Vetting Obama

by LaDonna Hale Curzon

Obama as a young radical.

At what might have been Andrew Breitbart’s last public speech, he said, “Barack Obama is a radical and we should not be afraid to say that,” as he promised CPAC attendees that he would do what the lamestream media has refused to do, vet the 44th President of the United States.

In an effort to continue the Obama vetting process ignited by Breitbart, Sarah Palin Radio is on record saying: “Obama is a radical and we’re not not afraid to help prove it.”

Hence the interview with Dr. John Drew, a respected political scientist, who not only knew Obama while he was as student at Occidental College in the early 1980s, but knew him as a committed Marxist because Dr Drew, at the time, was a socialist himself. Dr. Drew had, in fact, founded the socialist organization at Occidental that claimed Obama as a member.

Drew first met Obama, along with Obama’s roommate Mohammed Hasan Chandoo, in 1980. He was immediately struck by Obama’s thorough knowledge of Marxist philosophy at such a young age. Drew had many more years of Marxist economic study than the 19-year-old Obama, yet Obama was quite able in debating his point of view that socialist revolution was the answer even if it took a violent turn. Drew argued that a Marxist revolution would never happen in the United States, but Obama would not waver.

It was Obama, Chandoo and Drew that made up a small group known for its radical, Lenin-Marxist ideology on the Occidental campus, a school known as the most liberal college in the country and a haven for the likes of Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda.

Drew thinks Obama was heavily influenced for 10 years by the well-known communist Frank Marshal Davis while he was growing up in Hawaii. Davis, like Obama’s mother and maternal grandparents were Kansans that moved to Hawaii. Davis, as it turns out, was a friend of Obama’s maternal grandfather. That helps explain Obama’s deeply held socialist ideology and influence on his current Administration’s policies such as ObamaCare and his class warfare rhetoric.

When Drew met Obama, he was introduced as Barack but Obama told Drew to call him Barry. The correct pronunciation of Barack, according to Drew, is Ba Rack (like Iraq, not I Rock). However, Drew says that Obama gave his name a California twist by changing it so it sounded like Ba Rock as in Barack ‘n roll, Barack rocks, or something along those lines. Probably a smart move on Obama’s part. Barry sounds more country club Republican than a Marxist revolutionary and Ba Rack sounds too much like Iraq and Iran.

Obama’s relationship with college roommate Chandoo has continued to this day. Chandoo came from a very wealthy Pakistani family and is one of Obama’s bundlers, fund raisers who raise more than $100,000. He has, of course, been to the White House for an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan. Perhaps Obama and Chandoo have been plotting since their college days at Occidental, as Breitbart asserted in his CPAC speech. Obama would be the agent of change while Chandoo, the money man, would finance the operation.

Drew thinks that the reason Obama has not released any of his college transcripts is because Obama is hiding his SAT scores. According to Drew, Obama is not the genius the lamestream media makes him out to be. He is, at best, said Drew, average. “Let’s just put it this way,” Drew concludes, “Obama is not a genius.” Drew said that Obama probably got Bs and Cs while at Occidental. A Fulbright scholar, he wasn’t.

During the Reagan years, Drew evolved politically and today, he is a neo-conservative along the lines of David Horwitz. Obama, on the other hand, has not evolved politically according to Drew. Obama has never spoken nor written about his political transformation; the reason being: he hasn’t. Obama is a socialist in his heart. He is not the pragmatic centrist that you see in his campaign documentary. He is a product of his upbringing.

So why hasn’t Drew’s story been heard before now? In 2008, Drew tried to get his story out but was ignored.The lamestream media has been in the tank for Obama from the beginning. Just ask Hillary. No one in the media was going to publicize Obama’s Marxist socialism past. No one that is until now.


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Curzon is the Executive Producer and Host of Sarah Palin Radio. Since Sarah Palin Radio was launched in 2008, the program has been covered on MSNBC, CNN, WUSA, “America’s Morning News,” Agence France-Presse TV, SVT Sweden TV, PJTV, United Press International,The Washington Times, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The New Yorker magazine and numerous blogs and radio shows. The executive producer and host was named “Worse Person in the World” by Keith Olbermann on his MSNBC show and acknowledged by Gov. Palin in her best-selling book Going Rogue.

Curzon is also the Associate Producer of US Tea Party Radio and a contributor to PJTV and Breitbart’s Big Government and Big Hollywood.

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  1. Listen up People! You are confused!

    Wealth goes to an Elite Ruling Class = Fascism (Triumph of the Strong)
    Wealth goes to the State = Marxism. (Triumph of the State)
    Wealth goes to the people = Capitalism. (Triumph of Democracy)

    Since Obama became President the rich got richer and the wealthy got wealthier. Just like every Republican and Democratic regime before him things got worse for the American People and better for the Ruling Class) And by ‘rich’ we mean the ruling class , not just the guy down the street that has a nice house.

    Therefore Ogoilema is a fascist and works for fascists, not a Marxist, not a Capitalist.

    Obama served the function of effectively siphoning off the people’s desire for reform without actually doing anything. Look at the ‘Deathcare’ Insurance companies, he did not get rid of them and put their executives on trial for their crimes against humanity , he made them stronger. National Healthcare cannot be achieved unless the insurance companies which profit by killing people and denying people health services are abolished. Healthcare and Insurance companies are incompatible. The Insurance companies belong to the Elite and are there only for the purpose of making them more powerful and wealthier. They also serve to kill off the poor and those useless to the elite as workers by denying them health services. As soon as anyone get seriously ill even if they got insurance they get ‘claim denied’! They are the Elite’s Eugenics program.

