Trudeau’s Nazi Debacle a HUGE DEFEAT for NATO’s Ukraine War

Scott Ritter:

October 2, 2023 | 6 Comments »

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  1. @Adam

    I guess I am the only personwho thinks that the press hasn’t given us the full story about this shameful incident.

    You might be.

    It has been a week since this terrible crime took place and the fallout is still not yet done falling out, though the repercussions to all involved in this even has been quite significant. Hence, if there were any defense to be made, or even made up, with regards to Mr. SS going to Parlaiment, I believe the Ukrainians would have made this their highest priority, as their livelihoods rest upon the success of President More-Please receiving ever more foreign gifts to feed their ever running tab on the war which can not be won. Even more desperate to erase this event than the Kiev war profiteers, however, are their Canadian allies on the other side of the pond, where resignations and attempts to literally rewrite history have overtaken the daily amusements there. Indeed, if there was an alternate version to this tale to tell, it would have been simultaneously well shouted from the rooftops of Ottowa and Kiev in unison without delay, at the time that Ivan Katchanovski made his revelations about this entire event.

  2. “The Nazi mass killings of Jews, most notably at Babyn Yar that year, contained echoes of the pogroms of 1918-21. Ukrainians — including descendants of the perpetrators of the earlier pogroms — helped the Nazis slaughter many of the remaining Jews of the region through mass shootings. In Bila Tserkva in August 1941, the Nazis were reluctant to massacre a group of Jewish children and let Ukrainian auxiliaries kill the children instead.”

  3. I guess I am the only personwho thinks that the press hasn’t given us the full story about this shameful incident. One report did remark that there existed a “sanitized” version of this man’s activities during World War II, in which the organization that he fought with is described as having no connection with the SS. but instead was an “independent” organization fighting for the independence of the Ukraine. The existence of such a sanitized version may mean that the speaker of the Canadian parliament, other members of the parliament and even Zelensky may not have known that this 98 year old man served in the S.S., and would never have made him an honored guest of the parliament. He and other members of his military organization may have been successful in covering up their Nazi past. If that was the case, perhaps the speaker and the other members of the Canadian parliament may not have realized that he was a Nazi. That would substantially reduce their culpability. The pro-Putin, anti-Ukraine lobby has certainly been attempting to squeeze every ounce of juice out of this deplorable incident to discredit Ukraine.