Trump Can Prove It

T. Belman.  The proof of election fraud that Lindell has uncovered will no doubt also be used by Trump.

By Matt Kane, AM THINKER

Establishment politicians and mainstream media have fought harder than on any other issue to convince the public that voter fraud is a conspiracy theory.  But unconstitutional changes to state election laws, unsupervised ballot drop boxes, voting machine errors, mathematically improbable voter turnout, and other examples of outright voter fraud that were denied a chance to be presented in court between the 2020 election and Biden’s inauguration can’t simply be chalked up as coincidental.  All those things occurring simultaneously make the fraud seem coordinated.

In response to the most recent indictments, Trump’s attorneys indicated they finally have a platform to “fully re-litigate every single issue that occurred during the 2020 election,” of which there were many.  The most important issue in America may finally get its due.

Trump’s 2016 victory was fueled by flipping the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania from blue to red.  Pennsylvania and Michigan had not voted for a Republican in a general election since 1988, while Wisconsin hadn’t voted for one since 1984.  Those three states delivered Trump the necessary electoral votes to become president.  It also sent a signal that blue strongholds were no longer a “given” after the people of those states were fed up with delivering victories for politicians who never went on to deliver results for them.

In addition to “Hillary Clinton’s blue wall,” Arizona and Georgia were also viewed as potential swing states that Trump needed to retain as previous Republican nominees did to have any chance at victory.  Twenty sixteen made it clear that those states would again decide the 2020 election.  Suspiciously, after America was forced to anxiously await the results for days following election night, those five states all “flipped” to Biden despite Trump outpacing his record 2016 turnout by even greater margins.

Even as mathematically improbable-without-being-previously-counted percentages of ballots favoring Biden continued pouring in on November 4, Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger concluded that with voter turnout already exceeding the 2016 total by 400 thousand votes, and Trump leading by over 105 thousand votes with just 2% of the vote left to count, there simply were not enough outstanding votes for Biden to win the state.

Coincidentally, as Raffensperger began stating this on live television, his connection to the program was disconnected.  But when he returned, Raffensperger doubled down.  Questioned by NBC News panelists, he said, “Even if one of the candidates got the remaining 100%, it wouldn’t be enough to change the result.”

Despite this determinative revelation, Raffensperger later switched gears when he told the January 6 committee, “If you looked at all the numbers, it never added up to anywhere near what could throw the election in doubt,” completely contradicting his previous claim in the process.

In Michigan, a recent report exposed the scheme that delivered Biden with unprecedented amounts of ballots in the early morning hours of November 4, which included an excess of 800 thousand ballots being sent to non-qualified voters.  Michigan was allegedly decided by 154,188 votes, making the results more than questionable.

In March of 2022, former Wisconsin Supreme Court justice Michael Gabelman’s investigation unearthed a nursing home exploitation scheme so egregious that his suggested remedy was decertifying Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes.  Even Assembly speaker Robin Vos, previously an election fraud denier, conceded that “widespread fraud” had occurred.  Later, the state Supreme Court determined that the absentee ballot drop boxes through which 2 million votes were submitted during the election were actually illegal.  The majority opinion described the outcome as “obtained by unlawful procedures,” as Wisconsin was decided by just 20 thousand votes.

There were concerns regarding Pennsylvania’s voting procedure long before any votes were even cast.  The Keystone State’s Senate Republican Caucus and the Republican Party strongly argued that the state Supreme Court extending the deadline to count ballots violated the U.S. Constitution’s Elections Clause by taking away the Legislature’s authority to “set the times, places and manner of federal elections.”  This was ruled on by the U.S. Supreme Court just prior to Justice Barrett’s confirmation.  This led to a 4-4 decision, which results in a “stay.”  Had this been heard after her confirmation, it is likely Barrett would have ruled against the extensions that led to Biden’s constitutionally questionable “comeback.”

But of all the suspected fraud in 2020, Arizona was the first state that raised suspicions in real time.  Despite not voting Democrat in a two-candidate presidential election since 1948, Fox News shockingly called the state for Biden after just 27% of the vote was reported.  This sparked a forensic audit that concluded that the number of illegal votes exceeded Biden’s alleged 11-thousand-vote victory fivefold.

When vote-counting was inexplicably halted on Election Night, Trump led all these states by six figures.  A combination of any three of these states holding would have secured him a second term, which is why Democrats fought so hard to steal them.

But even putting state-specific statistics aside, a basic analysis of election history signals the improbability of Biden receiving the number of votes he allegedly did.

Every general election since 2004 has seen between 120–130 million total votes.  The 2020 election reportedly saw 155 million votes.  There were roughly 168 million registered voters in 2020, which means that voter turnout in 2020 was an astonishing 92%.  This is statistically improbable when you consider that countries such as Australia institute compulsory voting, which mandates that citizens vote or pay a fine.  Yet its most recent turnout rate was in the high 80s.  America voluntarily outpacing a nation that financially penalizes non-voters does not pass the smell test.


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