Judea and Samaria, if not now, when?

If Trump is defeated, the Democrat’s Progressives will bring down Israel like a Jefferson Davis statue.

By Giulio Meotti, INN

The Palestinian Authority is a creation of Israel. Without IDF and Shin Bet, this “authority” would implode in a minute. A brief visit over Nablus is enough to hear the shots from the refugee camps and understand that without Israeli protection this Palestinian “puppet” would be devoured in a gang and terror war and a Hamas coup, like in Gaza in 2007, after precisely that – an Israeli withdrawal.

Amman owes its protection to Israel, as well as to the United States.

For years Israel has been the target of international retaliation, of UN resolutions, of European Union dossiers …

As for the choice of the Jewish left between “democracy and apartheid”, in reality advocating Israel’s withdrawal from Judea and Samaria poses another dilemma before the Jewish state: annexation or suicide.

The famous question about the “timing” is another one: What would happen to Judea and Samaria if Israel doesn’t proclaim annexation, Donald Trump is not reelected in November and a “woke Left” takesthe White House?

Trump is not doing well in the polls, they say. Coronavirus, recession and racial war will not help him. We know that nobody would have bet a dollar on his first election, and the polls claimed Hillary would win by a landslide, but everything can happen now in November.

The Democratic Party is now busy removing statues all over the US: Columbus, Jefferson, the Confederate leaders…They bowed to a racist movement named Black Lives Matter. And in the last few years the old American liberal Left disappeared, replaced by a progressive Left willing to hunt every dissenterand shame those who oppose its barbaric and anti-humanistic agenda.

Where is Israel in all this cultural earthquake? Nowhere. The Jewish State as the collective fate of the Jewish people after the Shoah, the meaning of Zionism, Eretz Israel and the question of the land are seen through the anti-colonialist ideology by this new Left. They will never, never, accept a Jewish State annexing any meter of the post-1967 areas.

Remember Samantha Power voting against Israel at the United Nations? It will be nothing if Trump is defeated. They will try to bring down Israel and the Jews like a Jefferson Davis statue.

Israel must proclaim as Jewish land every Jewish house, town and road in Judea Samaria. Before it is too late. Before “timing” becomes a war between allies.

Giulio Meotti, an Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a twice-weekly column for Arutz Sheva. In addition to books in Italian, he is the author of the book “A New Shoah“, that researched the personal stories of Israel’s terror victims, published by Encounter and of “The Vatican Against Israel:J’accuse” published by Mantua Books.. His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Frontpage and Commentary.<

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11 Comments / 11 Comments

  1. I agree but it occurs to me that one of the potential pitfalls of partial sovereignty is that it undercuts the indisputable argument that you can’t evict 500,000 Jews by raising the question of “well, how many can you get away with evicting?” Divide and conquer.

  2. Full Sovereignty NOW! The pressure of partial sovereignty is the same the same as full sovereignty.

  3. @ Bear Klein:
    I agree. Israel should declare sovereignty over all of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, in principle to be exercised later, as practical, and over all of Area C, without giving citizenship to the Arabs, right now, immediately! Security should remain in the hands of the military for all of it. The only thing that changes is civil administration. One of the benefits of that is that Arabs will have to present their bogus land claims to lower courts that will actually investigate their bonafides. The IDF is using Ottoman and Jordanian law that discriminates against Jews. Just because the King decided to parcel out the land in perpetuity to his cronies as absentee landlords during his illegal occupation doesn’t make it their land, even in those cases where they actually have deeds.

  4. Report: US pushing Israel to make gesture to PA. US administration reportedly pressing Israel to make a significant gesture towards the Palestinian Authority in exchange for sovereignty.

    Elad Benari , 01/07/20 06:11

    US officials have proposed that Israel give land in exchange for land, in a manner that would allow Palestinian Arabs to build without restrictions or change the status of Area C (where Israel maintains security and civilian control) to that of Area B.
    A government official said on Tuesday that “if the right knew what the Americans wanted in exchange for annexation, they would be less enthusiastic.”

    Hey, Sebastian, Kahane was right in that article from 1976 that you posted!

  5. It would seem so. This is looking less and less like genuine sovereignty and more and more like a trojan horse. Might be more productive to crack down on illegal Arab settlement not only in Area C but in central Israel and the Negev, while expanding more Jewish settlement. Good video, by the way. I have reposted it. Thank you. It clarified a lot. I have a lot of respect for both father and son Langfan. Have for many years. This does seem like a plan based on wishful thinking, from the Israeli perspective, like Oslo I and II. The most productive thing anyone has done, so far, was Shaked transferring Palestinian land claims to lower courts, which unlike the Supreme Court, look at evidence and not just politics and from a left standpoint at that.

  6. @ Reader:

    Kahane was almost always right, and especially about the Arabs ALWAYS right…!!
    I heard him speak a couple of times when he was on speaking tours. Entrancing for a Jew to hear. I also heard Isy Leibler and Moshe Arens. Arens was very good.speaker.

  7. ‘Donald Trump does not have the right to set the Israeli borders’
    Nearly 1,000 people take part in rally of the Judea settlement group in cooperation with the Nachalah movement.
    Arutz Sheva Staff , 30/06/20 23:13


    The plan and map speak unequivocally of establishing a Palestinian state in 70 percent of the territory, of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel, and of ‘Al Quds’ as the capital of Palestine. And we ask how did they [the Israeli politicians] get confused? So I tell you now – this is an intentional confusion; they speak about sovereignty, but if we get that pinch of sovereignty, we will be immediately taken down a slaughterhouse track.

    A very interesting article.

  8. Israel will apply sovereignty. They will NOT vote on the Trump Plan nor a Pal State. Israel only has to agree to negotiate from the Trump Plan with the Palestinians. The Palestinians have refused to do so and will NOT ever diverge from that track.

    So Israel only gains and gives up nothing by apply sovereignty to the land. I do not get why it is hard for some to comprehend this.

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