Turks massacred 1.5 million Armenians

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Earlier today on the Middle East Radio Forum broadcast I spoke about the Armenian Genocide as well as Turkey’s illegal occupation of northern Cyprus as well as the ethnic cleansing it conducted there. I just received this from the Middle East.

WARNING – IT IS A GRAPHIC – VERY GRAPHIC- SLIDE SHOW, depicting actual photos from the time of the Armenian Genocide as well as a few from northern Cyprus. Yet the world is largely silent. NO TURKISH government, be it the Ottoman government, the secular government and now the crypto-Islamist government of Erdogan has admitted to perpetrating this slaughter.

1.5 million Armenians died.

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October 3, 2011 | 6 Comments »

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  1. Biden recognized the Armenian genocide by Turkey a century ago, yesterday.

    My comment – Turkey is no ally of either Israel or the US. Apparently, there is no mechanism for expelling a country from NATO. NATO was the opposite number to the Warsaw Pact which no longer exists. It played no major role in any of the wars the US and Europe waged in the Middle East in the last 20 years except maybe Afghanistan which is winding down. I see no reason for continued membership. I had the impression Trump’s “withdrawal” in Syria was more strategic and nuanced and that the Kurds he was “abandoning” were close to Syria and Iran to begin with and were Marxists so all of these alleged facts are completely new to me. Anyway, Trump was right that we have no business permanently fighting endless foreign wars that don’t bear on our own self-interest. He did destroy the ISIS caliphate and strengthen the ability of local governments to work with each other to fight Iran and terrorism, where they were willing to. I’ll give the Biden/Harris administration credit where credit is due even if it’s just empty virtue signaling. It’s a good start.


  2. I am no kind of altruist whatsoever, and I for one could not care less about the Armenians, either for good or for ill. Yes, I’ve seen all the gruesome ancient photographs from 96 years ago, including the corpse hanging upside down from a stone bridge with his arms hanging out like a gaffed fish. Just about every year, the Armenians try to climb aboard the holocaust industry bandwagon, but with not too much success.

    Indeed, the Turks and Kurds butchered some scores of thousands of them — maybe more — and ran the rest of them off their ancestral lands. So what? When did this not happen to our Jewish nation, not only repeatedly, but in just about all the eons of time since the breakup of the ancient Kingdom of Israel. In any case, Turkey was at war with Russia in 1915, and the Armenians gave clear evidence they were mostly either sympathetic with the Russians or openly in league with them. But I cannot think of a minute in which I have not dreamed of running most of the Arabs right off the land from Shomron, Yehuda, Gaza and the northern Galil. That’s something I learned from the immortal Rav Meir Kahane. We have no permanent friends; only permanent interests.

    Were the Turks of 1914-1915 out of line for wanting to create a greater Turan both west and east of the Caspian Sea? No more so than I am out of line for wanting a Greater Israel that will one day extend from the Gulf of Suez to the Syrian Desert and the Euphrates River. That, for them, meant booting out a large number of unabsorbable Armenians. My dream means booting out a large number of Arabs.

    So the Armenians today are left with a little statelet in the mountains, become the Russians had rachmones for them. Let them count such blessings as they have from that historical fact, and make their peace with the modern Turks. In any case, I my research tells me that large numbers of them migrate across the border into modern Turkey, for the same reason Mexican wetbacks make midnight crossings into the USA: The economy and jobs are better.

    Also, I’ve often wondered why the Israeli government allows a large chunk of the old walled part of Jerusalem to be run by the Armenians. I would take it over, and fill it with Jewish housing and businesses.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI

  3. Read the “novel” entitled THE FORTY DAYS OF MUSA DAGH, by Franz Werfel, published in the 1930s. MGM tried to make a movie based on the book. Pressure brought by the Turkish government prevented production of the film until the 1980s when it came out as an independent motion picture. This account of the Armenian genocide was accepted as fact. But if you still don’t believe it ever happened, talk to the survivors and their descendants.

    Turkey has a long tradition of disavowing historical errors, following revisionist conventions and glossing over verified transgressions. Examine the history of the Ottoman Empire from external sources and then read the accepted Turkish accounts. There are monumental disparities between them.

  4. Adi:
    I forwarded the slide show to Ted Belman as an attachment. I don’t know what he did to put it on the site. You are correct, the “Download” doesn’t work. I checked the copy I forwarded to him and it works fine.
    Hopefully, he can fix and apply. If not, send your e-mail to him and he will forward to me. I will then send you a copy via e-mail.
    Dr. Carol
    Prof. of History (retired)
    Historian and
    Associate Producer of

  5. They have also practiced genocide against the Kurds — with US and NATO approval — and Israel played footsie with the Turks for years, while their hands were dripping with blood. I’m so tired of political moralizing. The Turks are Israel’s enemies. End of story. Prepare to fight them.

  6. Dear Dr. Carol,

    I was trying to watch the slide…not working
    then I said to myself: download…not working
    it goes like this:

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    Now do you think that some1 is doing anything that we may not see it?

    I have tried several times…still the same result

    but I open my email in a new window, in the same time that I receive the error message above, and guess what: IT WORKS ACTUALLY!!!

    Baruch Hashem