enlighten the citizen’s of your local community about Israel’s right to exist and Israel’s need to continue to justify its position on the bigger, world stage.

    Leaving the UN would only serve to further marginalize Israel on the world stage. Yes, being in the UN feels a lot like pulling ones hair on a daily basis – an exercise in futility. However, remaining engaged and being given a world-wide stage to make our case is beneficial to our cause and worth the continued frustration.

  6. Ray,

    For you to say that Hillary Clinton and NCHO (Neville Carter Hussein Obama) are not anti-Israel is really an amazing statement.

    The EU’s working definition of antisemitism includes a clause that defines as antisemitic holding Israeli behavior to a unique standard not applied to other countries, in a manner prejudicial against Israel. That’s the EU…and their members frequently demonstrate this just to make the point, I guess.

    The treatment of Israel and her leaders by Obama – siding with the Palestinian position on virutally every disputed concrete position between them and Israel, the outrageous treatment of Bibi during his visit here in March of ’09 (making him come into a side door, leaving him and his aide alone in a room while he went off to have dinner, etc.), the fact of high administration officials referring to Jerusalem as “Al-Quds”, the fact of Obama at best paying lip service to the fundamental issue of recognition, the list is just too long…

    Hillary? Who recently accused Israel of being on the level of Iran with respect to women’s rights and democratic institutions? Whose husband’s library accepted $45 million from Gulf Arab states? These same countries that let half their people go illiterate? You think they care about “education”? What do you think they’re buying with money like that?? Can you really be so naive and in denial as to not see what is going on here??!!

    Hillary..who stood by while Arafat’s wife accused Israel of literally poisoning Palestinian children, applauded, kissed her, and so on? You’ve gotta be kidding me.

    Both of them, and too many others in our media, government, and universities, are largely bought and paid for stooges of Saudia and Friends, and in some cases, even Iran.

    It is amazing, breathtaking, the ease with which so many Americans in responsible positions are so willing to sell out in this fashion. What a sorry spectacle…Open your eyes, man!

    Your statement disputing Israel’s role as America’s only true friend in the ME, citing our recent sale of fighter bombers to Saudia, makes no sense. The one has nothing to do with the other. Sure, Boeing and her workers and those who benefit from where those paychecks are spent benefit from that sale. That doesn’t make Saudia a friend or an ally. That doesn’t change the fact that – per Rand Corp, per U.S. government cables exposed by Wikileaks, per all manner of credible sources – Saudia is the biggest sponsor of Islamist terrorism against the U.S. in the world. That doesn’t change the fact that Saudia is a major source of the “foreign fighters” that kill Americans and other Western troops in Afghanistan, and before that, in Iraq. Check out those books I referenced earlier. Selling them weapons does not make them a friend or an ally. Given the nature of their government and their policies, that makes us STUPID. Just another example, of so, so many, of selling out for short term benefit, at the expense of long-term security (every time I go through the hassle of flying commercial nowadays, as I’m going through the endless security checks, all I can think is, “Thank you, Moslem World.”).

    As to the matter of aid, I don’t know if getting rid of the $3 billion would be as easy or painless as Yamit suggests – that is 20% of Israel’s defense budget; imagine if we had to cut ours by that amount overnight – but I concur that it could be done. If things stopped there, a major element of U.S. coercive leverage would be removed, and that could be for the best.

    Were I leading Israel, I’d happily phase out the military aid in exchange for a formal bilateral defense treaty, and the ability to buy any weapons I wanted from the U.S. (or anyone else) whatever I could afford, whenever I wanted to buy them. And also, to be able to sell what I produced anywhere and anytime as well. After all, South Korea gets all of that. Why not Israel? Does South Korea ever have to worry that in a dispute with the North that may be taken to the UN, that the U.S. may back North Korea? Yes, it is truly amazing what a loyal friend Israel has been to the U.S., given American treatment of Israel at the state level. Another term of Obama, I don’t think the “special relationship” will survive, and Israel may well align with China at the expense of the U.S., and who could blame them? But that is another subject.

    The prospect of Israel being driven into China’s arms, however, is relevant here in one way. Looking at Obama and his people, I somehow don’t think a phasing out of U.S. aid would come within the context of the happy scenario I describe above. It would probably also extend to Israel being embargoed from further arms purchases, no more spare parts and munitions for a force made up largely of U.S. platforms, and so on. Those things would hurt a lot more than losing the annual aid. I’m sure that’s the scenario the likes of Ron Paul has in mind…and Obama’s advisor, Samantha Powers. All of that would be painful for Israel indeed, but again, could lead to unintended consequences that would amount to a very unpleasant surprise for U.S. interests.

    Ray, I am truly disgusted with the way in which you seem to justify the most barbaric, bloody-minded Jew hatred by repeating the stereotype of the “wealthy Jew” as somehow playing a genuinely substantial role in provoking attacks on Jews generally.

    You leave out some important aspects of history in your description of Kristallnacht. Yes, what you relate is the way the Nazis saw what they were doing, what they intended…but it didn’t work out that way. In fact, leaving aside the grand time had by Nazi thugs, rank and file gentile Germans were shocked by that event. The Nazi authorities were underwhelmed and surprised at the reluctance of many Germans to jump on that bandwagon…and then realized they had more work to do in terms of propaganda preparation for what they had in mind for later. That is why they DIDN’T go right from there, to building the death camps and shipping people off to them. They had to go on to make a stronger propaganda smear case for this to be built up to and more readily accepted.

    What of East European Jewry, huddled in their shtetls, murdered en masse, with substantial and enthusiastic participation and collaboration by local gentile populations in places like Lithuania, the Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, etc.? These Jews were overwhelmingly poor.