    People! You are whipped to hysteria by the System Propaganda of the Elite and the fact is it’s just a show, a distraction, they don’t even care, The ruling class are grateful to Obama, same as they are to the Republicans.
    Where did you get these ideas? Why from the Elite’s MSM of course. They decide what you think.
    Try to think about it and free yourselves from the squirrel wheel.

    Now of course you have to vote Obama out in the next election to help both America and Israel but be clear about why that is.
    The reason for that is you can’t let either party stay in power too long. The system is one system and it plays both sides for itself and in return the people in self defense have to play along with that system.
    The Electoral System is the Elite’s Dog and Pony show – a distraction. While they put on this show, behind the scenes they strengthen their economic fascism and no matter which party wins they get stinger and the American Public get more oppressed.

    If any Party stays in power too long they won’t need the dog and pony show any more.

    So vote for the dog, then the pony then the dog again – who knows you might last a few decades longer before all the wealth belongs to the elite and they will close the show.

  2. Can you tell me when it was that Karl marx, Freiedrich Engels, Lenin or Trotsky ever hid (for a second) their revolutionary socialist views. Never! Does that not at least question this claim that Obama is a Marxist.

    Based upon his apparent policies,actions, speeches,pronouncements and associations I wouldn’t call him a Marxist, which is pretty nondescript, I would say he is a TROTSKIST,ie; A view where proletarian revolution, leads to a socialist society, that cannot be achieved in isolation, so it would be necessary to spark off further revolutions throughout Europe and ultimately worldwide.

    HOPE AND CHANGE? Using the tools of Economic scorched earth both in America and the world, using Islamic fundamentalists aligned with radical leftists to create chaos and international anarchy. Destruction of the old and existing orders and long standing stable international institutions seems to be his MO. I don’t believe he is a Muslim or a Christian but true to Marx is an atheist who may or may not have an affinity for Muslims but nevertheless will exploit Muslims if they serve his purposes.

  3. Max says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Ooh! I get it , it’s a secret….

    Apparently the majority of Syrian Christians do not support Assad so you are just blowing smoke.
    (information in moderation)

    What is your real agenda?

  4. Ooh! I get it , it’s a secret….

    Obviously you have some kind of deceitful agenda here Felix. Why is it important for Marxism to support a Nazi fascist regime such as Assad’s?
    Apparently the majority of Syrian Christians do not support Assad so you are just blowing smoke.
    Apparently the hysteria about the revolutionaries massacring Christians is Regime Propaganda.

    (And also I would say if anyone in Syria does support totalitarianism they deserve to be wiped out, totalitarianism is the enemy of all humanity)

    What is your real agenda?
    What ever you are on about has nothing to do with Syrian Christians.
    OPPS, I forgot, You refuse to tell us, shhh…it’s secret.

    Syrian regime threatens Christians, clamps down on churches
    Sunday, 26 February 2012

    Many Syrian Christians have been targeted by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad for participating in protests demanding his ouster. (Reuters)

    “Syrian Christians Rise, Unite to Oust Assad” – Interview with SCD
    What, I asked the Syrian Christians for Democracy assembled around tables pushed together in the lounge of the Hotel George, is the one thing that Americans need to know about Bashar al-Assad?

    “He’s killing kids,” Maroneh native and Boston diaspora leader Essam Francis answered succinctly.

    As Christians, as Syrians, these activists were brought together by the bloodshed sown by the brutal regime that has slain about 8,500, according to the latest United Nations estimates, including the massacre of entire families this week in Homs — 16 members of the Tahhan family, 20 of the Rifaei family, and more, according to the chilling reports of theLocal Coordination Committees of Syria .

    Syrian Christians for Democracy

    So Felix you are a self appointed propagandist for Assad. Why? Did Assad promise the Marxists a slice of the Jews?
    Devil got your tongue?

  5. “Max” and everybody on Israpundit including Belman

    Why the hell would I explain ANYTHING to a bunch of communist baiters masquerading as friends of Jews and Israel, and to people who cannot defend Assad from his attackers when the plight of millions of Syrian Christians depends on the defence of Assad.

  6. @ Felix Quigley

    As the resident Marxist here. Pleas explain Obama in terms of your dialectic and also please tell us what the Marxist agenda is for a future Israel? Or perhaps Marxism intends to sacrifice Israel in some way for some reason in it’s political struggles?

  7. @ Felix Quigley Some like Ager Hiss denied their political viewpoints (while they served as paid Soviet agents). Others like Walter Duranty hid their political orientation while they fed Soviet propaganda to the US public. Others, hid their sympathies while they endeavored to take over the screen actors Guild.

    This, does not shed light on Obama’s left-wing views ( to the extent that he was or is influenced by Marxist doctrine}.

    However, it does mean that your objections (if I could call them that) have little relevance to the topic being presented.

  8. Can you tell me when it was that Karl marx, Freiedrich Engels, Lenin or Trotsky ever hid (for a second) their revolutionary socialist views. Never! Does that not at least question this claim that Obama is a Marxist.