Tidbits in the aftermath

2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin, previously feared kidnapped, declared dead

A delegation of several Palestinian groups arrived in Cairo on Saturday for talks on how to end the fighting in Gaza.

On the eve of the visit, a senior Palestinian official in Ramallah claimed the Palestinians received “assurances” from the US that the blockade on the Gaza Strip would be removed once a cease-fire is reached.

The Egyptian authorities had refused to receive any Hamas official in Cairo unless he’s part of a Fatah-led delegation.

LONDON – Britain believes the situation in the Gaza Strip has become intolerable and could lead to an increase in anti-Semitic attacks on British Jews, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said in a newspaper interview to be published on Sunday.

Hammond told the Daily Telegraph he was receiving thousands of emails from Britons “deeply disturbed” at events in Gaza since Israel launched an offensive against Hamas and other guerrillas in response to a surge of cross-border rocket salvoes.

“The British public has a strong sense that the situation of the civilian population in Gaza is intolerable and must be addressed – and we agree with them,” Hammond said.


LONDON – Despite consistent support from Premier David Cameron and recently appointed Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond for Israel’s right to defend itself, growing concern among some ministers over the direction of the Gaza war has prompted a review by the British government’s Business Innovation and Skills Department (BIS) of all UK export licenses for arms sales to the Jewish state.

The news slipped out of the department in response to a front-page story in The Independent, a constant critic of Israel, claiming “Revealed: Britain’s ‘role’ in arming Israel,” with a subhead saying there was evidence that weapons with components made in Britain were being “used against Gaza.”

‘Mujahideen’ in India threaten attacks in Mumbai in response to Israeli Gaza ops

Abu Zuhri (Hamas) also said that Israel has to pay the price for its actions, adding, “They either stay in Gaza and pay the price, unilaterally retreat and pay, or negotiate and pay.”

Meanwhile, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said on Saturday that his country’s truce plan provides a “real chance” to end the Gaza conflict, stressing the need for its speedy implementation.

The IDF has struck 13 targets in Gaza since midnight. Addressing the military’s withdrawal of troops from the Strip, a senior officer says that a security zone within the enclave “should be maintained for defense purposes, and we are prepared to attack as well.”

According to the officer, the forces are prepared for continued the operation in Gaza even after the tunnels are destroyed.

“There isn’t a decision to stop,” he said. “The operation continues. We will assess the situation and see where it’s going… On our part, it doesn’t feel like it’s over. The forces are preparing to continue the operation as reality dictates.”

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  1. Hamas lost 44% of its territory, its tunnels and has fewer and fewer rockets to shoot at Israel.

    Only in Hamas’ world is such an outcome considered a victory. They remind me of King Phryrrus of Phrygia, who famously said, “another victory like this and we have lost.”