    Tell me Ray…is it just that you notice rich Jews and resent them yourself? I can only tell you that here in my medium-sized midwestern city, the congregation of my Reform temple is not particularly “ostentatious”. There are all manner of cars in the parking lot, ranging from Kias to Chevys to BMWs. Are Jews any more ostentatious today than they were 30 years ago? The economy sucked really bad back in the early 80s, Ray..was worse in many respects on a day to day level than today. Yet I do not recall anything like either the demonization of Israel nor the open antisemitism I see today.

    Yes, of course the Arab and Moslem governments brainwash the crap out of their “un-evolved” masses. What do you propose to do about this? “Engage” them? You think you can get some other point of view into their societies? As Scooby Doo would say, “Rotsa ruck!” We can’t change that any more than we could change Nazi Germany by “engaging” them in some kind of rational debate. We had to defeat Germany, and we’ll have to defeat Saudia and Iran. And, we have to expose the manner in which they corrupt our society here, so we can undercut their agenda.

    We can use facts, logic, and reason in order to convince the genuinely curious and confused, and to arm our friends, but for many of our real enemies here, this will not work. Do you read the NYT, Ray? If so, surely you are aware of the incredible anti-Israel bias of that paper. You may see varations of the same in many other newspapers and media venues, it is very widespread and consistent. Have you ever written a letter to the editor, Ray, in response to such nonsense? Ever been published? Ever get a guest op-ed piece in a local paper to explain Israel’s side in all of this? I’ve done these things, among other activities. In my local paper – which is incredibly anti-Israel – I’ve had about 50 letters to the editor published, plus half a dozen op-ed columns. That’s just me; there are others in our community who are similarly active. We make airtight arguments defending Israel at many levels, and I’ve received countless compliments by local gentiles on my efforts.

    Yet, our local paper never seems to be able to change. The best we get from them is that for a while, they may not deal with Israel at all. Their rule appears to be: If they can’t say something bad about Israel, then don’t say anything at all. But it isn’t just them, is it, Ray? That’s pretty much the NYT, the LA Times, USA Today, CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, AFP, FOX (with rare exceptions in this case, but look what happened to Glenn Beck)….funny how consistent they all are on this one issue, isn’t it? Amazing after all the letters they must get from people like me, how resistant they are to any of our facts, our logic, or our reason, don’t you think?

    …And to you, this lynch mob that is being raised against Israel by such means, and by extension, against Jews everywhere…is because there are some Jews who like to flaunt their wealth? Because on one occasion, Bibi laid out some obvious facts to our Saudi stooge president that he should have known in the first place before making an outrageous speech that was designed to undermine Bibi (what about the diplomatic appropriateness of Obama’s May 19 speech, Ray?).

  7. Disrespecting our president (“Acorn community organizer…”), or anyone whose views you disagree with, brings down the conversation to a level one step above violence. It is only by fully understanding your opponent’s point of view that you stand a chance to win the argument.

    If your President disrespects me and my country I see nothing wrong with returning the disrespect. He is nothing but a shitty corrupt politician who was elevated by the most corrupt political machine in America. He was elected by a brain dead constituency which brings no credit to those who blindly elected him, the system that allowed it and the cowards who kept their mouths shut when they knew what they were getting. Has probably lied about his birth and is fighting at considerable expense the Georgia elections law that will require him to prove eligibility to be placed on the Georgia ballot. That he is fighting a legal battle rather than producing proof of eligibility is telling. There are more states threatening to do the same. His world view seems to mirror your own, for what it’s worth.

    Do you really believe the 3 billion we receive ea. year would break us, were it withdrawn? (Israeli budget for 2012: 365.9 billion shekels $100 billion.) Israel could easily make up 3-4% shortfall just in spending efficiencies. Matter of fact the best thing that could happen is if we received no freebies from America. It would reduce the American political leverage against us. With the dollar losing it’s value, soon the aid will be quite worthless in any event.

    Israel should lead the way for other sane nations to quit the UN nest of vipers. We gain nothing by staying in and lose much. I learned as a kid not to impose myself where I was not welcome. Israel quitting the UN would mean we take the moral high ground not what you contend. We then could ignore the institution and their edicts and bar all UN agencies and NGO’s from entering Israel or maintaining any presence here.

    As for your statement that Israel is “our only true friend and trusted ally in the Middle-East”, tell that to all the people in the US who stand to benefit from that large contract that the Saudis just gave us for selling them our jet fighters.

    Here I agree with you, no friend arms to the hilt your enemies. America has always at best played both sides for her own profit and political control. America also turned her back on us in our most critical times more than once and will again in the future.

    Re the UN, there is no argument to be won. There is a built in majority against us that cannot be changed by rational, reasoned and factual argument. Israel could save many millions by quitting the UN including fewer useless diplomats and political flunkies.

    It’s in Israels interest to divest from America.

  8. Yes, I agree with you, they are waging a “very calculated, well-funded and coordinated campaign”. But that doesn’t mean that we need to be rattled and accuse the leaders of our country (Obama and Hillary Clinton) of being anti-Israel because they are NOT!

    If you think Hillary Rotten Clinton and Barak Hussein Obama are not anti Israel, then you had better defend them in a more substantive way. Saying they ain’t is opinion devoid of credible evidence. I say they are more than just anti Israel they are anti Jewish- Jew Haters. I believe I can back up my opinion, can you, yours?

    Vinny, on the spectrum of the Jewish people as we exist today – from the ultra-orthadox who are telling women in Jerusalem that they need to sit at the back of the bus, to the more sophisticated liberals like George Sorros, the people that will have a more positive impact on the future of Israel are those that are trying to change the world in a more progressive manner.

