War and What is to be Done

By Paul Eidelberg

With Turkey’s outfitting the Gaza Flotilla, the war against Israel—America’s most important strategic/technological ally—has entered a second stage, since Turkey is aligned with the Iranian-Syrian axis of evil whose proxies in Gaza (Hamas) and in Lebanon (Hezbollah) confront Israel in the South and in the North, while Fatah confronts Israel on the West.

To moralize and legalize in defense of Israel is preaching to the choir and distracts attention from more effective action. Wars are not won by appealing to morality and law, although brief references to morality and law can be included in a “preamble” to inform the ignorant. The emphasis should be Attack! Attack! Attack! More important and decisive than appeals to moral values and sentiment—which should be kept to a minimum—is fear (concern for one’s security), self-interest (concern for one’s livelihood), and independence and pugnacity (ornery human nature or dislike for those telling us what to do).

With war we must identify and focus on the enemy and the enemy’s most important ally. The enemy is Islam—Islam pure and simple. Islam’s most powerful agent is IRAN, whose president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has not only vowed to wipe Israel off the map, but has also repeatedly called for DEATH TO AMERICA!

This bloody tyrant sent tens of thousands of Iranian children to their deaths by having them walk across mine fields in Iran’s war with Iraq. (See Michael Ledeen, Accomplice to Evil.) Moreover, Iran has the means of stopping the flow of oil from the Persian Gulf, and thereby collapsing America’s as well as the world’s economy. (See Richard Baer, The Devil We Know.) And then there are American scoundrels, former high-level American officials on the Saudi payroll. (See Baer, Sleeping With the Devil.)

But focus your literary weapons against Iran, with special emphasis on Iran’s means of depriving the U.S. of 20 percent of its oil imports, and of stopping the flow of oil to nations on which America’s economy very much depends.

As for Iran’s most important ally: enter Barack Hussein Obama. When Obama bowed to Saudi king Abdullah, that gesture signaled his strategic and ideological objective: to subordinate the United States to Islam. What he repeated called the “holy Koran” in his Cairo speech conveys the religion that modulates his heart and mind—the religion revealed in words and deeds but obscured by America’s leftwing dominated media.

America, along with Israel, has thus become the targets of the “Red-and-Green” Axis, the paradoxical alliance between Islam and the godless Left. This alliance is personified by Hussein Obama, a person who has no national identity—precisely the case of global Islam and the one-world oriented internationalist Left. (See David Horowitz, Unholy Alliance, and Efraim Karsh, Imperialistic Islam.)

The paradox in this alliance is easily dissolved: the target of the godless Left, evident in the writings of Marx, is none other than the Judeo-Christian heritage, the same target of imperialistic Islam! This unholy alliance between Islam and the Left must not only be exposed, as it has by David Horowitz, it must be personalized by focusing attention on its primary purveyors, Barak Hussein Obama and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Hitler of the Middle East.

Regarding the anti-American Left, it has legions ensconced in Academia (as David Horowitz has shown in The Professors.) Do not be put off with the drivel about “academic freedom.” Like Muslims, leftwing professors are using the language of democracy to undermine democracy. Americans must not be intimidated by the cognitive elite in the universities, but also avoid McCarthyism.

One last word: Organize—not new pro-American and pro-Israel organizations, but operational cooperation of such organizations. Think in terms of a “federal” system—a set of semi-autonomous organizations represented in a “Congress” having a common goal articulated and implemented on the international level by an “Executive.”

Never obscure or minimize the fact that we are at war, that the survival of our way of life is at stake.

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