Turkey joins Qatari bid to broker Israel-Hamas deal

T. Belman. Under no conditions should Israel agree to a Hudna so Gaza can be rebuilt. Hamas started the war and is unwilling to bury the hatchet. They keep rearming, building tunnels and training an army of youths. Also they keep talking about destroying us and are now connected to Iran. If they want to rebuild they must sign a peace agreement with Israel and agree to demilitarization. Nothing less will do.

In addition Turkey is our enemy and Qatar is also and haven’t recognized us. Neither should be intermediaries. We would just be giving them a foothold. This is madness.

Ankara floats idea of offshore harbor for Gaza; Hamas official accuses Israel of stonewalling all long-term ceasefire proposals


A new proposal for a long-term ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has been put forth by Qatar and Turkey, The Times of Israel has learned.

Palestinian sources said that Turkey passed along the proposal via the Qatari ambassador to the Gaza Strip, Muhammad Al-Ahmadi, who visited Israel and even met with Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai.

Turkish and Qatari ambassadors met with Hamas representatives in Anakara, and also in Gaza, and presented them with the framework for the plan. The details were also given to senior members of the Palestinian Authority.

The Times of Israel reported in March on the Qatari channel between Israel and Hamas. This latest bid from Turkey essentially joins Qatar’s to make a joint proposal.

According to various sources in Gaza, the basic plan, which has been dubbed “Tahdiat Ala’amar” (ceasefire for reconstruction) in the Strip, will include a five-year moratorium on hostilities between the two sides.

Turkey’s contribution to the plan is the idea of creating a floating harbor across from the Strip’s coast, where ships bringing merchandise to Gaza can drop anchor. The merchandise making its way into the Strip would go through a security check. According to the same Palestinian sources, the party responsible for the inspection would be NATO, of which Turkey is a member.

However, Israeli strongly opposes the creation of a port, even a floating one across from Gaza.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas recently claimed that Israel and Hamas have had direct contact with each other, something both sides will not discuss. And indeed, The Times of Israel has learned that Israeli individuals — in an unofficial capacity — have been in contact with Hamas in an attempt to find a permanent solution to the situation in Gaza.

A senior Hamas official refused to comment.

In an interview, the official said that the Turkish port idea is not a new one and has been presented in the past. He added that Al-Ahmadi, the Qatari broker, had spoken with Hamas only with regards to reconstruction of the Gaza Strip.

Though he admitted that several ideas have been presented by various parties for a long-term ceasefire agreement, “none of the ideas have earned a response from the Israeli side” and have thus been shelved.

Still, Hamas said that there have been exchanges recently with Israel. A Hamas official in the Strip, Ahmad Yousef, confirmed Monday that there has been contact between the two sides about a truce through European brokers.

The Times of Israel reported in March on the existence of several diplomatic channels that are trying to bring about a ceasefire, among them one led by the UN representative to the Middle East, Robert Serry.

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  1. Thank you Ted for some sanity with respect to these matters. It is painfully obvious to those who hold out hope, I don’t, for “peace” with these people. One has to be at this point, either willfully obtuse or without much concern for anyone or anything. The only deal being offered to ISRAEL is the same offer, give them the means and opportunity to destroy Israel. You never get any vision of peaceful coexistence with Israel. It is as if just uttering the concept with a straight face and sincerity is a sin of the highest order. Yet we have those in our community, superficially, who behave like someone who has not had a meal in 3 months groveling for a can of outdated Spam. Then, after we have to be subjected to such insult after injury, the offending item gets in his or her Porsche and speeds of to one of their dozen or so homes located where 99.99% of regular people could neither rent nor buy. Yet, the community at large gives these things a pass and will go to their movies or recordings or buy the products they endorse. There has to be a price for selling one’s people out…..within the law of course, well excommunication is a good start and lawsuits if possible, just…file on them, call Nitsana Darshan Leitner, she will think of something, if she has a free moment.