    I can put a bullet in an Arabs head dispassionately, but my spleen runneth over when I read drivel such as yours. Maybe Narvey will take you in hand and try to set you straight. I think it would be a waste of time energy and words. You are it seems a witless useful idiot. (only my opinion)

    I can excuse ignorance and I can excuse in most cases arrogance but when someone like you combines the two that puts you in a certain class. Tossing politeness in the trash; If you really believe even half the crap in your comments to Vinnie and ron, then … 😉

  9. Ray says:
    January 4, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    Disrespecting our president (“Acorn community organizer…”),

    Ray, first of all he was involved with Acorn as a community organizer, I do believe he is an anti-Semite and also believe he claims he is a Christian for political reasons. He attended and hung out at Rev. Wrights church because in Chicago that was the place to be for a black politician. I also believe he embraces Islam. I don’t believe this is being disrespectful.

    Having said that I believe he disrespects the office he holds and not because I disagree with his views.

    George Soros has made a number of visits to the White House and it just wasn’t for tea. George Soros is an anti-Semite and would love to destroy this Republic.

    As for myself, I am a practicing Catholic and I am not naive and recognize the Catholic Church and Christians alike have committed crimes against the Jewish people all in the name of Christianity. For this I am sad and apologize. None of us can be responsible for the actions of others in the past we can only hope and pray this never occurs again, ever.

    I grew up in a community with a large Jewish population and we never experienced anti-Semitism, if there was any, it was very minimum and scarcely notice.

    Our Catholic school had a great relationship with our local Jewish community center, in fact our HS had no gym and our basketball team practiced at center site.

    There was a group of us from Catholic HS who hung out with a number of our Jewish friends. The only difference we noted was their services were on Saturday while our was on Sunday, now we also have services on Saturday.

    I use to run shotgun with my Jewish neighbor (we were buddies) delivering kosher meat for a Jewish meat market.

    We had great respect for our Jewish neighbors.
    [my friends at Israpundit are no doubt tired of me repeating this, to them I apologize]
    Yes the money we spend on Israel is well worth it. Israel has maintained stability in the ME and needs to continue to do so.

    Listen, the bad guy out number the good guys in the UN. We spend a lot of good money for nothing. As a Barry Goldwater – Ronald Reagan conservative. Goldwater said many years ago to get the hell out of the UN and I agree.

    I believe collectively good nations can work together and in doing so just may prompt the good citizens of bad nations to force a change in their governments.

  10. Vinnie,
    Regarding your statement: “some Jews “flaunt” their wealth, but many don’t, and still many other non-Jews do. You think this is bringing on anti-Semtism? Puleeeze….”
    I don’t know what kind of “midwestern” town you live in because there is a big difference between Des Moines, Iowa and Chicago IL. I’ve traveled throughout North America (including Canada), having spent 25 years in the computer industry in high-ticket sales and have lived in a couple of major markets, NYC included, and I can tell you that in each of these areas of the US there are “pockets” that are considered / labeled as “Jewish” and the peole whi live there are resented by even liberal folks.
    Resentment of people who are successful and wealthy is not limited only to Jews but if we’re talking about anti-Semitism it doesn’t matter whether non-Jews flaunt their wealth.
    Crystalnacht started with the trashing of upscale Jewish stores in Germany – they didn’t go to the Jewish ghettos and ransack their stuff. Why? Because the Nazis were master propagandists and knew that there was major resentment towards anyone associated with wealth; they couldn’t go after wealthy Germans because they still wielded power in the military, so they went after the Jews who catered to the wealthy.
    People in the US believe that Wall Street is responsible for the current economic climate. Jews make up a disproportionate amount of people who work on Wall Street. Therefore, Jews, now and historically have been blamed for bringing about bad economic conditions and the result is anti-Semitism.
    Why exacerbate the situation by making discretionary purchases during difficult economic conditions? In my opinion, that’s just asking for trouble!
    Regarding your statement in which you say that I “reference the ONE TIME in how many years that an Israeli leader actually stood up to… president [Obama]”.
    Diplomacy is NOT about standing up to any other diplomat during a press conference and showing him up (which is what Netanyahu did by lecturing Obama). It is simply not done as a matter of protocol and is considered disrespectful as it should be.
    Yes, this was “followed up by some 28 standing ovations in front of Congress” but what do you expect from Congress today – they have a 9% favorability rating!
    As for your statement:”If you think Obama can be “quietly persuaded” by “reason”, you are living in a dream world“. Let us not forget that Obama’s former Chief of Staff was born in Israel and still has his ear by virtue of being the mayor of Chicago – where Obama lived before becoming president. Let us not forget that the majority of Jews in this country are still Democrats and that Obama will need their financial support and their votes in the two major swing states of Florida and Ohio.
    Yes, Obama can be and has been persuaded by the Jewish voters!
    As for your question: “What can a nation of 7 million – the population of greater Chicago – really do by themselves? They can’t do it all themselves. It’s not like they can post a PR rep in every major city, on every streetcorner.”
    What did Johnson & Johnson do when someone placed poison in Tylenol packages? They hired a PR firm and listened to what they recommended, followed their advice and not only survived the “scare” but came out even more highly respected. The Tylenol scare is now studied at the Harvard Business School as a case study of how to handle a potentially business threatening situation.
    Are you trying to tell me that J&J has more money to spend on PR than the Israeli government when you say “what can… they really do by themselves?”?
    Vinny, when you say that “Most of this PR effort abroad has to come from people like us” you scare me! With all due respect, you have not demonstrated to me in your writing that you are up for the challenge.
    Vinny, you use the word “confront” a lot in your reply. I maintain that we need to engage rather than confront. Our differences are not purely semantic because it is in how we engage the enemy with our words that will ultimately make a difference with the people who count – the so called “swing-voters” who are educated and less emotionally invested in one position or the other (which you obviously are).
    Just ask any good trainer at a boxing gym and he’ll tell you that you will always lose a fight if you let your emotions get the better of you!
    May I refer you to “Scholars for Peace in the Middle East”
    as a good case in point.
    Regarding your statement: “We are not up against “un-evolved” ignorance and stupidity. This is not 19th century Ukraine.”
    I beg to differ. The majority of the citizens of the Muslim Arab world are just as you describe them above and that is exactly how their leaders want them to remain! As a matter of fact, the “leaders” of these nations are “educating” their young in a manner consistent with their goals – hatred of Jews, Israel and as they call us, “the big Satan”.
    Yes, I agree with you, they are waging a “very calculated, well-funded and coordinated campaign”. But that doesn’t mean that we need to be rattled and accuse the leaders of our country (Obama and Hillary Clinton) of being anti-Israel because they are NOT!
    Vinny, on the spectrum of the Jewish people as we exist today – from the ultra-orthadox who are telling women in Jerusalem that they need to sit at the back of the bus, to the more sophisticated liberals like George Sorros, the people that will have a more positive impact on the future of Israel are those that are trying to change the world in a more progressive manner.
    I personally don’t trust the Fundamentalists who believe that in order for the second coming to take place, Jews have to be in power in Israel, but I do appreciate their support. This kind of nuanced approach is what more right-wing Jews in the US need to consider. It’s great to be passionate about your feelings towards the survival of Israel and we need more people who feel that way because way to many of our young are fully assimilated. However, we need to realize that we have to be very rational in how we state our case on behalf of Israel because unbridled passion is what our enemies are all about and that is what ultimately will result in their downfall.

