Is demilitarization goal being downgraded to monitoring

How can monitoring hundreds of trucks daily manage to detect contraband material especially if it is secreted in large containers that include non contraband material. Monitoring is not good enough. The US or Egypt must have unlimited access to everything and all place in Gaza before agreeing to rehabilitate it. Anything less is bullshit. The international community demands inspection and access rights in Iran. They should similarly demand such rights in Gaza. Ted Belman

Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 3 August 2014

“US and European support of the need to demilitarize the terrorist organizations is an important achievement for the State of Israel. It will strengthen our demand to link the rehabilitation and development of the Gaza
Strip with its demilitarization from rockets, tunnels, etc.”

PM Netanyahu’s Statement at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv 2 August 2014

This morning the talking heads on the Israeli news programs are referring to Israeli plans to act on the international scene to influence inspection arrangements that will apply to goods entering the Gaza Strip.

It is important to note that the missiles being launched from the Gaza Strip are manufactured in the Gaza Strip and not imported and that the raw materials involved in their production have many legitimate civilian uses. Even the precursors of the fuels used by the missiles can be materials that have many legitimate civilian uses.

By the same token, Hamas can make major advancements in their missiles even if the borders are properly supervised. For example, chemical warheads based on commercial chemicals (e.g. chlorine). And if Iran is willing to provide the production know-how even guided missiles could be produced given the very small size of the few highly sophisticated sub assemblies required that cannot produced domestically . The sub assemblies are so small that they could be readily carried into the Gaza Strip by officials enjoying immunity from inspection.

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. Gregory is a liberal left weasel.

    Hamas is responsible for all civilian deaths.

    Israel has made ever attempt to avoid casualties.
    How many nations send a calling card before they attack.

    I hope and pray the IDF cleans house.

    The world better wake up and recognize the real enemy, radical Islam.

    Notice how the non-radicals call them out. The silence is deafening.

    Wake up world they are not too far away.

    We need to learn from Israel how to deal with it before its too late.

  2. The IDF has the ability to remove Hamas (proxy of Iran)top to bottom and should once and for all.
    As usual a cease fire will only allow Hamas to retool and start over again.
    Israel has to stop worrying about world opinion, world opinion suck and is not under fire.
    The Palestinians are too dumb to realize Hamas doesn’t give a crap about them and are using them.
    The UN is a worthless body having no love for either Israel or the US. Time to quit.
    If any other nation had to put up with neighbors like Israel has they would move.
    Hamas wants only to destroy Israel and the Jews and it aint going to happen. G-d won’t let it.
    Anti-Semitism is what allows nations to provide aid to the Palestinians that ends up in the hands of Hamas.
    Liberal American Jews need to wake up, their friend Ovomit has no love for Israel or the Jews.
    They need to get off the f**king kool-aid and support Israel.
    G-d bless the men and women of the IDF, our prayers go out to them and their families.

  3. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:

    Of course they are. “We cease, they fire.” And Iran has noted with satisfaction Israel is unable or unwilling to destroy Hamas despite all the military power it has. They don’t believe Netanyahu will come after them and they’re right. He can’t take on a band of terrorists in Gaza; how he is going to stop Iran? Again, I’m dying of laughter.

  4. @ NormanF:
    Our daughters and families live in the central region and I got emails telling me that rockets are being shot at them again… at about the same rate as they did initially.
    I know that the item in question is tasked with coordination within the inner lands. A netanyahu team member. Betrayal comes natural to all of them.

  5. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:

    Its worse than that – Yoav Mordechai ordered Israel to resupply Hamas with every thing it needs instead of letting it slowly starve to death. The rockets are still falling and the Israeli elite pretends the job is done. If it had run D-Day like that, the Nazis would have had nothing to worry about.

  6. This is as far as I can, an extract of the last half an hour broadcasting from the State Radio “B”. FM.
    One after another of the dog wagers from the Netanyahu’s hatchery kept on being “interviewed” along scripted lines expressing that their erstwhile boss brilliant move to RUN out of Gaza completely “surprised” Hamas who is now unable do decide what to do.
    Presumably after the Hamas echelons stop rolling in the floor laughing.
    At the NEWS Break hour the reporter informed that Tzahal is retreating to the Israel side and will be camped in villages in the area for their defense. The reporter said that they did not complete their purported tasks.
    Meanwhile the same reporter informs that dozens of rockets are falling….
    How can one refuse to recognize Netanyahu’s brilliant…. what?

  7. Unless dual use controls are APPLIED to all goods – they can and will find their way into Hamas’ military machine.

    And with the evil Yoav Mordechai in charge of COGAT, odds are good they will be circumvented not before too long a time has passed.

    Demilitarization was always a Netanyahu slogan that has no basis in reality. Every one knows it.