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  1. Ramaswamy wants to reduce aid to Israel by 2028.
    He doesn’t want to recalibrate the special relationship as a partnership of equals, of allies. He wants to end it. This is Obama’s putting daylight between America and Israel line.

    He says Israel shouldn’t get more aid than other countries in the region and should just rely on the Abraham Accords.


  2. TED-

    A “Never Trumper” by virtue of his appellation(and actions) alone is totally ant-Trump”
    The rest of your post is right to the mark.

    The GOP has become 2 distinct separate parties, and the trend is continuing. Such a bad break t hat Trump not 30 years younger.

    Someone wrote recently-I can’t recall where) I think an outlet report,- that the Independents have become the largest party. I see no evidence of this, They have no headquarters, organisation ,nor acclaimed leader.
    They are likely dissatisfied Republicans, and should veer towards Trump.

  3. @Peloni
    I concur. The GOP and the RINOS and the Never -Trumpers have not been loyal to Trump. He owes them nothing.
    I also believe it is not in his interest as the overwhelming front-runner to debates with the other candidates.
    I am not partial to Ramaswamy as VP. I would also be happy with Kari Lake in this role.

  4. @Michael
    I wrote it. Russia may have pivoted to China as you say but are you going to argue that the West did not?
    To achieve this goal of bringing Russia into the western camp or at least be neutral between the West and China requires the West to recognized Russia’s independence and to stop trying to change or weaken it.
    During the Cold War, India aligned with Russia and Pakistan aligned with the US. India is everybody’s friend now, including Israel, except for border clashes with China and its fight with Pakistan over Kashmir.
    The PM of Pakistan was recently removed from office with the help of the CIA because he wanted to maintain a neutral policy on Ukraine. The US doesn’t brook independence of its allies. They are all forced to toe the line.
    The US is trying to undermine the duly-elected Israeli government also.
    That is why a majority of countries support BRICS and not the US. Therefore, any alliance between Russia and the West would require the West to change.

  5. Who wrote this in the OP?


    Russia pivoted to China in June, 2001, when President Vladimir Putin established the Shanghai Cooperation Organization with Communist China. Russia also has had strong ties with India since the 1960s; and India (along with rival Pakistan) joined the SCO in 1917.

    Putin cooperated with the Uniparty (GW Bush, Obama and Biden Crime, Inc.) in Kosovo and Afghanistan, while pursuing an independent policy in Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova and Syria. In February 2022, Russia essentially begn a second Cold War with NATO in the Ukraine, and it has become heavily dependent on China, Iran and North Korea since then.

    If Ramaswamy thinks he can make Russia “Western”, I think He’s fighting an uphill battle.

  6. @Bear

    Trump and his most obedient followers believe in fidelity to the King first and no matter what.

    As you say, we do not think alike, but also you describe my own thoughts very poorly. Hence, I must correct your suggestion here as it applies to myself. I have a fidelity to what Trump achieved which has always formed the basis of my support for the man. While I am no cheerleader, I do have a fair memory as you have suggested, and no other US leader past or present achieved a tenth of what Trump did for the US nor for Israel, even as the Never-Trumpers have facilitated the complete diminution of the US into utter chaos to limit these successes. Furthermore, my support for Trump is, in fact, as much motivated by my deep repulsion to the Never-Trumper community to which you seem comfortable supporting, as it is by the achievements of the man himself. Recall that the opposition of the Never Trumpers to Trump is about cancelling the reforms he both espoused and enacted, which is why they chose to replace him with a literal international mafia crime lord at the head of the nation just to return to the business as usual atmosphere in Washington.

    So it is not a point of personality which ties my support to him as you suggest, but a recognition of the good which he achieved and the absence of such achievements which would likely persist if his Never-Trumper competitors were successful in defeating him. I also find Trump to be an engaging speaker with excellent skills of oratory and rhetoric, a brilliant strategist and an often amusing sense of humor, but these qualities of his persona are easily far from the source of my support for the man.

    I completely support his vision for the US and the world. It is as simple as this.

  7. @Bear

    Biden is a horrible weak candidate.