  11. Ron,
    Disrespecting our president (“Acorn community organizer…”), or anyone whose views you disagree with, brings down the conversation to a level one step above violence. It is only by fully understanding your opponent’s point of view that you stand a chance to win the argument.

    As for your statement: “with respects to Israel, there is only one side and they (the media) don’t paint a pretty picture”.

    The media is not out to create a “pretty picture” – in fact, the more controversy the media can stir up the more “eyeballs” they get and the more advertising they sell! How often do you expect the media to tell the public that as far as Israel is concerned, what the Arabs want is an existential threat to their survival?

    As for your statement that Israel is “our only true friend and trusted ally in the Middle-East”, tell that to all the people in the US who stand to benefit from that large contract that the Saudis just gave us for selling them our jet fighters.

    As for your statement that “the Catholic Church is infested with anti-Semites” – what do you expect? The Catholic Church has been competing with Judaism for over two-thousand years and perceives itself as in a war with any philosophy, religious or political (Communism) that does not conform to its thinking.

    The Catholic Church has a “my way or you’re my enemy” philosophy. Read up on Pope John Paul (the first) who was found dead in his Vatican bedroom after ascending to the position only 32 days earlier. He was cremated within 5 hours of his death. Why? Speculation is that he was murdered because he planned to make major changes to the Vatican Bank which was laundering money for the Mafia in order to fund the anti-Communist movement in Nicaragua. South America was at that time the fastest growing part of the Catholic Church. If Nicaragua became Communist the fear was that the rest of South America would follow and so would all the church donations.

    As for your statement: “Israel is our only true friend and trusted ally in the ME, and you would never know it from the way the U.S. treats Israel, like a step child.”

    What do you expect from a “patron” that spends $4 Billion to support your existence?

    What I always tell my friends who bring up the amount of foreign aid money that the US spends on Israel every year is: “How much do you think it would cost the US to deploy a fully manned aircraft carrier in the Middle-East, that can not be sunk, that has fully trained pilots who would give up their lives because their lives, the lives of their loved ones and the 5,772 years of their heritage as a people are at stake – all to ensure that the US economy has a steady flow of crude oil? And this doesn’t even take into account the best spy agency in the Middle East working for stability in the Middle East. $4 Billion is a bargain!”

    As for your comment: “get the hell out of the UN”.

    Both the US and Israel need to be FULLY engaged in the UN because it is the only institution of its kind in the world and because you can never win the game by taking your ball and going home…

    There is nothing wrong with railing against the UN, but at the end of the day we’ve got to be there and fight the battle. Everyone involved in the UN knows about the corruption and deceit that goes on there, but what goes on in the UN is no different than what goes on in every single country on earth. The UN is a mirror of the societies that are part of the organization.

  12. mollie

    Rongrand, if Israel leaves the U.N

    I have mentioned a number of times, our country, the U.S. should get out of the UN. The headquarters should be moved to another country, maybe Siberia, they could enjoy the night life there.

    We should along with G.B.,France, Germany, Italy, India, Israel and other free nations form the “Free World Alliance”.

    Nations who engage in terrorism including those governments not the choice of their citizens need not apply.

  13. Antisemitism is rife in America. Statistics understate the facts since many, many antisemites do not admit to their inclinations-we call them closet bigots.

  14. There is no point in appeasing the enemy. The enemy will just come back and request more. Give them your finger and they will ask for more (the hand). Saudi Arabia is the largest funder of terrorism in the world. Say no to the massive sale of jets. Rongrand, if Israel leaves the U.N., it will give up its platform to Arab terrorism. THAT IS APPEASEMENT.

  15. Ray,

    Between Rongrand and you, I’m with Rongrand.

    Between even Yamit and you, I’m with Yamit (..can’t believe I said that!).

