Ultimate Jewish Festival!! Lag BaOmer in Meron

May 18, 2014 | 10 Comments »

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10 Comments / 10 Comments

  1. @ honeybee: I did see Macabi Tel Aviv beat the then Balitmore Bullets (now Washington Wizards) who were then the NBA champs in a preseason game.

  2. Two competing events for Israel and we Jews in Israel TODAY:

    Hoops and dreams
    Peace talks might be dead, but they’re not buried in the papers; the press becomes a basket case for basketball after Maccabi Tel Aviv makes the Euroleague finals

    Will there be a Lag BaOmer miracle?????

    The Mystery of Lag B’Omer

    But even in defeat the spiritual leaders of the Jewish people struggled to rebuild Jewish life and recreate Jewish institutions. They were so successful that around 135 C.E. a Jewish military leader named Bar Kosiba succeeded in organizing a fighting force to rid the Land of Israel of the hated Romans. Thousands rallied to his cause, including the greatest Talmudic scholar of all times, the Tanna Rabbi Akiva ben Yosef, whose insights and brilliant decisions fill the Mishnah…..if the revolts succeeded and Jews from all over the world united to return and rebuild their homeland, Rabbi Akiva believed that they could bring about the Messianic Era ? the great era of spirituality and universal peace foretold by Israel’s Prophets ? the great millennia during which all Jews would return to the land of Israel, the Jerusalem Temple would be rebuilt and Israel would lead the world into an era of justice, spiritual revival, and fulfillment.