U.N. troops accused of abetting genocide in KOSOVO

American Council for Kosovo documents 8 years of ethnic cleansing against Serbs

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The cross that sat high atop St. Andrew the First-Called in Podujevo was torn down in one of many acts of vandalism designed to terrorize the Christian Serb community
WASHINGTON – United Nations forces moved into Kosovo in 1999 to “stop genocide.”

But, according to a blistering new report from the American Council for Kosovo, U.N. troops have aided and abetted the deliberate, systematic and nearly complete ethnic cleansing of the mostly Christian Serb population by mostly Muslim ethnic Albanians.

“Every facet of the way of life of the Serbs of Kosovo is threatened by the new reality established since June 1999 under KFOR (the NATO Kosovo Force) and the U.N. and therefore the very existence of the Serbs there is threatened,” says the report “Hiding Genocide in Kosovo.”

“All kinds of persecution using all types of methods have been adopted,” the report says. “Throughout the territory of Kosovo, the Serbs have been persecuted, a persecution that is happening on their own territory, in their own country. They are denied basic human rights and are not equal to their Muslim counterparts under the law. Even though the Serbs were the main targets, they were not the only ones. Consider the situation of the Croats who now number less than 500, or the Roma who have been banished to the edges of the Serb enclaves by persistent terrorization, or the Gorani, Slavic Muslims, who reside in the south west tip of Kosovo in the mountains and whose numbers dwindle every year.”

Using a combination of eyewitness reports, diaries of the dead and interviews with survivors, the report pieces together a harrowing narrative about eight years of mostly low-intensity genocide by the Muslim ethnic Albanians now demanding independence for Kosovo.

The U.N., in conjunction with Western powers, has been working toward this end, which they term “the final status.”

“The biggest lie: the internationals claimed they were coming to stop a genocide,” writes James George Jatras, director of the American Council for Kosovo. “In reality, they are facilitating one. For the Serbs in Kosovo ‘final status’ can only mean a final solution.”

Ethnic and religious violence between Albanians and Serbs in the Serbian province of Kosovo was not unusual leading up to 1999 when the Albanian majority drew NATO onto their side in an effort to tip the scales in the balance of terror.

Kosovo has been occupied by the U.N. ever since the war ended. But the new report attempts to document the U.N.’s continuing partiality toward the Albanians, who have turned more and more Kosovo Serbs into refugees, virtually emptying out many Serb-dominated villages and burning and defacing churches along the way.

Thirteen months of international talks on the future of Kosovo ended in stalemate earlier this year. Now, three diplomats from the U.S., Russia and the European Union are set to start afresh.

While ethnic Albanians see their independence movement on the verge of success, Serbia turned to its Russian ally to veto U.N. adoption of any independence plan.

Meanwhile, the report on Kosovo violence looks at 12 municipalities, all of which had sizable Serbian Christian populations as recently as 1999. Today, the tiny Serb remnants are composed mainly of elderly and infirm simply incapable of moving.

Still, the carnage continues, right under the noses of U.N. KFOR authorities. CONTINUE

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. The UN is supossedly the “good cop” of the Evilarchy’s Globalist Criminal Syndicate, while other divisions of The Syndicate – such as the US (representing the interests of the US Establishment, not to be conflated with “America”, “The Americans” or “American values”), Britain, The EU, Russia, China and The Syndicate’s Global Islamist project, all often play the role of the “bad cop”.
    The “bad cops” all commit horrendous crimes. This generally leads people to effectively say, “This is terrible! This can’t go on! What are THEY going to do about it?!”

    Then, “they” – usually via one of the “good cops” – put forward a proposed “solution”. This “solution” usually involves implementation of a set of policies which would normally be rejected by most people but which are now demanded by them due to the “crisis” created by the “bad cops”. Clever. This is a Hegelian Dialectical process known in some circles as “Problem-Reaction-Solution”.
    This shows that in many ways, the “good cops” are more dangerous than the “bad cops”, as they are the primary agents in organising and articulating what would be a normally unpopular and tyrannical policy shift.

