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The end of military regime in the territories falling discrimination, as long as repressive regimes in the Middle East. If the settlers really important to their proximity to Judea and direct dialogue with the Palestinians

The fact that Israel has not yet applied Israeli law to Judea and Samaria is the one that created and continues to fuel the global devils dance against Israel

Shaul Goldstein, YNET

Knesset debate about the application of Israeli law in the West Bank sounds a bit unrealistic by the media. Undermines the very idea of uploading all the media discourse behavior: If suddenly be equal to two sides of the law the Green Line, which was done without “settlers”? Who blame the evils of the world? How can we talk about the evils of “settlers” When there are no more “settlers” but only Israel? And what will tell the world about a one – sided one? It is our end in terms of international relations …

So, Shlhipach. For years, Israel suffers from constant attack of various countries and organizations worldwide. Common argument is the meeting in Judea and Samaria, the historic Jewish land, is causing intense hatred for us around the world. And

Add fuel to the fire, stated the Prime Minister of the Right that is For Palestinian statehood… If so, ask the world honestly: Why do you continue to build there? It’s probably not yours …

Like many of the Israeli left, I think that this is an intolerable situation. Politically impossible in a situation where almost Loatakaba whole world turns against you point the finger.

But contrary to popular views of the Jewish presence in Judea and Samaria, the source of all problems, I believe that the opposite is true: the fact that Israel has not yet applied Israeli law to Judea and Samaria is the one that created and continues to fuel the global devils dance. We can not deal with international law when there is no claim of ownership or Claim for the land from the Israeli side but only from the Arab side. We can begin to deal with the issue only when we believe in justice to us – and this good land belongs to us.

Do not be afraid of what they say?

Had Manshiyya neighborhood – Today Park Charles Clore Park Tel – Aviv – remains under military rule, international status was probably equivalent to the status of Yizhar. 1948 war was more friendly from the 1967 war. International class difference lies in taking responsibility for the state and its residents – both for her actions.

Sometimes you have to be brave and tell the truth at, even if it is not easy to neighbors in the first stage. Freedom of Expression states that the Israeli majority is also right to express themselves and not fear the whole time will tell …”. mm After the initial shock to the world we can explain our position much better.

Absurd situation, whereby the State of Israel and settling the West Bank with the best construction, but refrains from defining the area unequivocally as belonging to her, he is making it a pariah in the international community. If Israeli Knesset decides to apply Israeli law in the West Bank, you may receive an unpleasant Initial reactions from around the world.

But strategically, the prosecution of state ownership of land areas will be the first step in halting the erosion of anti – Israel and worldwide. Such a decision could be the beginning of establishing sane international relations, respect, at eye level.

David Tartakower, not just the right artist, designed a few years ago a poster of a truck and her mobile home, with the caption “bring the settlers home.” I think that we should “go home.” After years of Ratio of boys exceed “the state should begin to be proud of the tremendous work created over the years, our communities, and expand the boundaries of the house legally. Without hesitation – we returned here to stay, and the rights of Arabs living among us will try to resolve not to push beyond the wall of hatred.

Shaul Goldstein, mayor of Gush Etzion

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