    You say some interesting things, but underlying much of what you say is FEAR.

    But I’m not entirely agreeing with anyone here, not 100%.

    My two shekels:

    I’m 50, I’m Jewish, and I’ve lived here in the U.S. all my life. I’ve served in the U.S. military, gotten degrees from some good schools, and now I work in a very midwestern, WASPY manufacturing establishment, here in “flyover country”. I’ve been to Israel once and I communicate with Israelis of various political stripes regularly.

    What you say is so full of stereotypes. Yes, some Jews “flaunt” their wealth, but many don’t, and still many other non-Jews do. You think this is bringing on anti-Semtism? Puleeeze….

    Israeli “arrogance” is to blame? You reference the ONE TIME in how many years that an Israeli leader actually stood up to some Muslim butt-kissing puppet president??!! Which was followed up by some 28 standing ovations in front of Congress??!! I don’t think he erred in this instance. We don’t see enough of this. If you think Obama can be “quietly persuaded” by “reason”, you are living in a dream world. I am the same age as Obama, I went to schools of comparable prestige during comparable time frames, I’ve met Rashid Khalidi myself, and I can tell you that while I’ve never personally met Obama, I read him like a book! His kind is a dime a dozen at places like Harvard, U Chicago, etc. Sorry, pal, he cannot be “reasoned” with. His sort simply has to be defeated. We need leaders who can rally Israelis, Diaspora Jews, and Israel’s gentile supporters in order to DEFEAT the likes of Obama and what they represent. They must be discredited, hounded out of office, and exposed for the frauds that they are. They will not listen to “reason”. You are truly in denial in the manner that Yamit described, if you believe that!

    Does Israel have “bad PR”? Well, it could be better. But how much better? What can a nation of 7 million – the population of greater Chicago – really do by themselves? They can’t do it all themselves. It’s not like they can post a PR rep in every major city, on every streetcorner.

    What Bibi did with Obama back in May, we need to see MORE of that. But he can’t do it himself. He’s got a country to run. Most of this PR effort abroad has to come from people like us. In that I agree with your “ambassador” paradigm, Ray.

    But we can’t be “wusses” about it, Ray. Yamit is right on this point. We get together with our friends (well, Yamit doesn’t like some of our friends, but that is another subject), we educate them, and we confront our enemies. We confront them in the media, we confront them on college campuses, we hold political figures accountable. Obama should have been booed off the stage at AIPAC, along with that other Saudi whore, Hillary Clinton.

    We have to be “ambassadors” who are not afraid to point out the obvious, in the starkest terms. Israel’s adversaries are f****** barbarians! We have to make that crystal clear! There could not be a wider political/philosophical gulf not only between Israel and Hamas, but also between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia!

    You talk about media treatment of Israel. You say you’ve been watching this for decades, well so have I. And I submit to you that it has gotten markedly worse, and that is no accident. This isn’t about some “sympathy for the underdog” knee-jerk reflex, that is b.s. Such a paradigm is child’s play to refute: Israel is to her enemies as the U.S. is to the Taliban/Al Queda in Afghanistan…except for Israel, Afghanistan is right next door! You’d be amazed how many lights I’ve seen go on over people’s heads when I’ve pointed that out to them….and how little good it does when pointed out to the media. Believe me, I’ve tried, along with many others. You think it is just a mere coincidence that the media is SOOOOO willfully stupid and blind on this ONE issue?

    We are not up against “un-evolved” ignorance and stupidity, Ray. This is not 19th century Ukraine. Yes, it is a factor – or the bad guys would have no raw material to work with – but it is “raw material” magnified many fold by a very calculated, well-funded and coordinated campaign. The first step in defeating this camppaign is to expose it for what it is.

    I recommend to you all the following:

    “Saudi Arabia and the Global Islamic Terrorist Network – America and the West’s Fatal Embrace”, a collection of articles addressing this topic edited by Sarah N. Stern, whom I know personally.

    Also, “The Arab Lobby – The invisible alliance that undermines America’s interests in the Middle East”, by Mitchell Bard.

  16. Yamit,

    I think you are reading things into what Mark Steyn said that are not there.

    He references a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv. He didn’t say anything about camps in the U.S. or anywhere else.

    The “Holocaust” he’s talking about amounts to the world doing nothing effective about Iran, restraining Israel from doing anything effective about Iran, until it is too late and Iran has the nukes and uses them five or ten years down the road. I don’t have his phone # or e-mail address handy so I can’t personally ask him to clarify, but I’d bet you anything that what I describe is the gist of what he is saying.

    That said, I agree with you that many Jews here in the U.S. and elsewhere in the Diaspora are in denial. I don’t have to look very far to see this; I’ve seen this in my own family.

    THAT said, I don’t see organized, Nazi-style persecution of Jews in this country. Maybe in Turkey, almost certainly in Iran (in the wake of a strike, probably), possibly in some parts of Europe (Russia, Norway, Belgium, Sweden come to mind as candidates for “Nazi-lite” treatment of local Jews).

    We have to differentiate between a “Holocaust” and pogroms, which are not quite the same thing. There were many pogroms against the Jews in Tsarist times, for example, but the Jewish subculture always survived these. The idea wasn’t so much to “wipe out” the Jews – THAT’S a “Holocaust” – but rather to beat up on them in order to project frustrations and “put them in their place”. Indeed, it can be argued that the Tsars, in this instance, absolutely did NOT want to “wipe out” the Jews; they served far too useful a purpose as punching bag scapegoats!

    Pogroms I can certainly see happening here. On that point, if that is what you mean by referencing the violent tendencies of some segments of American society that also tend to be antisemitic, then we agree.

