Trump Must Speak to Mudar Zahran

T. Belman. Since Trump’s spokesperson Toner said that Breaking of Silence and B’Tselem should be spoken to, surely Trump will follow his own advice and meet with Mudar Zahran.

Michael Ross explains why US President-Elect Donald Trump should develop a relationship with Mudar Zahran, the Jordanian Opposition Coalition (JOC) Secretary General. Among other things, Ross highlights that Zahran and the JOC have done more politically compared to any other government in exile in order to bring peace to the Middle East.

By Michael Ross

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For the last half a dozen years, Jordanian Opposition Coalition (JOC) Secretary General Mudar Zahran has been on a mission – a mission that many say is larger than life because it will not only save lives and bring peace to his people but more importantly, bring to an end an iron-fisted dictatorship that has mismanaged Jordan’s economy and threatened the lives and future of her people. As such, President-Elect Trump needs to talk with Mr. Zahran, embrace the information he is presenting and by doing so, will help stop terrorism, save lives and money and combined, help bring peace to the region.

As an American, Republican Jew, and a loyal Trump-supporter, I have been following Zahan’s work for five years now and the following points should serve as clear evidence of his massive influence on Jordanians:

  • In 2011, the pro-Jordanian government writer Nahid Hattar called for a “mother of all protests” against both the Israeli and American embassies. In an effort to stop this, Zahran publicly addressed Jordanians, telling them not to protest against either embassy, adding that “our problem is with the Hashemites and not the Israelis.” As a result of Zahran’s call, the Washington Post reported less than 200 people showed up for the protests.
  • On 16 September 2015, the Jordanian government’s media openly called for the destruction of the Israeli embassy in Jordan, and the Muslim Brotherhood called for “mega protests” against Israel. To stop this, Zahran addressed the Jordanian people using videos. In the videos, he warned the people not to participate in the demonstrations. Watched by thousands the night before the protests, the next morning, just a few dozen protesters showed up before the Israeli embassy. This was reported in both the Jordanian and Israeli news.
  • As a recognizable face thanks to frequent appearances on Arab, American and Israeli TV, Zahran is Jordan’s most recognized opposition figure.

Starting at the top, under Mudar’s direction and guidance, members of the JOC have impacted the region’s economy in several ways. Officially opposed to the BDS movement because it costs the region jobs, Zarhan has busted the “transparency bubble” the King uses to shield his personal and country’s finances. Because of these actions, the world now knows that the country is over 90% in debt despite more than $20 billion in aid given to the King by the US alone in less than 17 years, an evidence of his mismanagement. This alone threatens internal and regional peace.

Additionally, Zahran has pointed out (and stopped) the theft of taxpayer money by the King, pointed fingers at the opulent lifestyle the King lives, which is paid for by American and British taxpayers, and clearly has demonstrated that without transparency, the kingdom will always have troubles that benefit the King while harming peace and his own subjects.

To accomplish this, Zahran has been working with political professionals to not only support legislation but oppose those now sitting before several world legislatures including the UK and USA. This has stopped billions of dollars in taxpayer funds going from one government into the King’s Swiss bank account and everyone should be proud and supportive of these actions.

Legislatively, Zahran and JOC associates have continually pointed out that the King was working in ‘partnership’ with the Muslim Brotherhood to radicalize Jordan against Jews, Israel and the United States. As a result of this partnership, the King not only has moved above the Constitution but has closed the Parliament, held questionable elections and clearly made a series of moves that helped terrorist while allowing a new parliament to be seated that contains a very high percentage of radical Islamists including the banned Muslim Brotherhood.

Now I want to turn our attention to the JOC’s Security Briefings. Produced on a shoestring for the last few months, the Zahran-appointed Jordanian National Director of Intelligence has been collecting information where the CIA, FBI, Mossad and others can’t – on the ground from the tribes and locals in the region. This is due to two things. First, they know him and trust him. More importantly, though, in his shadow government, he has leaders from the respective tribes who feed him information daily. Second, because he is Jordanian, these briefings presented to the international community have brought to everyone’s attention to the financial connections between the King and ISIS, as well as chronicled how much this has cost Americans. Along the way, he has chronicled and documented the rise of Islamic hatred towards Jews and Israel.

The next issue on the agenda is human rights. On two levels, Zahran and his team have done more politically than any other government in exile has ever undertaken to bring peace to the region and dignity to those who live in it. First, on behalf of the JOC, he released a peace plan proposal. Second, using international reports from groups like Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International, he has educated political leaders about what is really going on in Jordan. And what is going on in Jordan? Illegal arrests, torture, detainment and quite often death are what face Jordanian citizens who do not comply with the King’s edicts and whims. For example, just imagine being arrested for “liking something on Facebook” that the King dislikes. According to these reports, this happens often. This is confirmed in his briefings thanks to information collected from the region’s tribes.

