U.S.-backed Fatah admits infiltration by Hamas

But more American weapons shipments reach Abbas’ militias

By Aaron Klein

JERUSALEM – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ U.S.-backed Fatah organization today officially admitted it has been thoroughly infiltrated by the Hamas terror organization.

The admission comes as the U.S. the past two days sent large quantities of weaponry to Fatah and has pledged to back Abbas’ group against Hamas in the West Bank.

Hamas officials told WND today their terror group has infiltrated Fatah’s security services and will obtain weapons the U.S. sends to Abbas.

Hamas officials also said it was “fruitless” for the U.S. to coordinate security with Fatah in the West Bank since Hamas agents working within Fatah will transmit the information to Hamas. They vowed to soon take over the West Bank. continue

July 28, 2007 | 2 Comments »

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Reports such as these serve to underline the folly of Israel responding to American pressure and being moved on their own initiative in their hopes for peace to recognize and support Abbas and engage him in peace talks before Abbas is in any position to make any kind of binding deal.

    It should be noted however that Abbas does have the authority to take the benefit of any and all confidence building measures given by Israel, provided that the Palestinians are not required to give anything in return or what they give are no more than empty promises or promises that they can break with impugnity.

  2. This is interesting because it will be difficult for the world to support a West Bank state run by Hamas. In practice it makes no difference because Hamas and Fatah are essentially the same except for the rhetoric. If Russia is supplying arms to Iran, and Europe is now Eurabia, does that mean the West is now essentially restricted to North America and Australia?

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