US plan for Israel and Palestinians is impossible

By Vic Rosental

‘Israel, US secretly agreed on gradual easing of Gaza blockade’

This was reported before the barrage of about 50 rockets which were launched last night in violation of the ceasefire, including some at Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and even Hebron (even usually quiet Rehovot was a target last night, with at least one rocket taken out by Iron Dome. Another barrage is going on as I write, at 8:15 AM).

Nevertheless, I doubt that this will have any effect on the ultimate outcome. The American plan is that Hamas will be moderated and legitimized, somehow reconciled with Fatah (details on this are fuzzy), and then a two-state solution will be implemented with Israel sandwiched between two halves of ‘Palestine’. In order for this to happen, the war has to end with Hamas intact.

One of the main reasons that Israel has for opposing a Palestinian state is that Hamas, both the most powerful faction (militarily and politically) and one of the most rejectionist, will quickly take over. Judea and Samaria will become like Gaza, with rockets fired from locations a few miles from Tel Aviv and Ben Gurion Airport.

But if the US can somehow get Hamas to behave, then it believes that this objection can be neutralized. And it thinks that it can tame Hamas by making Israel give in to its demands.

This is fundamentally wrong. Hamas’ highest priority is to destroy Israel. It is not asking for open borders or international aid in order to improve living conditions in Gaza — it wants them in order to build up its forces for confrontation with Israel. If you don’t believe this, look at how it has exposed its population during the war. It is not possible to ‘tame’ Hamas with concessions, only to help it carry out its extremist program.

The US has always held stubbornly to the belief the way to achieve peace between Israel and its neighbors is to reverse the results of the 1967 war. This false idea led it to embrace the weak, corrupt and intransigent Abbas regime in Judea and Samaria, to push for Israel to give up the Golan heights to Syria — imagine if that little gambit had succeeded — and now to try to pay off Hamas to make an ideological 180 degree turn and coexist with Israel, completely against its nature.

This betrays either a profound ignorance of Hamas ideology, values and aspirations — or something much more malign.

Meanwhile, the IDF is retaliating against rocket launchers and other targets. I have a feeling that the US is keeping a tight lid on Israel’s responses.

Now is the time for yet another demonstration. The signs should read “Free Israel — from US domination.”

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16 Comments / 16 Comments

  1. yamit82 Said:

    Israel leaders’ stubborn belief in Hamas’ desire for war’s end led the country back to war

    Dicha of Deborah, ” Don’t spit in your own soup”.

  2. Israel leaders’ stubborn belief in Hamas’ desire for war’s end led the country back to war

    debkafile reports that, as recently as Monday, Aug. 18, a senior intelligence source asserted that Netanyahu and Ya’alon were satisfied with the Cairo talks, because their outcome would refute their critics, ministers and security chiefs alike, by bringing Hamas to its knees.
    Asked how this would come about, the source repeated the mantra heard day after day during the fighting: Hamas is looking for a way out of the conflict and wants to end hostilities, he explained. That is what we are banking on.

  3. honeybee Said:

    ” muddy the waters” is my line, kiddo

    I will steal any good line from any source. Ends justify the means or ends served. (Who said that?)

  4. Love this!!!

    Sisi has a sense of humor and even a sardonic one. I am beginning to like this enemy… He has national pride something our leaders might emulate.

    Egypt Urges US Restraint Over Missouri Unrest

    The Egyptian Foreign Ministry’s statement on the unrest in Ferguson read similarly to one issued by U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration in July 2013, when the White House “urged security forces to exercise maximum restraint and caution” in dealing with demonstrations by Mursi supporters.

  5. yamit82 Said:

    Keep Kerry and Obama out of this conflict they will just muddy the waters further and ensure Israel comes out of this as the big loser. Egypt and Israel have a common cause in seeing America shut out as much as possible.

    Very true!!Darlin however !!! ” muddy the waters” is my line, kiddo

  6. Has the West Made the next Gaza War Inevitable?

    by Trevor Norwitz

    This war in Gaza was inevitable, just like the coming one in Lebanon, which will take place when the terrorists of Hezbollah – or their Iranian puppet-masters – find it opportune to unleash their rocket stockpile at Israeli cities again. Since Israel is not able to limit the flow of weapons to them – the only reason for the much maligned blockade of Gaza – Hezbollah’s arsenal is presumably far more potent than that of Hamas

  7. Qatar reportedly threatened to expel Mashaal

    Qatar has threatened to expel Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal if the Gaza-based terror organization agrees to the current terms of the ceasefire framework put forth by Egypt.

    Palestinian negotiator tells Arabic daily that Doha threatened to deport Hamas chief if he agreed to Egypt’s ceasefire deal

    America, Obama and Kerry support Qatar!!!!!

    Keep Kerry and Obama out of this conflict they will just muddy the waters further and ensure Israel comes out of this as the big loser. Egypt and Israel have a common cause in seeing America shut out as much as possible.

  8. America has been effectively been removed from asserting a major influence in the ME. Now she is backtracking and trying to insert herself back into the mix as a dominating force.

    America is tied to the Turks and Qatar track and Israel should resist this attempt at all costs.

    There IS a New Middle East and it looks like chaos will be the dominating motif for many years to come. Europe is only now showing signs of understanding the ME and Global realities. America is still lagging behind Europe in comprehending those realities.

    Israel needs to hunker down and bunker down and to the extent possible tune out all third party efforts and noise and concentrate mainly on security and deterrence. Over the past 44 days we should now know what not to do and by elimination begin to choose what we should be doing.

    Talk of regional alliances and or mutuality of common interests should be weighed against the rocky instability of those regimes that have of late demonstrated common interests with Israel. In other-words they cannot be counted upon and will throw Israel under the bus when they believe it’s in their interests to do so. That does not mean that we shouldn’t take advantage of present opportunities but to build future policy on them is insane.

    The Jordanians and the Saudi regimes may not be around in a year or two and they are scared of such an eventuality.

    Israel should try to bring down Qatar. Since the recent change in leadership the young ruler is the main supporter of radical Jihadis including Hamas and is using the power of Al-Jazeera to influence opinions in the region and aroud the world and by throwing billions of $$$ in the West to buy influence.

    We are in for a few very tough years and how our leaders approach our regional and global threats will determine just how tough the next few years will be.

    Israel is a regional power and a mini global power and it’s time she began to act like one and begin by becoming assertive in all things and not as we have long been, a country that responds.

  9. This is another half baked article more rumor or speculation than provable fact. This is the one thing that is constant. Someone should count the articles that have mentioned that Israel has agreed to give the store away. Paranoid writings at best.

  10. Kerry’s open mike gaff some weeks ago after he got off the phone with Bibi seems to have said it all – defining current US administration’s attitude and policy.

    “Surgical! Yeah Right! –(name of his aide here addressed) _____! We’ve go to get over there and stop them (Israel)”

    According to Ted’s speech in TO. Bibi has a strategy.

  11. Netanyahu has long ago ceased to represent ISRAEL. The betrayer certainly made many secret plans and he is closer than ever to getting booted out for the second time.