    Let me correct that for you:

    Joe Biden, aka Robert L. Peters, aka the Big Guy, is a horribly corrupt candidate, allied with the corrupt Never-Trumper opposition in the Rep party, and the corruption in the electoral process, not the will of the people, is why he remains a serious threat to ‘winning’ again.

  8. @Bear

    Since Trump is loyal only to Trump he refuses to sign the pledge and is refusing to debate.

    This is not true.

    Trump has never been loyal to the Rep party. He came out of retirement to enter the political fray to reform the Rep party, not to join it. His refusal to support values which do not represent his own are not a point of disloyalty but quite consistent with why he left a life of grandeur and success to enter the political arena in the first place.

    The forever wars, the refusal to put in place the reforms which the American people want, the lack of a secured border, the lack of a strong military, the lack of good economic policy, the lack of a fair Israel policy…. These were among just the most obvious aspects of the Rep party which Trump came to change.

    And now that the Reps supported the coup against him to return to forever wars, to reopen the border, to deplete the military, and to return Israel to being under attack by its US ally, you would have him declare blind support for the party which made all of this possible?

    The fact that he is not prepared to betray his base by doing something so clearly contrary to the message he embodies is why he has no need of the debates to win the primary.

    He does not, however, hold his advantage in the polls, such as they are, as a basis of being unaccountable, which is why he is willing to be enter into what will likely be a rather informative interview with Tucker Carlson for people to scrutinize and assess their choice in the primary process.

    Primaries are an important aspect of choosing the appropriate candidate, but with this being said, it is the candidate which chooses how to best win the support of the people which will either win or lose the election.

    You should of course feel free not to respond as it suits you, just as I chose to respond as it suited me.

  9. Biden is a horrible weak candidate. He only has a chance against another damaged candidate by the name of Trump. That is what the Dems are betting on. That is my final word on this subject.

    Mr. Biden versus a Republican opponent who is young, steady, and with a new plan? The race might be over.


  10. I like most of the commentators here care about Israel.

    I am not interested in debating with people on Israpudit about the last election. Just for record fair or foul play unfortunately Biden became POTUS. Ted argued for a long time it would be overturned. Not in one jurisdiction was the election overturned. Trump has lead the GOP to three loses in a row. He promised you will get tired of winning. I for one am tired of losing and think the GOP need a new direction not called Trump.

    Anyway I am not interested in convincing anyone here about my ideas on the subject of US elections.

    Peloni you have a good memory so I do not think you were actually astonished by differing views with you on the election. We differed in the past on this and still do. We have differing world views and they are not likely to get reconciled.

    So I am done on this topic until after the election. I probably should back off this site again for another year or two or permanently as I have other things going on in my life much more important.

  11. The Republican National Committee (RNC) is requiring all Republican candidates to vow to support the eventual 2024 nominee or lose debate privileges, saying that it’s important to remember that the ultimate goal of the election is to defeat President Joe Biden.

    Since Trump is loyal only to Trump he refuses to sign the pledge and is refusing to debate. Not an attitude I support.

  12. @Peloni we do not think alike, that is very obvious. The charges against Trump are politically motivated and they came after him just before he became POTUS with the Russian Hoax.

    All that said might still not make him the best candidate to be POTUS in some people’s mind’s including mine. I am basically a believer in loyalty to Kingdom and not necessarily the King. Trump and his most obedient followers believe in fidelity to the King first and no matter what. I believe in conservative values and not in Trump UBER ALLES. That is basically is the Trump way and his obedient followers do just that. Prior to the charges against him I have long ago decided that DeSantis is the person I want to be POTUS.

    We are not going to agree and it really is perfectly okay with me. I am for a younger candidate who can serve two terms and also obtain Independent voters, who is knowledgeable on the issues, articulate, is pro Israel and fiscally conservative. DeSantis fits the bill for me.

  13. It astonishes me that some people don’t understand this: Abandoning Trump now is not just abandoning Trump.

    If this onslaught of fabricated indictments works against Trump, they will do it again.

    They will indict DeSantis on some bogus trumped up human trafficking charges. Or did people forget about that already?

