UN: “Jews Seek Racial Domination!”

The latest report from the U.N.

By Anne Bayefsky

A newly released United Nations report epitomizes the foul anti-Semitism which has overtaken the U.N. human-rights machinery. In language reminiscent of Nazi Germany, John Dugard, the U.N.’s “Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967,” has announced that Jews seeks racial domination.

In Dugard’s words: “The IDF inflicts serious bodily and mental harm on Palestinians…Palestinians throughout the OPT [Occupied Palestinian Territory] are denied freedom of movement. Can it seriously be denied that the purpose of such action is to establish and maintain domination by one racial group (Jews) over another racial group (Palestinians) and systematically oppressing them?”

Dugard’s U.N. mandate is to demonize Israel. Palestinian human-rights violations were deliberately omitted from the job description, first drafted by the U.N. Human Rights Commission in 1993 and continued by the “reformed” U.N. Human Rights Council. Dugard, a lawyer, not only accepted the one-sided mandate, he relished the opportunity to become an advocate of a one-state solution in the name of human rights. What Dugard fears most is not hate and the terrorism it fuels, but “Judaization” — the idea of a Jew living in claimed Arab land. Deliberately mirroring Nazi imagery, his report refers to Israel’s security fence this way: “The Wall being built in East Jerusalem is an instrument of social engineering designed to achieve the Judaization of Jerusalem…”

The “Judaization” problem stands side-by-side with this U.N. champion of the Hamas government. According to Dugard, Israel has no right to refuse to transfer funds to the Hamas government. Why? “Predictably, Israel justifies its action on security grounds, but the real reason seems to be a determination to effect a regime change.” A look at the Hamas Charter might help determine the wisdom of regime change: “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it…There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad…” But according to this U.N. expert the problem is not a government dedicated to killing Jews, but the Jews themselves.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Would someone who has a voice, please, tell those no-brain idiots at the un that Jews are not a race. Oy! What stupidity in this day and time.

  2. Dugard is so uneducated in his views that he crosses the line well into the territories of stupidity, arrogance, and its cousin. prejudice. Anyone who reports self-defense as aggression has missed the point. Self-defense is not wishing to join “the other”; a means of avoiding suicide. Jews can be altruistic among themselves, but “others” will and do take advantage of that stance in the form of demanding “justice” with the intent of undermining the altruism of the core group. That is why “withdrawal” or “convergence” or “living side by side with our Palestinian neighbors” is a form of suicide. Simply put, Mr. Dugard would prefer if the Jews disappeared. Let us not help him in his “world view.”

    We must always remember that the opposite of altruism is spitefulness, violent or not. The difference between Judaism and Islam is in the definition of “spiteful.” Islam’s view of what is spiteful is so wide that it engenders shock and awe. If Mr. Dugard were any less stupid, he might agree that the diversity within Jewish life is broader than within Islam by gaping light years – limiting the definition of “spitefulness”, and thus, should garner his support, rather than his opposition. A positive view of Israel would be far more in accord with what he claims as his world view. That is why he is stupid, because he has not considered the inconsistencies of his own views.

  3. e is evil incarnate or stupid or bot! (I am missin 2 keys) I would like to ask im wat constitutes a Palestinian. I tout tat s wat te romans called us Jews to slit us!

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