    You forget, though, that at least here in the U.S., there is a large Evangelical population that is philosemitic, very supportive of Israel, and they will push the other way if things get ugly here. We’re not totally friendless, as in Europe. Doesn’t stop bad things from happening, but may help provide some measure of significant support.

    For my part, I expect there to be a strike against Iran sooner rather than later. I don’t think that Israel will be restrained past a certain point. I don’t know how effective that strike will be. I fully expect instances of mob violence against Diaspora Jews in the wake of said strike, as you point out, for the reasons you cite.

    You mention the scenario of a U.S. strike…I don’t know if you actually think this is possible, but at least under Obama, I don’t. No way is he going to do this. D-file is full of crap, they way they promote such nonsense. If Obama or his people are making any noises about a “military option” against Iran, that is only to reassure Israel so that Israel doesn’t do anything “rash”. Such is my humble opinion.

    Things are going to get worse before they get better. If the IDF is effective, though, this “Holocaust”, in the most literal meaning of the word, is not going to happen.

  17. Ray, I said many times in fact I mentioned to Caroline Glick (she is a great American and a great Israeli), the need for a strong PR program to promote the truth of Israel.

    As far as I am concerned and those who know me I describe Obama as “A acorn community organizing pamphlet distributing anti-Semite, pretending to be a Christian for political reasons who embraces Islam, promoted by George Soros and company and the liberal left media, an incompetent president”.

    It’s okay for the media to take the position of the other side however, with respects to Israel, there is only one side and they don’t paint a pretty picture.

    Israel is our only true friend and trusted ally in the ME, and you would never know it from the way the U.S. threats Israel, like a step child.

    Problem, our own government and European leader along with the hierarchy of our own Catholic church is infested with anti-Semites.

    We can begin by cutting off financial and military aid to the Arab world, they hate us anyway.

    Next, get the hell out of the UN, it is a cesspool of bad governments and their leaders, they don’t like us either.

  18. Ron, regarding your reply:
    “…we should never be envious or resentful of those who are successful whether they are Jewish or not. We should admire them.”
    As a general rule you are absolutely correct!
    However, as what exists in reality, or as how Jews are perceived by others – nothing can be further from the truth.
    Un-evolved people are envious, resentful and have a host of other negative traits. I’m not suggesting that Jews “hide their light under a bushel” – what I am saying is that during difficult economic times we should be aware of what happened in the past and live our lives in a more nuanced way. By that I mean – don’t flaunt your wealth, success or power.
    A truly powerful person knows that he wields the levers of power. You don’t see Obama responding to every attack that his opponents make. You don’t see Obama attacking his Republican opponents (take Eric Cantor for example). Why? Because he knows that he has to co-exist with them – just like we know that we have to live in a world where there are more un-evolved people than there are people who “get it”.
    The Israeli Government, specifically, has got to do a better job of public relations on the world stage. Arrogance is NOT a virtue. Having the nuclear bomb should NOT be a reason for feeling confident, smug or arrogant – it should ONLY be a deterrence.
    Let me remind you that pride is one of the seven deadly sins. We ALL suffer from it, occasionally – I too forward those emails that list all those Jewish Nobel and Pulitzer Prize winners.
    Being a former publisher of a local community magazine, I am well aware of how the media works. If you expect the media to treat Israel fairly, you will always be disappointed! Why? Because the media always seeks out the “other” point of view – this makes even the boldest lie only a 50% lie – because unless someone has followed the Arab-Israeli conflict for as long as I have (59 years) people will ALWAYS be in doubt as to who is telling the truth. When in doubt, people resort to their gut feelings – like: “who is the “underdog” in the conflict?” and will take that side unless they have a vested interest to think otherwise (think in terms of the Christian Fundamentalists in this country who believe that the Jews need to be in power in Israel as a “condition” for the return of Jesus Christ).
    Jews, in order to continue to survive and prosper need to act with an understanding of how “human nature” works. The truth is, human nature hasn’t evolved that much since the Holocaust. People still react from the reptilian part of their brain – just like they did when they first started to walk on all four legs (taht’s one of the reasons why SUV’s sell so well – people want to feel secure, they want to know that if an accident occured they will have the best chance of survival). All we have to do to validate this point is look at what is currently happening in the world.
    While I’m more optimistic than most (because of events like what is currently happening in Syria) I am cautious because we don’t really know what the results will bring. All we can do is formulate a strategy for our long-term survival. I can guarantee you this – responding to any situation from the perspective of the “ego” is NOT a receipt for success.

  19. Ray, you bring up some valid and interesting points.

    I am no expert but, we should never be envious or resentful of those who are successful whether they are Jewish or not. We should admire them.

    As John Voight pointed out in an open letter to Obama:

    You have propagandized Israel, until they look like they are everyone’s enemy — and it has resonated throughout the world. You are putting Israel in harm’s way, and you have promoted anti-Semitism throughout the world.

    You have brought this to a people who have given the world the Ten Commandments and most laws we live by today. The Jewish people have given the world our greatest scientists and philosophers, and the cures for many diseases, and now you play a very dangerous game so you can look like a true martyr to what you see and say are the underdogs. But the underdogs you defend are murderers and criminals who want Israel eradicated.

    No, Jews need to stand up and be proud to be Jewish.

    Israel needs to promote a super PR program to bring the truth and dispel the lies and accusations towards the Israelis by the Arab world. The truth the liberal left media will not report.

  20. Anti-Semitism exists because it is passed down from father to son (think Mel Gibson getting the disease from his father).

