Trump’s ‘assassination bullet’ was fired in Charlottesville yesterday

By Judi McLeod, CFP

This is the story the progressive left and mainstream media would have everyone believe: Donald Trump got elected president and brought in with him the return of wanton White Nationalism.

“White Nationalism”, aka the Fake News-created “alt-right”, was kept in sleep mode for the past seven months but suddenly returned in vengeance in a rage of stunning violence yesterday in Charlottesville, Virginia.

So-called ‘White nationalists’ bearing torches, some of them decked out in KKK costume who brought about violence will find zero tolerance from civil society.  Ditto for so-called ‘anti-fascists’ who insist that only black lives matter.

The Street Protest that has become the signature of the era left three dead, an innocent woman trying to cross a street, two police officers whose job it was to monitor the mob from a helicopter that crashed and burned in a field not far from the protest and left scores of others injured in Charlottesville.

Blowhards from both sides of the protest battle who take to the streets in protest should be held accountable for these tragic deaths.  Warning: Just saying that will get you attacked, just as it is true that the closer anyone gets to the truth, the bigger the trouble they’ll find.

These are the trending headlines that will carry the day since the violence punctuated the Charlottesville tragedy:

  • ‘Trump is widely condemned after he fails to specifically denounce white nationalism’ (The Blaze, Aug. 12, 2017);
  • ‘Make America Hate Again’ (Drudge Report, Aug. 12, 2017)

These are the headlines that will endure until Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel proves the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy.

The ‘white nationals’ who set out on their march to protest taking down Robert E. Lee’s statue became part of the left’s agenda.

This should be a lesson for all blowhards on the march.

In the horrific carnage the protest left,  everyone from Senator Marco Rubio to the MSM and Black Lives Matter are blaming Trump:

“President Donald Trump was widely condemned Saturday after he failed to specifically denounce the white nationalism driving Saturday’s protests in Charlottesville, Virginia. (The Blaze, August 12, 2017)

“During a press conference earlier in the day, Trump blamed “many sides” for the violence and urged Americans to love one another.

“However, the statement didn’t go far enough for most, considering that members of the “Alt-Right” and white nationalists are responsible for the demonstrations that led to Saturday’s deadly protests.

“National leaders, prominent Americans and media members on both sides of the political spectrum were quick to urge Trump to go further with his comments:


As quickly as you could say “white nationalists” and “Alt-right”, CNN was already calling Saturday’s violent outburst in Charlottesville, a “terrorist” attack.

Unsurprisingly CNN came out on the attack against Trump for the way he described the horrific event that left three dead, and 19 injured after the car cash near the “Unite the Right” rally.

“We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides,” Trump said during a short statement from his private golf club in New Jersey. “It has been going on for a long time in our country—not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. It has been going on for a long, long time. It has no place in America.”  (Dan Merica, CNN, Aug. 12, 2017)

“The President did not mention white nationalists and the alt-right movement in his remarks, and later called for a “study” of the “situation.”

“At least one person was killed and 19 injured when a speeding car slammed into another car that was navigating through a throng of counterprotesters, according to a statement released on the City of Charlottesville’s verified Twitter account.”

With the country still reeling in shock at the Charlottesville news, CNN took swipes at Trump for billing the event as a press conference without taking any questions, and for purportedly “touting” economic improvements.

“Trump billed the event as a press conference but failed to take any questions on Saturday. Reporters attempted to ask the President whether he condemns white nationalists or if he considers the car slamming into counterprotesters terrorism. Trump, in the past, has been quick to label foreign events terrorism and has slammed fellow politicians for not quickly labeling attacks as terrorism. (CNN)

“At one point the President also touted economic improvements, saying the nation’s unemployment rate was the lowest in 17 years. Trump said he was dismayed by the violence: “we have so many incredible things happening in our country, so when I watch Charlottesville, to me it is very, very sad.”

“Trump closed his remarks on Charlottesville urging people to remember “no matter our color, creed, religion or political party, we are all Americans first.

“We love our country, we love our God, we love our flag, we are proud of our country, we are proud of who we are,” he said. “So, we want to get this situation straightened out in Charlottesville and we want to study it, and we want to see what we are doing wrong as a country where things like this can happen.”

CNN and the mainstream media were antagonized by Trump stating that “this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides”  has “no place in America”.

Their narrative leaves no room for anyone other than the “white nationalists” and “alt-right”.

That’s been their story all along and they’re sticking to it.

“Asked what Trump meant by saying “on many sides,” a White House official also pointed a finger at the counterprotesters. (CNN)

“The President was condemning hatred, bigotry and violence from all sources and all sides. There was violence between protesters and counterprotesters today,” the official said.

