Turkey Retreats From Threats To Invade Iraq


WASHINGTON — Turkey is backing down from its threats to launch an incursion into northern Iraq after intense diplomatic pressure from America and other Western countries. Yesterday, the Turkish foreign minister, Ali Babacan, told reporters in…

October 19, 2007 | 5 Comments »

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  1. Bill

    It will be interesting to see where the US is going to get the troops to take actions against Kurd rebels. The US and whatever allies it has simply do not have the troops to do this effectively. The optimal solution would be for the Turks to use their world class intellegence agency to take down the PKK from within.

    Unlike the US who has the grossly imcompetent CIA for an intellegence agency, Turkey has outstanding intellegence services. I know people who served in the US military who can attest to that. They are very capable of taking down the PKK from within.

    They won’t do it because they need the PKK as an exucse to carry out territorial conquests. To this end, the Kurds are daily being villified in the Turkish media. This is done to prepare Turkish citizens for the coming invasion of Kurdistan by Turkey.

  2. Turkey is no friend of the United States or Israel. Absoultely vicious anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism come from this country, as well as other middle eastern countries on a daily basis.

    In 2003 Turkey was probably planning to assianate the Governor of the oil rich area of Kirkuk. American troops stopped this. Unfortuately the US government apologized when an apology was clearly not warranted. For this Tureky cannot or will not forgive the Amricans.

    Unlike the US Turkey has a top notch intellegene agency. Turkish intellegence could easily infiltrate the PKK and destr0y it from within without an invasion of Kurdistan. They want do this because they need an excuse to invade. They want the oil rich area of Kirkuk.

    When Turkey does invade Kurdistan I hope and pray that the Kurds deal Turkey a defeat that it will take Turkey decades to recover from. If this happened, in some way justice would be served.

    Unfortunately I’m not expecting the US to take any kind of stand against Turkey. Turkey has a very formidable military, however, their leaders seem to be quite dumb. These people are stupid enough to think that an organization known as Skull and Bones plays a role in American political decision making. Perhaps Kurdistan can use the stupidity of the Turkish leadership against them.

  3. Recent reports indicatet that Congress may be backing down from passing a resolution recognizing the Turkish geonocide against Armenians in 1915. This Turkish action of agreeing not to invade Kurdistan right now is likely a response to this. There is unlikely to be American pressure involved. More likely it was American capitulation. American pressure cannot be involved becuase the US has nothing with which it can pressure Turkey with right now.

    The American military is to busy elsewhere to stop the PKK or to to prevent Turkey from invading Kurdistan and capturing the oil rich area of Kirkuk and other oil rich areas in Kurdistan. This is what the Turks are really after. While the PKK is a legitimate threat to Turkey, even if it was not and it did not exist the Turks would need to invent it. The PKK provides a good excuse for the Turks to use their military to capture territory.

    The US has nothing of value it can offer Turkey in a diplomatic sense to get them to change their behavior and the US military is to busy else where to do any thing about the PKK or to prevent a Turkish invasion of Kurdistan. As such, American pressure cannot be involved. American capitulation may be involved but not American pressure.

    The author of the article is inocrrect when he attributes the actions by Turkey to American pressure. This is actually typical of the main stream media. When they make their analysis, they ignore key facts. One of these facts is it seems likely that Congress is backing down on the resolution condeming a so called Turkish genocide.

    Also, American power is usually greatly over estimated. Over estimating American power leads to many problems. Two of these are, if American power is over estimated, it makes the country easier to vilify and the conclusions that the analyist reaches will be plain wrong.

    The US could do something about its predicament if it would act decisively to take out the PKK. If the US could do this, it would eliminate a reason for Trukey to invade Kurdistan and the elimination of this threat from Turkey might actually help to improve America’s image within Turkey.

    In order to eliminate the PKK the US will need to increase the size and strength of its military. Right now it has neither th man power or the resources to deal with the PKK along with every thing else it is being told to deal with.

    Actually, increasing the size and strength of the US military goes far beyond simply being able to deal with the PKK or the Turkish military. The United States and the free world desparately need a more powerful military to confront the myriad of threats that confront them collectively. Right now the US military lags far behind Russia and China. This gap will need to be closed and it will need to be closed soon.

    In summary, American pressure cannot be involved in Turkey’s decision to delay an invasion of Kurdistan. The US simply has nothing of significance that they can use to pressure Turkey with

  4. this should make it clear that the US directs or pushes policy for both Israel and Turkey rather than Israel “directing” American policy, as its haters declare.

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