    It is therefore unsurprising to also find out that – as in this case – the “good cops” often turn out to be quite overtly bad.

    This is certainly the case with the absurd but popular notion that – in the case of the recent contrived “fight” between Hamas and Fatah – that Hamas is represented as the “bad cop” while Fatah is represented as the “good cop”. While both organisations are dangerous anti-Jewish outfits with genocidal agendas, Fatah – decended from the German Nazi “Final Solution”, and responsible for far more murders of Jews and Arabs than Hamas – being represented as the “good cop” is beyond ludicrous.


    Of course once a critical mass of people cease to persistently give their Sovereignty away to this or that Syndicate front outfit and instead claim their Sovereignty and stop blaming someone or something else for the mess the world appears to be in, then The Syndicate’s little games will no longer be able to function and The Evilarchy’s willing little helpers can be exposed and dealt with like the anti-Human arch-criminals that they are.

  2. It is an old Arab trick. Start a war and then blame the other side for starting it and for all the deaths and injuries and get the world’s sympathy. It started at the time of the Crusades when Christians tried to take back Christian lands in the Middle East that had been brutally conquered by Islam. It was not the Crusades but the expnasionism of Islam which was the original cause of the Crusades.

  3. “Greece is reluctant to go public with this information right now fearing that the Muslim world will come down hard on their heads.” Guess what Greece and all other Western nations. The Muslim world will come down hard on your heads any way. Because we fear what the Muslim world might do is the absolute wrong reason not to go public with the information. The only reason not to go public with something like this at this time would be because one wants to make sure they have their facts straight before going public.

    “…no one will have sympathy for them anymore.” I hope so. In any event, I have been predicting for a long time that the extreme hubris of this enemy would eventually lead them to over reach. They may have just done so.

  4. Here’s two stories evolving right now that could affect the Kosovo situation on a major scale:

    1. An official says a threat came a month ago that the Kosovo administrative boundary area would be set on fire (and it was). Over the last few days, Albanians were actually shooting (from the Kosovo side) at the Serb firefighters who were trying to put out the blaze on the Serb side.

    2. And I got this an email a few minutes ago from a friend with substantial Greek political and military connections regarding the recent terrible fires in Greece:

    …They all agree that the conflagration was caused by Islamic terrorists. They told us that they have discovered the devices that they use to start the fires. They (the terrorists) use cell phones which are placed in containers filled with inflammatory materials. These devices are placed at intervals along a tree line stretching for many kilometers. The devices are exploded when they ring up the telephone numbers. They blame Albanian terrorists and in fact they are now tracking down the master mind of this unglodly attack against Greece. Greece is reluctant to go public with this information right now fearing that the Muslim world will come down hard on their heads.

    Presumably, when Greece finds the mastermind, the “who” will speak for itself.

    But if Albanians really are using arson as a weapon on this scale — especially in the fires in Greece — the Albanians’ name and claims are “garbage” from here on out and no one will have sympathy for them anymore.

  5. As galling as this report is about U.N. complicity in ethnic cleansing of the Serbs in Kosovo by Muslims there, do not forget that the U.N. has distinguished itself as complicit by its acts, failure to act when action was demanded or simply tolerating or turning a blind eye to evil rooting and flourishing, such as its participation in the oil for food scandal, what happened in Rwanda, is happening in Darfur and with their presence in south Lebanon that did not do a damn thing to stop Hezbollah’s efforts to strengthen and arm themselves in the region.

    The UN did however manage to get in the way of Israel effectively taking Hezbollah out of the region for good and to add insult to injury it is UN business as usual in south Lebanon as Hezbollah re-arms and digs in further into south Lebanon under the U.N.’s watchful eye.

    The U.N. is so corrupted and dysfunctional, it is hard to know just where to begin to condemn all that is so very wrong with that institution.

    Still, since the American Council for Kosovo has just issued its report damning the U.N., perhaps that is just as good a place as any to start.

  6. You’ve got to wonder if they aren’t abetting all of this just to get a cut of the gun-running, narco-terrorists’profits!

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