US moves out, al Qaeda moves in

Fears of al–Qaida return in Iraq as US–backed fighters defect

American allies the Sons of Iraq being offered more money by al–Qaida to switch sides

[..] The Sons of Iraq grew out of a series of mini-rebellions against militants associated with al-Qaida that started in late 2006. They soon grew into a success story in Iraq, which was capitalised on by the then commanding US general, David Petraeus, who agreed to pay each member a $300 monthly salary and used the rebels as a tool to quell the boiling insurgency.

The US handed over control of the Sons of Iraq to the Iraqi government in late-2008. The programme since has been plagued by complaints about distrust and delays in paying salaries, as well as almost daily bombings or shootings targeting Awakening Council leaders and members across Iraq this year, which have troubled US commanders as their combat troops steadily leave the country.[..]

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  1. The U.S. is very aware that it is losing some of its troops to the enemy. The Almighty dollar is a carrot that the enemy has plenty of. It is unfortunate that there is too much money in the wrong hands.