“Demonstrators clashed on the streets of Charlottesville on Saturday morning ahead of a white nationalist rally, with counter-protesters and right-wing nationalist groups converging on the college town in the latest chapter in the United States’ debate over race and identity.

“The protests were precipitated by the city’s government deciding to remove symbols of its confederate past, including a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee. Similar protests happened in May when New Orleans officials decided to remove confederate statues.

“The White House said Saturday that it was in touch with Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s office and that White House homeland security adviser Thomas Bossert’s team has been in touch with local authorities.

“Earlier Saturday, Trump, who is on his 17-day vacation in New Jersey, urged people to “come together as one” in response to the protests but did not explicitly mention the white nationalist origins of the conflict.

“We ALL must be united & condemn all that hate stands for,” he wrote on Twitter. “There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!”

“Trump, who also signed a Veterans Affairs health care bill Saturday afternoon, later tweeted: “Am in Bedminster for meetings & press conference on V.A. & all that we have done, and are doing, to make it better-but Charlottesville sad!”

Over the next few weeks count on Trump being blamed for not calling the Charlottesville violence a terrorist attack.  Count on the progressive left claiming that Robert E. Lee returned from the grave for ‘America’s Civil War, Part 11’.

Rumors abound that Trump will be physically ‘taken out ‘before Christmas.  But the assassination bullet,  the one that will see him accused of touting white nationalism, was fired off yesterday.

Meanwhile, the progressive left’s narrative has come full circle.

But by and large, the masses remain totally unaware that the clang of steel bars imprisoning Western society slammed down on the same day.

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10 Comments / 10 Comments

  1. @ adamdalgliesh:

    Please note, I am not a BLM supporter, as they say, all lives matter, and African Americans are NOT over-represented in police shootings, quite the opposite. In fact, if you look at the crime levels, whites are over-represented in police shootings. But…

    >> There is substantial evidence, including eye-witness testimony and
    >> photographs, that the BLM and Antifa protesters assaulted and
    >> deliberately provoked the Nazi demonstrators

    I should hope so. I should hope that any decent member of society would meet a Nazi gathering with provocation, even violence. They deserve no less. Do you support Nazis? I support their right to have opinions and voice those opinions, but I also hope that a civilized society shouts them down so that their voices are never heard. Treating Nazis with anything other than contempt and sabotage is irresponsible.

    >> But I also know that the far left and the militant black nationalists
    >> are every bit as bad

    I agree, but sadly they were the only people with enough human decency to show up and shout down the Nazis. Where were you? Where was I? Why were we not there kicking Nazi butt? Why did we leave this *extremely* important job to the extreme left and the BLM. Are we so effing jaded that we don’t care the Nazis are marching in the streets, CLEARLY emboldened by the rhetoric of the US President? Can you name any US President after the war that has to this extreme degree emboldened the Nazis? He has. The Nazis say so them selves.

    Is Trump a Nazi? No. Is he moving in a fascist direction, certainly. Nazis and fascists tends to be close friends.

  2. @ Michael S:

    >> 1. A young, mentally ill man was taken into custody after ramming his
    >> car into a group of demonstators, causing one death

    Let me correct that for you, a Nazi terrorist, same as the terrorist in Nice, rammed a vehicle into a group of people for POLITICAL reasons. If you disagree, please explain how this Nazi terrorist is in any way different from the Muslim terrorist in Nice.

    >> 2. Donald Trump had nothing to do with the incident, and publicly
    >> condemned ALL the perpetrators of violence there

    If the terrorist in Charlottesville had been a Muslim terrorist, Trump would have pointed out that the terrorist was a Muslim terrorist. When he was a Nazi terrorist it wasn’t even worth mentioning.

    As John Oliver pointed out, Nazis are like cats, they only love the people who feed them, and you know what, the Nazis LOVE Donald Trump. Just ask them.

    >> it is curious that you are framing your remarks in such a way to make
    >> our elected President out to be a Nazi

    I am, and have not. I have only pointed out what is blatantly obvious, the US Nazis take great comfort in Trump as a president. They celebrate his victory, they feel that he and they share a cause. Trump is probably not a Nazi, but he’s clearly a president with STRONG fascist tendencies. His department of Justice has now started going after people who have visited websites critical to his presidency. That is how fascism starts. As a president with strong fascist tendencies, he’s appreciative of the support he gets from the Nazis, and he therefore refuses to criticize them. That’s disgusting, and Jews in the US should be EXTREMELY worried about this. Why do you think that violence towards Jews from the “alt-right” has increased so much over the past two years. There is a marked upswing in hate crime towards Jews in the US since Trump racked up the rhetoric during his campaign, and an even stronger up-tick since his election.

