U.S. teaming up with ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria to defeat Assad

T. Belman. I reposted this because its more important than you know. Abed just tweeted that “Change will start from Syria and move in all directions. Soon the new Syria, the new Jordan, and the new Iraq”. A few days earlier he tweeted the Sept 20, 2023 as the day Assad will fall. So I will be following this story to see how it unfolds. Click on the picture to see the video.

Redacted interviews Vanessa Beely

V. Beely. “In my most recent interview with Clayton Morris of Redacted, I briefly try to summarise the military situation in all areas of Syria.”

On Sunday, August 27, SDF [US Kurdish Contras] imposed a curfew in Hasakah city [north-east Syria], cutting off main roads and carrying out raids on civilians homes in the “Nashwa – Villas” neighborhood.

Many SDF members armed with various types of medium machine guns and military vehicles took part amid high security alert. SDF obligated civilians through loudspeakers to close their shops and forced them to stay in their homes without mentioning the reasons. They announced later the launching of “Strengthening Security” campaign to pursue ISIS cells in Deir Ezzor.

SDF in fact, lured “Ahmed Al-Khabil” aka “Abu Khawla”, the commander of the Deir Ezzor Military Council, to “Ain Al-Wazir” base in Al-Hasakah city for a meeting chaired by its commander, Mazloum Abdi. Abdi demanded A-Khabil, during the meeting, to submit to the orders and dictates of SDF leaders in Deir Ezzor countryside, and put an end to the rebellions carried out by the militants of the “Deir Ezzor Military Council” in the region.

The meeting failed and Al-Khabil was immediately arrested along with the Council’s leaders. Other Council leaders in Hasakah city were besieged as well, two of whom are Muhammad Jabr Al-Shuaiti, Abu al-Harith Al-Shuaiti, and Abu Khawla’s brother, Jalal Al-Khabil.

Jalal Al-Khabil posted a video, explaining what happened and asking Al-Akidat tribe to rescue him and the besiege all SDF headquarters in order to force them to release the Council’s leaders, stressing that “it is not about Abu Khawla anymore, but a conflict between Arabs and Kurds.”

Everyone in the Council’s headquarters surrendered the next day around 4 am, and SDF arrested Abu Khawla’s brother, Jalal Al-Khabil later (who appeared in the video).

After Al-Khabil’s arrest, the “Deir Ezzor Military Council” issued a statement “Liberating Deir Ezzor from the Kurdish occupation.” The statement called on all members of the Council to fight and attack SDF positions in Deir Ezzor, and to arrest the Kurdish members.

The statement also called on the Arab tribes to defend Deir Ezzor from the Kurds who want to establish their absolute control over it, calling on Deir Ezzor men who are affiliated with SDF to stage a coup and arrest their Kurdish leaders, and demanded the Arab Jabour tribes in Al-Hasakah to attack SDF forces inside the city and liberate the besieged sheikhs.

The Deir Ezzor Military Council appointed a temporary leader “Abu Laith Khasham”, pending the release of its detained leaders. Khasham announced in a statement that he refuses to receive any orders or instructions from the leaders detained by SDF militia until they are in safety, calling on the [US-led] International Coalition to step aside. While he called on all members of the Military Council and tribes to mobilize and prepare for a state of emergency.

Al-Bakir clan in Al-Izba town, in Deir Ezzor countryside (a clan of al-Akkidat tribe to which Al-Khabil belongs), declared general mobilization and attacked SDF militants, arresting all of them in “Al-Zar” town. Members of the “Deir Deir Ezzor Military Council” in Deir Ezzor northern countryside targeted SDF headquarters and checkpoints belonging and blocked roads in the region.

Hundreds of fighters from Arab clans crossed the Euphrates River bank to support their fellow clans in fighting against SDF militia. Clashes expanded to include the towns of Muhaimidah, Abreha al-Husayn, al-Izba, Muaizila, the city of al-Basira, al-Sour, Jadid Akidat and the al-Ma’amel area, in which all types of medium machine guns and RPGs were used. The council arrested members of SDF and attacked its checkpoints in the towns of Abu Hammam and Gharanij in the eastern countryside.

SDF brought military reinforcements from Al-Hasakah and Raqqa and published videos of vehicles loaded with militants carrying the flags of Al-Sanadid forces from the “Shammar” tribe, which is known for its relations with the SDF and the International Coalition.

The media official of the “Sanadid Forces,” Mohsen al-Jana’a, denied their participation in the military campaign against the Military Council, or sending forces to Deir Ezzor, saying, “These videos are fabricated by the SDF to spread discord.”

On Sunday, the region’s tribal sheikhs held a meeting to discuss the incident of “Al-Khabil” arrest. Local sources reported that the tribal circles indicated that the arrest incident will have several repercussions, pointing out that this step aims to remove Al-Khabil from the security and military front in the SDF-controlled areas. Adding that this sudden incident must have been coordinated in advance between the SDF and the International Coalition.

The tribes issued a statement calling the International Coalition forces to intervene to release Al-Khabil and stop the chaos in the region.

After a meeting in Deir Ezzor northern countryside, Arab tribes gave the SDF militia a 12-hour deadline to release the detainees and their families, and end the “Strengthening Security” operation in Deir Ezzor, otherwise every SDF member will be a legitimate target.

