U.S. Middle-East Policy in Disarray

By Rabbi Daniel M. Zucker, AMERICAN THINKER

Apparently Washington, D.C. has only recently come to realize that U.S.-Middle East policy is in tatters. The degree of disarray still seems to be hidden from those charged with administering such a policy: the State Department. Neither the State Department nor any of our intelligence agencies seem to have had any inkling of an idea that the forces of revolt and revolution would break out in Arab North Africa and the Middle East. Each successive revolt caught our government by surprise: first in Tunisia, then in Egypt, and finally in Libya. After these revolutions, we again were taken by surprise at revolts in Yemen, Bahrain, and now Syria. All of these revolts follow some eighteen months after the smothered youth revolt in Iran, where our government did almost nothing to aid the young Iranians attempting to remove the tyrannical clerical rule of the Islamic extremist regime.

When it came to the revolt in Egypt, after some waffling, President Obama decided to pressure 82-year-old Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak into stepping down. Obama looked aside when the Egyptian military staged a coup “to restore order.” That the Muslim Brotherhood stands to reap the benefits of the current Egyptian “democracy movement” seems not to concern our administration. Long-term planning and careful analysis of Egyptian politics based on strong intelligence procurement apparently is far beyond the capabilities of the bureaucrats of Foggy Bottom and Langley, Virginia. Whoops! We’ve repeated our mistakes of Tehran 1979 — maybe we will get it right when dealing with Libya. We all hate Muammar Gaddafi so much that any move to oust him has got to be worth supporting, especially when we see him killing people in his own country.

Has anyone bothered to see who is leading the revolt against Gaddafi — who is financing the revolt and who is furnishing the rebels with arms? Has anyone checked to see if these “freedom fighters” have any ties to al-Qaeda or the Islamic Republic of Iran and its IRGC Qods Force? Has anyone checked to see if the rebels include jihadists that have fought against U.S. troops in Afghanistan and/or Iraq? Whoops! We missed that one, too! Maybe we will get it right in dealing with Yemen.

So are we pro-Saleh or anti-Saleh, and if we are anti-Saleh (who has been pro-U.S. but a dictator like every other Arab ruler), have we bothered to check out his opposition? What? Has anyone checked to see whether General Ali Muhsin Al-Ahmar still maintains ties with al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula? Do we care?

And what do we think about the fate of the regime of Bashar el-Assad of Syria? Are we still convinced that if we find the right-sized carrot, we can pry him away from his ties to Tehran? Do we care that he may be replaced by the Ikhwan, or do we think that those Syrian university students will all turn out to be peace-loving secular democrats? Does President Obama think that a couple of somber declarations supporting democracy will outgun the 10,000 Iranian Pasdaran sent to bolster Assad’s regime? Do we have any deep-cover agents informing us about events in news blacked-out Syria? And do we have intelligence on the political leanings of the Syrian opposition inside that country?

And what is going on with our ties to our “ally” Iraq? Is anyone paying attention to the fact that Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki just ordered an attack on Camp Ashraf, home to 3,500 Iranian dissidents for the past twenty-six years — a group that has been under U.S. Army protection since May 2003, having signed a formal treaty with our government at that time? Have our State and Defense Departments done anything to prevent the murder of 34 Iranian dissidents, the kidnapping of six more, and the injury of yet another 350 last weekend despite having received warnings of the pending attack for a full week ahead of the attack (which commenced on Friday morning, April 8)? Is President Obama concerned about innocent, unarmed Iranians being murdered in cold blood in Iraq, or is it only Libyan rebel blood that tugs at his heartstrings? Are the Iranians disposable because Obama still harbors hopes to engage the mullahs in dialogue?

And what are we to think about the administration’s hopes for a peace treaty between the Palestinians and Israel? Does the State Department pay any attention to the fact that Palestinian Authority President Abbas has done nothing to end incitement against Israel, that the Fatah Covenant has the same text about the destruction of Israel as does the Hamas Covenant, despite the late Yassir Arafat’s promise to change and remove the offensive text, and that indeed, the Palestinian Authority speaks for only the West Bank while the Gaza Strip is governed by an entirely different entity — Hamas — which refuses to recognize Israel and continues to attack Israel with rockets and mortar shells?

The revolts throughout the Arab world have shown that Israel is not the central problem, and yet our president and his State Department seem to follow the old line that the Palestine question is the root of all the Middle East’s woes. One would think that the lessons of the last four months had shown Foggy Bottom that in fact, human and civil rights as well as economics are the keys to improving the lives of the masses in the Middle East. But the fog is not to be found only along the banks of the Potomac; unfortunately, it’s located in the minds of those charged with crafting our foreign policy.