    They will go after Vivek on some bogus trumped-up “encouraging and insurrection”, “seditious conspiracy”, or whatever other opaque, vague and ambiguous unused laws are still on the books.

    Abandoning Trump is not just about abandoning Trump as a person. It is abandoning any semblance of justice. It’s abandoning any semblance of democracy. It’s abandoning America itself to an unelected and politically weaponized Deep State that is playing for keeps.

    From Viva Frei, who by the way, is not even an American.

  14. @Bear
    Honestly, I am quite stunned by your comments here. So I presume you believe that the Biden crime lord won 81 million votes, earning more Black votes than Obama. I presume that you also disregard both the Speckin Report and the Mesa County Forensic Report #3, both of which were the work of established experts in the field, and the latter of which was entered into evidence in a court of law without perjury charges being levied against either of the authors, one of which is Jefferey O’Donnell. The ballot mules, the voting dead, the water main that didn’t break, the vote counting with only one party observers, the thousands of illigitimate voter signatures, the simultaneous halt in counting in six counties in six states which decided the election, and the refusal of the courts to rule up or down on any of this, followed by the Dem political show trials to which the Reps refuse to object.

    Well, as you always say, you have your own views and beliefs, and in this instance it seems you certainly do. Still, I am quite puzzled that any intelligent person such as yourself might look at these matters with a serious concern and judge them as irrelevant as it seems you do. It is quite disturbing to be honest to know that a thoughtful man such as yourself could be urged to accept the corruption which I see as plainly obvious in multiple ways which came to rig the 2020 election and then again the election of 2022. Given that this is so, perhaps I am wrong and all really is lost after all.

  15. Bear Klein shows here he is a real establishment man. Total opportunist sad to say.

    “If Trump gets convicted in any of cases, especially if he has serve prison time, do the GOP pick someone else if yes whom?”

    He placed himself at the services of the frame up merchants of Biden Hillary and Obama

  16. @Ted, I know a very good Tarrow Card Reader, the best in the Levant. They have told me already who will win the election. I could introduce you to her for a small fee. You would have to sign a non-disclosure agreement in advance however. They take big bets on the election and we do not want the betting odds getting screwed up.

    Really Ted, she is quite reliable and has to my knowledge predicted many things in advance. I do not normally bet on soccer games but take England in the Women’s World Cup Final on Sunday versus Spain.

    I have also had reading done on the future leader of Jordan. This however, is privileged inside information and I am not allowed to share it!

  17. @Ted, actually the largest percentage of voters in the USA (not Canada or Israel) are now Independents, the second largest group are Democrats and third largest are the GOP. So you may want to believe the leftists can only win by cheating but the numbers do not speak to that.

    The GOP need to run a smart race, get out the vote (both mail in and in person) or they will not win. If Trump gets convicted how many GOP will not vote for him and without convictions it appears that Independents in the majority are not backing him. The redeeming factor for the election is that Biden is correctly noted as incompetent large parts of the electorate.

  18. I always like the diehards if someone is not named Trump they are a RINO or they have sold out to the donor class.

    Just defend you candidate and say why they are best. This divisive attitude within the GOP does nothing but help the leftists win again. Nothing constructive about this. Do not help reelect Joe Biden.

    I have been following DeSantis for your for example, first told about him when some in the extremely super loyal active Zionists, who speak with their money and extensive organizational activity told me about him personally. Everything they told me about his proven to be true and positive.

    Yes, Trump and some of his most ardent supporters bad mouth anyone not named Trump. Too bad but that is human nature it is not always were one would like it!

  19. BEAR-

    Whilst De Santis is a long time supporter of Israel, Trump has been one since childhood, in the footsteps of his father Fred, who financed and supported Kibbutzim and Moshavim. More than support -directly financed.
    That’s a very long time indeed.

  20. While Ram et al, sans Trump, will be debating on Fox News, Trump will be giving an interview with Fox News’ former star employee, Tucker Carlson, presumably on X. So the half dozen competitors of nobody’s and RINO’s on the Fox network or Trump on X or some equivalent venue. There is little doubt as to who will win that ratings challenge. Leave it to Trump to upstage the full gambit of his competition while still competing in his own way and on his own terms.

