Was October 7 an Earthquake for the Democrats?

By John Green, AM THINKER

I see the drag queens, black-masked thugs, and vagina hat wearing spinsters at every Democrat party event. I know the Dems are the party of radicals, community organizers, and the occasional posse-organizing bartender. But there are also a great many average Joes who habitually vote Democrat. The average Joe is a law-abiding, churchgoing family man who votes Democrat because he wants to make the world better — and has been led to believe that the Dems want that also.


It takes a significant shock to change one’s worldview — especially after decades of indoctrination. Before anyone can change long-held beliefs, they usually need to be mugged by reality.


Then Hamas attacked Israel, and everything changed. October 7 was “the big one.” It was the tectonic shift needed to reveal the cracks in the foundation of Joe’s worldview. Now he’s watching the nightly reports (including pictures and video) of all manner of depravity. In the name of “freedom fighting” Hamas had committed genocide, femicide, infanticide, kidnapping, and torture. It was far too much savagery for the propagandists to hide.

Hamas screwed up. It showed the world what true evil looked like. Didn’t the Palestinians just want to be free? Why burn a baby in an oven to achieve freedom from Israelis? In Joe’s mind, such acts were not relative or even necessary evil. They were absolute, unacceptable evil. The earth shifted beneath Joe’s feet a bit.

Then a major aftershock happened. A huge number of Joe’s political brethren came out in support of the attack — because it was against Jews. They said that the attack was Israel’s fault. They said the Jews brought it on themselves, because… well just because.

Now Joe is starting to see that that Democrats aren’t really the party of social justice or tolerance. They are the party of anti-Semites and terrorist sympathizers. Leaders in his party are quite happy to excuse the beheading of babies and the gang rape of women for the right cause. As Joe clears the sleep from his eyes, he is seeing that members of his party will gladly accept evil as “a means to an end.” Would his party endorse true evil to achieve other ends as well?

At the next Democrat political event, will a now wide-awake Joe notice

  • The pink-haired woman who had an abortion at eight months and 29 days — and is proudly celebrating it with her t-shirt?
  • The person who looted his local department store — in the name of social justice?
  • The Antifa thug who assaulted an elderly man on his block — to protest fascism?
  • The drag queen who grooms children at the local library — in the name of tolerance?
  • The socialist that wants to take away our God-given freedoms — to change the weather?

October 7 was a level 8 shock to Joe’s conscience. He had been slumbering comfortably, in the sure and certain confidence of his side’s righteousness. But then he saw a picture of an Israeli woman’s burned body, followed by a picture of a Palestinian flag outside Rashida Talib’s office. The ideological leaders of his party were coming out in defense of the indefensible. Could his worldview have been wrong all along? Has he been unknowingly siding with evil, rather than standing against it? How did he become aligned with Marxists, anarchists, terrorists, racists, the politically corrupt, and the morally barren?

The supposed Republican civil war because of the speaker fight was nothing but a family spat. It was an argument that needed to happen — to arrive at an understanding moving forward.

But what is happening in the Democrat party is a true civil war. The party is wrestling with whether to endorse ethnic cleansing or not. That’s a rather big deal. The anti-Semitic radicals want Jews removed — not just from the party, but from the world. Others in the party want to defend Israel. That is not a minor disagreement. It is a “California could fall into the ocean” -sized fault line — and it is close to rupture.

While the shaking in the party continues, the question remains: how will Joe react now that he has seen the truth? Will the propagandists be able to regain control of the narrative — while people of their own party continue to endorse genocide? Or will Joe see a Hamas flag streaming from the back of a car with a “COEXIST” bumper sticker, and realize that the bumper sticker was a lie all along?

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He writes for the American Free News Network and can be reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

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