Until today Aug 29,2023, the Syrian Arab tribes in Deir Ezzor eastern countryside took control over the areas of Al-Basira, Al-Shuhail, Dhiban, Jadeed Akidat, Jadeed Bakara, Al-Sabha, after a complete withdrawal by SDF, while at least 15 have died and several others were wounded on both sides so far due to fierce clashes between SDF and Deir Ezzor Military Council.


Practically, what is happening is scores settling between the two parties, but if things continue to escalate, the International Coalition will have to break its silence and stop the chaos in its areas of influence, especially with the people of the region rejecting each of the two parties and considering them an anomalous phenomenon.

Although closing the crossings, cutting roads, and a semi-curfew will exacerbate the situation in the region, people want to get rid of SDF.

Actually, most people categorically refuse to be ruled by the Kurds of Mount Qandil who came from northern Iraq.

The US has recently tried to create new military factions in Eastern Euphrates with the aim of striking the Syrian Arab Army and its allies in the region, but the current conflict clearly shows the result of the US failure in uniting the factions.

SDF tried to take revenge on the Deir Ezzor Military Council for attempting to escape from under its cloak during negotiations with the US. However, the SDF cannot carry out the arrest without a US green light. The US still favors the SDF over any other component in the region, which angers everyone else.

SDF thought that by arresting Abu Khawla and the council’s leaders, it would eliminate any resistance and push members of the council to surrender. On the contrary, they raised tension in the region amid fears of a popular explosion, while the Kurds are calling on their leaders to resolve the battle.

These developments come hot on the heels of the US, Israeli, UK and French intelligence project in Sweida, southern Syria where the so-called International Coalition is trying to re-ignite the 2011 “revolution” using a small minority of Israel-controlled Druze community to kick off another federalist movement to destabilise the south while the US attempts to close the Al Bukamal border crossing with Iraq, the arterial road link from Iran to Syria.

Who orchestrated this tribal uprising against the Kurdish separatist occupation? Well it definitely was not the US. This instability will make the US military presence in north-east Syria even more precarious and isolated.

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  1. @Ted, you are very sensitive. Sorry if I offended you. I was teasing you as you are into predicting dates and future occurrences. Ted, that is not an attack. It is a joke. You do not see predicting when the Mosiach is due to arrive humorous?

  2. @Bear. Why are you attacking me? I merely present information I find on the internet that I think we should know about.
    Your sarcasm is not appreciated.
    I would have deleted your comment had Edgar not responded to it.
    Stop with the ad hominem attacks.

  3. BEAR-
    You can have your fun and I laugh with you. Of course everybody no matter how “gifted” wrongly predicts the coming of the Moshiach” since the concept was born from the fevered brains of Torah immersed crazies.

    They assumed, because of all the defeats and occupations of Israel (Yehuda Shoron) they must be displeasing G-D in some way. So became more religious , pored over every word and sentence in the Torah, zoomed in on items whose meanings had been long lost and fashioned a mythical Moshiach from them, who was to lead the Jews to victory over all their enemies and restore the days of David… Hhmmm….!!

    Remember what happened to Shabtai and those who followed him…..
    Is it the 7th Day Adventists who periodically get (through the ether) news of the end of the world-except for them- and sell or give away all their possessions and sit on mountain tops until their tuchasses freeze

    Well, believers in a Moshiach are very much like them. Also the mysterious 36. .Not to forget the Dybukks and other crap.

  4. @Ted by the way do you also know when the Mossiach is coming? Are you related to “Francesa Sarah of Safed (Tzfat)”. She was supposedly very wise and a Jewish female mystic, who correctly predicted several correct things in the 16th century. She was wrong about her prediction of the when the Mossiach was supposed to come however.

    Since you also foretell the future via your mystic perhaps you might know. A lot of good things could occur if we knew when he was coming.

  5. @Michael, you are a Mossad expert?

    How many Mossad agents do you know?

    How many Mossad operations are you personally aware of.

    With all respect due. It never looks good to evaluate things or people you actually have no knowledge about.

  6. Hi, Ted

    Just FYI, I used to be smart; but suddenly realized how stupid I was when I did a couple of stints in grad school after many years’ absence.Concerning Morris and others found in places like Redacted, I just judge them by their track records. Concerning the Ukraine war, this hasn’t been too good. Other sources, such as Denys Davydov, have more consistently assessed the situation there.

    Concerning the Syrian situation, Mossad did a good job of sizing up Nasser; but they were caught with their pants down in 1973, and have gone generally downhill ever since. With the imprisonment of Jonathan Pollard, it seems that rivalry between the Israelis and Americans has hurt both services; but I think the US has deteriorated faster with some whopping catastrophes (Carter’s botched rescue mission in Iran, Blackhawk down, Bengazi & the Arab Spring to name a few).

    God has certainly been busy, making foolishness of the wisdom of men. If the September 20 date relies at all on American or Russian competence, it probably won’t turn out as planned.

    God bless and keep you and yours.

  7. @Michael. I don’t know on what basis his picked that date so I have been posting a variety of articles from different sources so smart people l8ike you can follow events and make up your own minds.

  8. A few days earlier he tweeted the Sept 20, 2023 as the day Assad will fall.

    We’ll keep a supply of popcorn handy. If nothing happens, does Clayton Morris plan to retire? (One can always hope) After so many Morris predictions of Russian victory, Putin should demand a refund from him — as well as from his other disastrous “helpers”.


    Is Vlad in trouble in Syria now?

  9. Is the US teaming up with ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria to defeat Assad not going from bad to worse? Anything the US touches these days is going to turn into a disaster. Don’t look for this to have a happy ending.