    Sundance has a bit of fun with this story:
    President Trump Will Interview with Tucker Carlson During GOPe Debate

  21. Ramaswamy is not someone I support. DeSantis and Trump are solid backers of Israel. DeSantis long time financial supporters are some of the biggest Israel supporters including backing NGOs for buying Arab properties and giving to Jews in eastern Jerusalem and Judea/Samaria.

    Since my first criteria in voting in the USA is based on Israel support, the following candidates work: Trump, DeSantis, Nicky Haley. NOT Ramasway in the least. He also would never get large scale Evangelical GOP vote which needed in the GOP.

    US must reduce aid given to Israel, Republican candidate Ramaswamy says
    Ramaswamy’s popularity is on the rise and he is now close behind Ron DeSantis in national polls.

    he policy point separates Ramaswamy from his two main rivals vying for the nomination — Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, who are staunch supporters of Israel and its military. But it puts him in line with a growing number of voices from across the ideological spectrum who say Israel should no longer get as much from the United States as it has.

    Ramaswamy, a 38-year-old biotech entrepreneur, and investor, appeared on comedian-turned-podcaster Russell Brand’s video show on Rumble. The comments on aid to Israel were a response to a viewer’s question.

    He argued that Israel should not receive preferential treatment from the United States, even though “our relationship with Israel has advanced American interests” over time. “There’s no North Star commitment to any one country, other than the United States of America,” Ramaswamy said.


  22. If Trump gets convicted in any of cases, especially if he has serve prison time, do the GOP pick someone else if yes whom?

  23. @Peloni
    I do not think the religious argument is as strong to day as it once was. Be that as it may, the Far East is becoming the center of attention in foreign affairs. I am sure that Ramaswamy understands it better than most other Americans.
    Google tells me;

    Born in Ohio to immigrant parents from India, he earned a biology degree from Harvard University and then finished a J.D. at Yale Law School.

    And he is not dependant on the donor class and is a businessman like Trump. That stands in his favour.

    He also has a beautiful wife and family.
    Asian Indians are very successful financially in the US.
    “35 Indian-origin CEOs run global giants with over $1 trillion revenue”.
    This will give him a tail wind.

    Wikipedia says about him.

  24. @Ted
    I doubt Trump will choose Ramaswamy as VP.

    Ramaswamy is both an articulate and thoughtful speaker, providing the sort of independent commentary which I had once hoped to hear come from Desantis before he proved himself to be so endeared to his donors. Ramaswamy appears to be not afraid of asking the hard questions which will be required if we are to honestly determine responsible policy choices, such as those surrounding Russia and China. That being said, I do believe his Hindu faith is something which will preclude him from gaining the high office which he is seeking. He has aligned himself with many of the policy positions which Trump would support and has also been both tactful and respectful in the attacks he has made against Trump, but despite this, I question if Trump would trust him to carry forward his MAGA movement for fear that Ramaswamy could not win the general support of the public in a future election at the top of the ticket.

    One of Trump’s main block of support comes from the Evangelicals, and I doubt that they would be supportive of Ramaswamy as the future leader of the party. There was a huge split which arose within the MAGA base about a year ago when it was feared that Gen. Flynn might run for president, and I do believe that this was largely if not exclusively based around the fact that Flynn is Catholic.

    Of course, I doubt that many will sit on their hands in the 2024 election even if Trump chose Ramaswamy as his VP, but in four years time I doubt that enough people would support a Hindu candidate for president. Of course, he handles himself with charisma and poise and earnestness when he states that though he practices the Hindu faith, he shares the values upon which the American Republic was founded better than many Christians running for high office. While that may be true, though, I do believe that far too many people would be resistant to supporting a Hindu candidate for president for him to be a successful successor for Trump’s vision for America, which is why I doubt Trump will choose him as VP. Of course, Trump is Trump, and among his most enduring charms is the fact that Trump is both independent and unpredictable, so perhaps I am wrong.