    Anti-Semitism continues to exist today because Jews are well-educated, professional, have good jobs, own their businesses and are therefore prosperous. With prosperity comes the resentfulness of the masses. For example, on Wall Street – the “players” are able to make money when the market goes down – NOT just when it rises. Jews make up a disproportionate percentage of the people who work on Wall Street and are therefore resented to a disproportionate extent because “ordinary” people are not able to make money in all types of economic conditions – when the economy tanks, the masses lose their jobs.

    The way to defeat anti-Semitism is to take a page from our WASP friends. When the economy is in the toilet, as it is today, WASP’s do not flaunt their wealth. WASP’s don’t flaunt their wealth even when the economy is doing well. Why, because they don’t want to draw attention to their wealth for fear of it being taken away.

    WASP’s resole their wing tips over and over again until they are finally told that it can not be done again – they don’t shop at Bloomingdale’s or Nordstrom’s. WASP’s don’t shop at Whole Foods – not because they can’t afford it but because good food is not part of their upbringing. Who do you think works at these stores? Retail workers feel that they have to “take crap” from their customers and resent the shoppers at these “upscale” stores as much as the German people resented the Jews during Crystalnacht.

    .Jews need to change the way they bring up their young to make them more aware of how other people feel about those who are prosperous, to be less ostentatious, less consumer oriented. Consider setting up a trust fund for your young rather than allow them to go wild and flaunt their wealth.

    I know of a man who purchased a brand new BMW 5 Series and told the dealership to take the tires from his “old” Beamer and mount them on his new car. Why? Because he didn’t want his neighbors to know that he purchased a new car.

    As Jews we need to be very cognizant that there are jealous, resentful and spiteful people in the world. We need to treat EVERYONE as if they are opinion-makers because when it comes to anti-Semitism – they are! We as Jews need to think in terms of “what would the owner of a public relations” do in this situation?” NOT act as Netanyahu did (lecture Obama) during his last visit to the White House. This has nothing to do with whether Netanyahu was right or wrong – I agree that Obama does not understand the reality and motivation of the Muslim Arab world in the Middle East, but I do believe that he is smart enough to understand the perspective of Israel and should be made aware of our perspective in a respectful and diplomatic manner befitting his office.

    As Jews, we need to learn the lessons of the past (Holocaust) and apply them in our daily lives (think PR firm or Ambassador) and not get caught up in the ego of our success – lest the collective consciousness of our less well-off brethren decide to push the reset button on us once again.

  21. The proof that ruling elites are seeking a Second Holocaust of Jews is the wicked demand for a Muslim terror state implant in little Israel to Muslims bent on Jewish genocide. U.S. and other nations financially support the PLO/PA/Hamas. America arm and continually train the PLO/PA in the war against Jews. It is despicable and profoundly evil.

  22. If anything Mark Steyn is correct and if anything very understated.

    according to surveys I have seen about 35% of Americans are antisemitic and of those around 15-20% are strongly antisemitic, (Do the math), Same surveys name blacks and Hispanics as the most hardcore antisemites and these two groups are the most violent and many are armed.

    Americas economic woes will have added another X number to that pool and it will get worse as the economy and unemployment gets worse. Most Americans I believe would not participate or sanction attacks against Jews but they won’t interfere to help you either, The government institutions won’t protect you and in the end you are on your own,

    If America attacks Iran even if Israel is not involved then Israel will be blamed for forcing America to defend it. If Israel goes it alone we will be blamed for the military and economic fallout and you Jews will take the brunt of it. I don’t envy you because you Jews are mostly wusses who haven’t the foggiest as to what is going down and even if you did you’re all in denial and self delusion that it can’t happen to you.

    It can and probably will if the conditions are right and they look to be heading in that direction, but we aren’t there yet although we are closer than you are willing to concede. The constellations are beginning to align.

  23. Vinnie,

    I don’t know what the point is in all this. I wish you the best in exposing the little gray man. In my personal experience,

    1. all my friends are very pro-Jewish
    2. the only real anti-semites I’ve known are in the media and the university
    3. people in “the street” here are mostly concerned with the Rose Bowl

    As I said, kol hakavod in your efforts.

  24. I think you miss my point here, BO.

    I’m not saying this Israel bashing isn’t important. I’m not dismissing it as insignificant. It’s not. It is very significant. There is a reason the petrodollar whores in the media resist allowing space for our point of view as strenuously as they do. Even to the extent that they don’t convince the street, at the very least, they leave the street confused, and this confusion in turn leads to disengagement on the part of the public….which leaves the bad guys free to concentrate on more thorough corruption of the decision-making elites, who, for their own part, will now no longer be opposed by any popular sentiment, as this has now been neutralized.

    My point is that if a lot of this is generated by ‘the little old man behind the curtains pulling levers’, then, like I said, this gives us a clue as to how to fight this (i.e., pulling back the curtain).

  25. For the record, I was very much alive during the Holocaust in the USA and never understood why I was not where I was needed.
    I will never stand for any discrimination against Jews nor for any anti-Judaism from anyone.Same goes for anti-Israel.
    I will not be led to any concentration camp for long before that happens I will pay with my life to take with me the company of many. That is no threat but a real promise.
    Chananiah ben Chaim Nossen

  26. I believe a lot of this Israel-bashing-as-antisemitism is not genuine, as in the actual sentiments of people in the street, so much as a mirage created with a petrodollar corrupted anti-Israel media.

    That doesn’t matter, Vinnie. Germany would never have embarked on the course it did in WWII, if the “people in the street” had their way. Even Kristallnacht, a presumably “spontaneous” demonstration against Jews, was anything but spontaneous. If Antisemitism reigns in the heart of the leader, this is sufficient: The media follows the leader, because it is the leader who keeps them in business; and the people blindly follow the media. If the Jewish people have learned anything from WWII, it ought to have been that.

