If Netanyahu can’t decide, his ministers must take control

T. Belman. Haetzni nails it.

The reason for the delay was that Israel wasn’t prepared for a ground invasion. She just knew how to mow the lawn. She is playing catch-up.

We’ll know within a few days whether the current leadership will find the ability to start coping with the dramatic situation, namely, if it will give the order to move forward with a ground invasion of Gaza.

 By  Nadav Haetzni, ISRAEL HAYOM      10-25-2023 20:52

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his supporters purported to classify him as a modern-day Winston Churchill of sorts, but history has already cemented his legacy as the Israeli Neville Chamberlain. Like the British prime minister who deluded himself and his nation by concluding the Munich accord, Netanyahu surrendered and led us to where we are now. Netanyahu isn’t alone on the stand; together with him are the high-ups of the left-center camp along with most of Israel’s defense leadership in the past generation.

Now, however, Netanyahu has been handed a task that even the original Chamberlain did not have to face – digging us out of the hole that he and his accomplices plunged us into. Chamberlain himself resigned and vacated his post in May 1940, when the Battle of Britain began, but the Britons had Churchill there to lead the epic task that they were facing. Among us, there isn’t even a whiff of Churchill in the whole political system; all members of the war cabinet are accomplices in the same conspiracy and spirit that brought on the catastrophe.

The only consolation is that the nation’s morale is strong and determined. A clear indication of Chamberlain-ism is the bumbling that surrounds the ground operation, already accompanied by a campaign of sorts that aims to nibble away at the self-evident conclusion about the need to rip Hamas out. Thus we got the conspicuous attention to General Yitzhak Brik’s views, thus Netanyahu initiated President Joe Biden’s visit, and thus the enemy’s trickle of extortionary deals was requited. Thus the ostensible leak, engineered by the most scandalous member of the war cabinet – Aryeh Deri – about the non-performance of the plans to topple Hamas.

There’s no doubt that, given its extreme unpreparedness, the system took two weeks or so to get itself organized: to draw up new offensive plans, to issue a set of orders, and to train and equip the units that have been downsized and degraded for years due to the “misconception.” And yes, the extensive destruction that the Air Force has wrought thus far matters, too. From now on, however, every day that passes works to our disadvantage. It shatters our international legitimacy and places an enormous burden on our society and economy. With so many people displaced and inducted, it is eroding the public’s resolve to go the whole nine yards.

The battle against the tunnels won’t be simple; that’s for sure. But we have a mighty advantage in military strength, resources, and also the troops’ fighting spirit and quality. History abounds with examples of more difficult challenges that were surmounted due to enterprise and the practice of war. Churchill had no ready-made answers to the German blitzkrieg; the IDF at the start of the War of Independence had neither the plans nor the means to contend with the Arab invasion. Overall, the warnings that we’ve been hearing are reminiscent of the scare campaign that accompanied the run-up to Operation Defensive Shield in 2002, when we were cautioned about the traps awaiting us within the refugee camps – not to speak of the opposition to crossing the Suez Canal in 1973.

We’ll know within a few days whether the current leadership will find the ability to start coping with the dramatic situation, namely, if it will give the order to move forward. If not, the senior members of the coalition will have to take the reins from the sole hands of Benjamin Netanyahu. It will have to set up a war team, perhaps including Gallant, Dichter, Edelstein, Kisch, and Barkat; possibly adding people who sized things up correctly, such as Avigdor Liberman and Gideon Saar; and maybe reinforced from outside the Knesset – all of which to lead in a Churchillian spirit, without hesitancy and impotence à la Chamberlain and his crew.

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  1. The Left in Israel hates the average Jew in Israel so much that Jews may not have guns to defend themselves and family. Did these stupid people not see what just happened and still they do nothing?

    The Left runs every institution in Israel and now they blame Netanyahu while for the past year the only thing that the leaders of the IDF, Mossad, Shin Bet, The Police and Judiciary did was to try to stop the reform of Israel’s totally corrupt judicial system and demonstrate and threaten Netanyahu and his allies.

    The Left is 100% guilty and they have not learned a damn thing.

  2. Mr. Evre1, I like the way you think and interpret the events of the day. One thing I put forth sometime back in a comment, that all the left wingers ” who participated in or cheered on the attempted coup d’etat prior to October 7,” would think different about their government, just as soon as they are attacked again, kill in their home, blown to bits as they rode a bus in Jerusalem, wife’s and children murder, etc., and so forth. I guess, we see some unity now. But it’s a shame it took Oct 7, to wake up the Israeli’s.

    The same thing was / is happening in America. I wonder if we will soon experience our own October the 7?, At the hands of Amalek.

  3. EvRe1: You are absolutely right. A left wing article. For the author Gallant, Liberman, etc. are good and people like Gen. Yitzhak Brick, who for so many years warned about the destruction of the Army is bad. That’s the main problem in Israel. Moshe Feiglin is talking about it all the time. This problem is much more dangerous than Hamas.

  4. It is interesting to hear from individuals who participated in or cheered on the attempted coup d’etat prior to October 7, blame Netanyahu. They must feel some guilt about wanting to see Netanyahu fail so much that they did all in their power to paralyze the government. The attempted coup took up a tremendous amount of government time and energy, including all the meetings on judicial reform in which Netanyahu did all in his power to compromise with those on the left, only to realize they weren’t interested in compromise, they wanted to be in power and see Likud out of power. They denigrated the Orthodox Jews openly in public, they denigrated various members of the coalition, and they despised Netanyahu.

    Now they blame him so they don’t have to ask themselves how much they contributed to this devastating attack.

    If anyone is responsible for this situation, it would be those on the left who maintain the delusion that peace with the “innocent” Palestinians is still possible. They blame Netanyahu more than they hold the Palestinians responsible for their blood lust.

    Those on the left who even tried a governing coalition with political parties whose goal is to destroy the Jewish State of Israel, don’t seem to want to look into their own consciences, as to how much their actions led to the belief of Iran and Hamas, that Israel was a divided country and ripe for attack.

    The extortion is not coming from Netanyahu. The extortion is coming from people like those on the left in Israel: the left in the US and other countries, that like those on the left in Israel believe that the Palestinian people are “innocent.” Those on the left outside of Israel would have a much harder time believing in the “innocence” of the Palestinians, if those on the left inside Israel spoke with those all over Israel with one voice that the Palestinian people are not “innocent.” Instead the left calls Netanyahu “the Israeli Chamberlain.”

    Actually no, it is those on the left that behaved like Chamberlain, and still are behaving like Chamberlain, appeasing the Palestinians by attacking the leader of Israel instead of supporting him. It is those on the left who tried to appease the Palestinians FOR YEARS in Israel, which ultimately led to the left’s repudiation by the people of Israel. And still they want to attack Netanyahu instead of saving their ammunition for the evil ones who killed and butchered innocent Jews.

  5. What I’m hearing is that America wasn’t ready and asked for a delay. Anti-air and antimissile defenses are being (or have been) rushed to the Middle East. So I give it some credence.

  6. This is another article from Israel Hayom

    Unlike Ted I tend to disagree with it

    I said in the other article that Hayom strategy is poor. The same applies here.

    But it is up to the Generals of the IDF to plan and since they are the experts get off their backs

    And I don’t understand the attack on Bibi put with no evidence