Second, the JOC team has created a peaceful model every resistance movement in the world can use – eliminate terror, put aside armed conflict and fighting and work peacefully through the legislative process to achieve pre-established goals because quite frankly, in a civilized society, that is how it’s done. It is effective, important, and are the rights he wants to install in Jordan.

As a side note, thanks to the JOC’s support (and opposition) on multiple pieces of legislation, as well as the creation of the definition of Radical Islamic Terrorism, Zahran has been working behind the scenes with world leaders who oppose the King. As a result, he is prepared to not only work on legislative ideas currently sitting before multiple governments but is prepared to start implementing his own legislative agenda in the US Congress and multiple countries around the world. Combined, the thoughts and theories here help define today’s current approach to peace – done at a negotiating table with western powers.

Combined, as a result of his actions, not only has he been vetted by the CIA and Mossad but more importantly, information that he supplied to both campaigns played a HUGE role in the 2016 US presidential campaign. For example, during one presidential debate, every country in the region was mentioned at least once, except Jordan. Why? Because the JOC has had material/briefings presented to the candidates and their staffs, complaining about the King and his actions including his support for ISIS and torture against his own people. As a result, the King became persona non grata during the campaign.

In closing, President-Elect Trump faces a variety of issues in the Middle East, all based on his full support and friendship to Israel and as a businessman, his commitment to transparency. Let’s be clear: Jordan’s king is an enemy not just of both Israel and the Jordanian people but to capitalism, peace and economic growth in the region. As a result, it is clear that King Abdullah II will not survive as a king and we all have to realize that sooner or later, he will be toppled. Support for this belief comes from the Mossad who has told Israeli Ambassador Dani Dayan the King is “the last king of Jordan.”

During the campaign, President-Elect Trump made it clear that he wants to roll up his sleeves and negotiate a variety of deals – and one of those deals he wants his name associated with is peace in the Middle East for Israel. If Mr. Trump wants to win for Israel, peace and transparency, he has to realize that it is in Jordanian, Israeli and US interest to talk to Mudar Zahran, the JOC leader, and start enacting solutions that will save lives and money while bringing peace to the Middle East.

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  1. watsa46 Said:

    Could it be taqiyya?

    Maybe it doesn’t even matter? Falsely portrayed as one of their own by the liberals — like JFK and RFK — based on the quote about “I can forgive them” taken out of context. Absent argument to the contrary, she may have convinced me finally, blasting from the past — happened to pick it up at the dollar bin at Strand books recently, I remembered the book, but not sure I read it at the time — and these new reading glasses are making paper books easier to read. I just typed it in by hand, deleted irrelevant passages. From much longer interview. Worth reading. She interviewed Arafat, Kissinger, General Giap, Thieu, Hussein of Jordan, the Shah, among others. 1972. Excerpt from Orianna Fallaci’s interview with PM Golda Meir in 1972.

    “OF: And the fact that Hussein is talking about peace — that isn’t a good sign either?

    G:M:… We once accepted a United Nations resolution. It was when we were asked to divide Jerusalem. It was a deep wound in our hearts, but still we accepted. And we all know the consequences. Were we maybe the ones to attack the Jordanian army? No, it was the Jordanian army that entered Jerusalem! The Arabs are really strange people: they lose wars and then expect to gain by it. After all, did we or didn’t we win the Six Day War? Do we or don’t we have the right to set our conditions? Since when in history does the one who attacks and loses have the right to dictate terms to the winner? They do nothing but tell us, restore this, restore that, give up this, give up that …

    O.F. Will you ever give up Jerusalem, Mrs. Meir?

    G.M. No. Never. Jerusalem no. Jerusalem never. Inadmissible. Jerusalem is out of the question. We won’t even agree to discuss Jerusalem.

    G.F.: Mrs. Meir, what if Israel let the Palestinian refugees come back here?

    G.M.: Impossible. For twenty years, they’ve been fed on hatred for us, they can’t come back among us. Their children weren’t born here, they were born in the camps, and the only thing they know is that they must kill Israelis, destroy Israel. We found arithmetic books in the Gaza schools that put problems like this: “You have five Israelis. You kill three of them. How many Israelis are left to be killed?” When you teach such things to children of seven or eight, there’s no more hope. Oh, it would be a great misfortune if there were no other solution but to return here! But there is a solution. It was demonstrated by the Jordanians when they gave them citizenship and called on them to build a country called Jordan. Yes, what Abdullah and Hussein did was much better than what the Egyptians did. But did you know that in the good old days in Jordan, Palestinians were holding office as prime minister and foreign minister? Did you know that after the partition of 1922 Jordan had only three hundred thousand Bedouins and that Palestinian refugees were in the majority? Why didn’t they accept Jordan as their country.