  27. Back to the topic, I think we need to stand back and take a breath of reality, here.

    On the one hand, yes, antisemitism is probably the worst it has been since WW2. That said, I believe a lot of this Israel-bashing-as-antisemitism is not genuine, as in the actual sentiments of people in the street, so much as a mirage created with a petrodollar corrupted anti-Israel media.

    One often hears about how “the world community” condemns Israel. The “world community” as represented by whom? Well, there are the corrupt media oraganizations I refer to above, and there is that petrodollar brothel which goes by the name of the UN. Does this reflect actual sentiment?

    Does a factory worker in Rio, does a farmer in China, does a nurse in the Philippines, give a fiddler’s fart one way or the other about Israel? Or the Palestinians? I seriously doubt it.

    Even here in a country as directly engaged at the state level with these issues, here in the U.S., most Americans don’t pay such close attention.

    As to Europe, Steyn is right. It is amazing the way Jew hatred seems to be encoded in their DNA. But at the street level, outside of the Moslem world, this appears to be mostly Europe’s unique “disease”.

    My point being that this “lynch mob” that is allegedly being raised against Israel consists to a great extent of an illusion created by a corrupt media, corrupt university professors, and corrupt state-level organizations and think-tanks. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be combated and resisted – they certainly should. There is no question that the longer and louder we keep hearing such entities proclaim that 2+2=5, the more people in the street will come to believe this, since unchecked, it is all they will ever hear.

    Now, let’s look at the actual threats to carry out said Holocaust.

    We are talking about Iran. A country with an economy the size of Ohio’s. A country where 85% of that economy is derived from the sale of a commodity. Take away oil, and they look pretty pitiful in terms of agriculture, industry, etc., compared with Ohio. And they’ve got more than six times the population of Ohio, and several times the land area.

    The Iranians have a corps of excellent model airplane builders, I understand. I saw a few years back a story about a brochure they put out on their mighty air force, and on close inspection, it turned out that a number of the planes featured in the glossy photos were models.

    This is going to be permitted to destroy Israel??

    I have no illusions here. A caveman with a club and the will to use it can still kill you. If they get nukes, and have the time to build an arsenal of thirty or so that can be put on their missiles, then there will be mushroom clouds over Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and Mark Steyn’s dire predictions will be borne out.

    Recently, Ted related to us the briefing he went to by one of Netanyahu’s lieutenants, assuring the audience that Iran can be stopped, and will be stopped if necessary. Not sure I would take that assurance to the bank, but I think there is at least a good chance – based only by what snippets I can glean from the open press – that Israel can at least slow them down enough until there is an administration here with the sense and balls to carry out a second strike a few years down the road when that might be necessary. Plus, there is also the fact that the regime in Iran is very unpopular, and with that, there is a reasonable chance that they might be overthrown and replaced by civilized, modern human beings.

    Iran is the biggest worry, for sure, but we are hardly helpless in facing this problem. And things are being done. Seems not more than a couple of months can go by without news of yet another mysterious “explosion” at some Iranian missile base or related installation, or some key sceintist or engineer of theirs meeting an untimely end. The cloak and dagger stuff may not be enough in itself, but it throws sand in the gears, and the fact that it can be done at all reveals that the regime there is not so all-powerful, even on their own turf.

    Outside of Iran, from whence is this “Holocaust” going to come?

    Pakistan has nukes, yes, but these are for India. If they had any inclination to attack Israel, they’d have done so by now. Scratch them.

    Turkey has access to nukes per their relationship with NATO. Erdogan is an ass (and has cancer of the colon), but for all his bluster, he’s not that stupid. Between the fact of Isreal’s intimate knowledge of Turkish military capabilities (many provided by Israel in the first place), and the defense treaty with Greece, I don’t see Turkey making good on any military threats against Israel, and if they do that, they are going to get creamed.

    Any other candidates?

    All the rest that are even in a geographic position to do Israel harm – traditional enemies such as Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon – are mostly broke and starving. They are in no position to fight Israel.

    Europe? Jerks that they all are, pretty much, I can’t see them provoking a shooting match. It was a big stretch for them to handle even Libya. They know very well that Israel ain’t Libya. Not only that, but many in Europe benefit a lot for Israeli technology. I understand Israel is playing a big role in helping them with their “Galileo” satellite GPS network. Seems like Israeli targeting pods show up pretty often in European air forces. A lot of the noise they make against Israel is 20% the echo of their own antisemitic neurosis from generations past, and 80% part of their ongoing process of bending over to placate their restive Moslem minorities.

    Europe is annoying as hell, but their noises will not be matched by action. Rather, to the extent that it is expressed in policies that affect Israel, it is matched by inaction: inaction on Iran, and passive acceptance of the Palestinian narrative.

    Bottom line: Israel is on her own pretty much on Iran for now. That is the big danger, but this may be a manageable danger. The Saudi-inspired media/PR war is the longer term danger. With persistance and shrewdness, that can be outlasted and defeated as well. The Saudis are like the little old man behind the curtain, pulling the levers for the smoke and mirrors of the Wizard of Oz show the rest of the world sees. We need to pull back that curtain.

    I appreciate what Mark Steyn is doing, in terms of raising the alarm, but as bad as things are, the picture is not hopeless and we are not helpless.

  28. Are you the one who wrote that “fable” that was being circulated a while back about how the Jews are exiled from earth to form a colony on the moon?

  29. This is fulfillment of prophecy. All nations shall come against Israel. Let them come! God has chosen the Jews as His people not the deranged spiritually dead Jew haters.