    There can be no doubt that the Nazis in the US strongly feel they have the support of Trump, regardless of his intentions. As I said above, read some of the speeches of Goebbels, the are eerily similar to those of Trump, but Goebbels is significantly more eloquent.

  3. There is substantial evidence, including eye-witness testimony and photographs, that the BLM and Antifa protesters assaulted and deliberately provoked the Nazi demonstrators, with the active collusion of the police. The leftists and black nationalists attacked the nazis with truncheons, sticks and stink bombs, The police did not position themselves to keep the two sides apart, and instead routed the Nazis so that they would have to “run a gauntlet” of hostile leftists. Then the leftists were permitted to back the Nazis into a corner where they could not escape the leftist-BLM assault. After the Nazis had been beaten pretty badly, the police, who had been invisible up to this point, suddenly appeared and demanded that the Nazis end their protest march and disperse. This violated a court order that had given the Nazis permission to hold a demonstration. It was only after most of the Nazis had fled that one of them drove his car into the antifa-BLM crowd, killing and wounding people.

    I am a proud Jew who has no sympathy whatsoever for Nazis, Klu Kluxers and racists. But I also know that the far left and the militant black nationalists are every bit as bad. I think that the mayor of Charlottesville, probably with the support of high-ranking Democratic party politicians and deep state bureaucrats, conspired to provoke violence from the Nazis in order to make it look like Trump was responsible. They also wanted to help the Nazis make recruits and a become more active, so that the left would have an excuse to stage massive violent anti-Trump rallies. The left is playing with fire, literally, but I think that that’s their plan.

  4. @ terjeber:


    I completely agree with Ted Belman on this matter; and do not agree at all with your comments. Let’s cool down a minute, and look at the facts:

    1. A young, mentally ill man was taken into custody after ramming his car into a group of demonstators, causing one death. Police are investigating the incident. A police helicopter also crashed in the incident, causing the death of law enforcement personnel responding to illegal acts of LEFT- AND RIGHT-WING demonstrators. I’ve heard not even a peep of protest about the Left’s culpability here.

    2. Donald Trump had nothing to do with the incident, and publicly condemned ALL the perpetrators of violence there.

    3. This is where the story should stop, and everyone should go about his own business.

    Considering the above, it is curious that you are framing your remarks in such a way to make our elected President out to be a Nazi. Shame on you!

  5. @ Ted Belman:

    We now also have the video, where the Nazi bastard intentionally rams his car, at high speed, into the crowd. Are you still a supporter of the new US Nazi crowd and their idol and moral leader, President Donald Trump?

  6. @ Ted Belman:

    You should certainly wait for an investigation. It’s never clear what happened when, for example, a car driven by a white Nazi plows into a crowd, but when an Arab does the same, it’s blatantly obvious.

    As for shouting, I am surprised that you are skeptical to the concept of anti-Jewish chanting (for example “Jews will not replace us”) in a rally with people carrying Swastikas. I would have thought that a thinking individual would connect anti-Jewish sentiment with people carrying Swastikas, but perhaps my brain just works (differently than yours).

    I also find it bizarre that a pro-Jewish site is so strongly supportive of a President that also has strong support among neo-Nazi organisations. Anti-Jewish violence has been increasing dramatically during the Trump campaign and after his election. It is obvious to anyone watching that the neo-Nazi right find strong support in Trump, whether Trump intends that or not. They do. By their own statements.

    I would also recommend reading a bit of Goebbels speeches in the late 1930s and beyond. Trump’s speeches are eerily similar. Though, Goebbels is obviously far more eloquent than is Trump.

  7. The political situation in the US today bears a striking resemblance to the one in Weimar Germany 1918-1933. In that time and place, both Communists and Nazis tried to seize power by force. Both organized violent street riots. They fought it out on the streets a la Charlottesville. Both broke up political rallies by their opponents. In the end, the Nazis proved more successful in organizing private armies (SA and SS) and were able to take power. Of course, the Germans had just lost a war, several million of their young men had been killed, half a million civilians had starved to death, there was mass unemployment, etc. Also, they had no experience with democracy,and had only recently become a united nation. The US has 240 years of constitutional government behind it, and has a booming economy, and has lost only a few thousand men and women to wars of the last 25 years. Unlike the Germans, we have no excuse whatsoever to turn to violent extremism.
    a united nation

  8. Why not wait for an investigation before we decide who is at fault. I have not read about shouting “kill the Jews”. Obviously its a crime whether coming from the left or the right or from Muslims.

  9. So, the KKK, White Supremacists and Nazis marched together in Charlottesville yesterday. They carried torches and swastikas, and the shouted “Kill the Jews”.

    After that, your problem is with the left? You need help. Lots of serious help.