    O.F.: Because they don’t recognize themselves as Jordanians, Mrs. Meir. Because they say they are Palestinians and that their home is in Palestine, not Jordan.

    G.M.: Then we have to understand what we mean by the word Palestine. We must remember that when England assumed the mandate over Palestine, Palestine was the land included between the Mediterranean and the borders of Iraq. This Palestine covered both banks of the Jordan, and was even governed by the same high commissioner Then in 1922 Churchill partitioned it, and the territory west of the Jordan became Cisjordania, and the territory east of the Jordan became Transjordan. Two names for the same people. Abdullah, Hussein’s grandfather, had Transjordania and later he also took over Cisjordania, but, I repeat, it was still the same people. The same Palestine. Before liquidating Israel, Arafat should liquidate Hussein. But Arafat is so ignorant. He doesn’t even know that, at the end of the First World War, what now is Israel wasn’t called Palestine: it was called Southern Syria. And then … after all! If we must talk about refugees, I’ll remind you that for centuries the Jews were refugees par excellence! Dispersed in countries where their language wasn’t spoken, their customs not recognized … Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Germany, France, Italy England, Arabia, Africa … Shut up in ghettos, persecuted, exterminated, And yet they survived, and they never stopped being a people, and they came together again to found a nation …

    O.F.: But that’s just what the Palestinians want, Mrs. Meir: to form a nation. It’s just for this reason that some people say they should have their state on the West Bank.

    G.M. Look, I’ve already explained that to East and West of the Jordan you find the same people. I’ve already explained that once they were called Palestinians and later were called Jordanians. If they want to call themselves Palestinians or Jordanians, I couldn’t care less. It’s none of my business. But it is my business that they don’t set up another Arab state between Israel and what is now called Jordan. In the stretch of land between the Mediterranean and the borders of Iraq, there’s room for only two countries: One Arab and One Jewish. If we sign a peace treaty with Hussein and define our borders with Jordan, whatever happens on the other side of the border won’t concern Israel. The Palestinians can come to any arrangement they like with Hussein; they can call that state what they like, give it any regime they like. The important thing is that a third Arab state doesn’t emerge between us and Jordan. We don’t want it. We can’t allow it. Because it would come to be used as a dagger against us…Jerusalem, November 1972”

    Excerpted from interview with 74 year old Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir – from Interview With History by Oriana Fallaci, transl. John Shepley. Boston. 1974. 1976. pp. 88-122.


    My copy of “Russia’s Heroes 1941-45” by Albert Axell. New York. 2002 just arrived courtesy of Amazon. Thanks for the reference, Arnold.

  2. @ watsa46:
    Hard to say. It sounds good. On the other hand, sovereignty once granted can’t be revoked. The pals are not in charge in Jordan and he wants to change that. Worth exploring, anyway. I find myself going back and forth on this issue. He speaks the language of democracy. But, who doesn’t? See the Sadat article. Still, he is not demanding concessions from Israel. Of course, if he came to power, he could do a 180 degree turnabout if he chose and nobody could take it away. No, he’s not doing an Arafat, saying one thing in Arabic and another in English. But, nobody could get away with that today. Nobody is fooled by Abbas. They just worry that what comes after him could be worse.
    On another note: I just read Gorka is leaving the White House. The latest casualty of the liberal onslaught. I hope we will not see a repeat of Dubya winning a second term in a landslide and then firing, Chaney, Wolfowitz, etc. to please the liberals he just defeated. Is he afraid of a coup? Is he temporarily retreating in order to rob the Left of the human targets they have zeroed in on in Alinskyite fashion? Something else?

  3. As an American, Republican Jew, and a loyal Trump-supporter ..

    What other Big Government candidates has this guy supported?

    I’m sure that the list is long and illustrious.

  4. xx

    Not so fast. This is the person and policy that I have supported strongly as soon as I heard of it and him. It deserves unreserved backing of the Western important states. The present situation just cannot go on, and we are still seeing resurrected Quartets, Quintettes, Jazzbands, and Symphony Orchestras (the EU) each with it’s own solution to a problem which they have never understood an iota about, but which, nevertheless has not prevented them from strutting as Oracles.

    Fool rush in where angels fear to tread typifies the Arab-Israeli (really Jewish) age old enimity, and impossibility of peaceful settlement.

    The Jews and others see it as a dipomatic matter, and the Arabs see it as a conquest-by-the sword religious imperative. “The twain shall ne’er meet”…..

    Israpundit’s Permanent Headline encapsulates it in a “nutshell” THERE IS NO DIPLOMATIC SILUTION.

    Zahran should be backed unreservedly to deal with his Jordanians, and leave Israel out of it – until the matter is concluded.