Victor Davis Hanson: Biden Is Not With Israel, But The American People Are

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October 27, 2023 | 4 Comments »

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  1. EvRe1,

    I’m an American and your/Hanson’s read is correct. Trump fever is growing and is far from peaked. The court cases against him are considered a sideshow. Irrelevant even if (unlikely) true.

    Typical comment I’m seeing on Jewish sites.
    “I woke up October 7th a Liberal. I went to bed a Conservative.”
    David Mamet feels BETRAYED

  2. American forces had been attacked well over ninety times as of last week, and have only responded 4 times upto that time. In the past week they have been struck multiple times more taking several casualties, with only the barest of responses being made at the usual targets, fomenting a certain expectation among the Mullahs that the boldness and responsiveness which the US should be projecting is not to something for which they have to fear. If the US is to be taken seriously, they must respond, and not in a tit for tat basis which they are still preferring not to do, but with an exaggerated vigor to re-establish a sense of deterence which might be recognized as a threat to the mullahs. Yet, with the Iranian spies still fully exposed and fully active within their sensitive positions in the US govt, the Mullahs would seem to have little to fear as they are well informed both of what Washington is thinking because they are themselves influencing the thoughts passing through the administration, and this is no small concern for those opposed to the Mullahs to consider.

  3. He [Hanson] believes that if attacked, the US government will have to respond militarily against Iran, rather than cutting and running.

    I think Hanson is an optimist. Biden has a proven track record of cutting and running — in Afghanistan, right next to Iran.

  4. Excellent video discussion.
    What Victor Davis Hanson thinks is that the US government got itself in this bind by empowering Iran.

    He thinks Iran has been acting gleeful, but Iran is actually in real danger of being overconfident. If Iran or Hezbollah directly hits US naval assets, the US government will have no choice but to go to war against Iran. Since this was recorded, indeed, the US has hit back at Iranian forces in eastern Syria. 19 US servicemen have suffered traumatic brain injury from Iranian blasts. This was initially hidden from the American public but is openly admitted now.

    Hanson believes that the American people are behind Israel, which is what I have also believed. He says what people in other countries believe is not important. The American people are behind Israel and events are now likely to force Biden’s hand to support Israel.

    Furthermore, the more Israel defeats and destroys Hamas, the more support Israel will gain from everywhere, even from Sunni nations. They may all complain and whine about innocent Palestinians that they won’t take in, but they will come to support and admire Israel for doing what Israel needs to do.

    Whereas if Israel gives in to international condemnation (i.e. international support for Hamas) Israel will lose even more support.

    Hanson describes Biden as extremely weak, extremely unpopular, and now driven by events instead of leading events. He believes that if attacked, the US government will have to respond militarily against Iran, rather than cutting and running.