Only when we realize that Islamic fundamentalism in any and all of its forms is a major threat to this country and the Western culture upon which this nation is founded will we begin to forge a policy that defends our allies and fights our foes. Political correctness and multiculturalism may be popular in liberal circles, but they do little to defend our nation and culture from a very hostile sharia-adhering foe. The sooner Washington comes to realize this fact, the better it will be for all of us who treasure individual liberties, freedom, and democracy — i.e., conditions that exist in only one country in the Middle East: the Jewish State of Israel.

Rabbi Dr. Daniel M. Zucker is founder and Chairman of the Board of Americans for Democracy in the Middle-East, a grassroots organization dedicated to teaching of the dangers posed by Islamic fundamentalism. He may be contacted at contact@ADME.ws.

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  1. Interesting. When the “Foggy Bottom Boys” gave Bush all of the wrong info on WMD in Iraq,
    and all of the Liberals bought into that report, the MSM only blamed Bush. The bloggers shouted
    “Bush lied, people died”. Now the CIA doesn’t even come up with the wrong thing, they come
    up with nothing….Do you hear or read a word from the left? How can Obama possibly be blamed
    if nobody told him anything?

  2. Rick, you said,

    “I think that Rabbi Zucker is too charitable in granting the “Foggy Bottom folks” the excuse of ignorance, especially when they have a long history of blatant anti-Semitism not only toward Israel but any Jew that crosses their path. I agree with the Rabbi, however, that they have shown a high degree of incompetence regarding our foreign policy. Finally, how can the U.S. government agencies help our friends and defend against our enemies when they can’t seem to distinguish one from the other?”

    In my opinion, the problem with these diplomats, elected officials and bureaucrats, in not their “anti-Semitism”. If it were, I wouldn’t need to be concerned by what they do; as I am not Jewish, and their anti-Jewishness would have no effect on the non-Jews of America. These people, from Obama down, are truly incompetent, though, being truly clueless about matters of importance to America; and this affects all of us.

    If you want my opinion on the matter, it is this: People in general, and these incompetents in particular, are essentially followers and cowards. When this cowardice plays itself out in religious matters, it decays the spirits of these people and brings death and destruction to those around them. Our country (and every country, for that matter) breeds conformity and mediocrity and punishes curiosity, sincerity and imagination. Your Arab/Turkish/whatever congressman can be forgiven for not wanting to offend the Iranian leadership, because he is of Middle-Eastern, non-Jewish background. The people who voted for him, though, and who condone his positions, are semi-robotic products of our hedonist, materialist, darwinist society: religious and intellectual zombies. The same can be said of the politico-intellectual oligarchy that runs our State Department and the rest of our government; and America is hurting because of it.

  3. I can only confirm what Rabbi Zucker has said by disclosing a personal event that was a warning of what eventually happened. My congressman (a Republican who shall remain nameless in the interest of yours truly, who doesn’t want to be named in a slander/libel lawsuit) called me to participate in a town meeting designed to obtain opinions of the voters in his district. This was right before election day a couple of years ago.

    When I asked him what the administration was going to do to help the Iranian dissidents who were trying to oust Achmadinejad and the mullahs and establish a democratic government, I was abruptly cut off and the town meeting suddenly ended. The congressman is an American whose relatives are from the middle east (not Israeli nor a Jew). This was one of the reasons I became active in rooting out deception and exposing it.

    I think that Rabbi Zucker is too charitable in granting the “Foggy Bottom folks” the excuse of ignorance, especially when they have a long history of blatant anti-Semitism not only toward Israel but any Jew that crosses their path. I agree with the Rabbi, however, that they have shown a high degree of incompetence regarding our foreign policy. Finally, how can the U.S. government agencies help our friends and defend against our enemies when they can’t seem to distinguish one from the other?

  4. I can’t speak for other countries, but it appears the US is run by morons. It’s like Malvina Reynolds’ song of 1962, “Little Boxes”. One verse goes,

    “And the people in the houses
    All went to the university,
    Where they were put in boxes
    And they came out all the same,
    And there’s doctors and lawyers,
    And business executives,
    And they’re all made out of ticky tacky
    And they all look just the same.”

    Some of those ticky-tacky university products are the career diplomats in the State Department and the Oval Office. They have all the imagination of the Detroit automakers in the 1970s, and completely miss the reality of the world around them. I’m looking forward to the Trump Presidency. The Donald has learned how to deal with the real world, not with a bunch of nonesense political theories mixed with scratching the back of one’s professor. The media and the bureaucrats can’t figure him out; but the American people read him loud and clear. Check out the polls — there’s hope for 2012.

  5. Off topic, but ?? ??? ??? to all my Jewish friends on Israpundit. May this be the time of our complete and final redemption!