“We Share a Common Fate”

October 14, 2023 | 1 Comment »

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  1. This was a very moving video that Caroline Glick made. She explained that without the existence of Israel, no Jew is safe anywhere in the world. Jews in America have been insulated for many years against antisemitism. But now it is clear that antisemitism has been rising in America and it seems to be more blatant than I have ever seen it in my life.

    I see online more and more open examples of people calling Israel a terror state.

    This growth of open antisemitism is a direct result of Obama’s normalization of the hatred of Jews, and also a result of the fact that American Jews were totally taken in by him and refused (and still refuse) to see his blatant hatred of Israel and Jews. We see it in the democrat party with the “squad” of representatives who are proud of their support for Hamas and hatred of Israel. These representatives spout anti-Jewish libels and lies and are NEVER criticized or confronted by their fellow democrats. Bernie Sanders joins them in viewing Israel as the cause of all problems in the Middle East.

    But now we have a bursting forth in the US of rabid antisemitism because potentially antisemitic people in the country think they see Hamas as successful in overpowering the Jews, and they feel empowered and emboldened to crush the Jews wherever they live.

    A lot of this happens at colleges and universities. Where anti-Jewish sentiment has built to a crescendo over the past 20 years.

    However, there have been many unvetted men from Middle Eastern countries who have crossed the border into the US, and this is being reported at websites where pro-Israeli conservative politics are discussed. One man went in to purchase several guns he had ordered, and found there were a dozen or so men looking like they were Middle Eastern, all speaking a foreign language to him. The air was tense and he did not feel he could ask the owner what was going on.

    Several men living in different cities have reported that they were alone in a gym, or there was maybe one other person there, when they saw a man of Middle Eastern descent walking all around the gym, looking around, as if he was casing the gym. This was reported to the gym owners. Two different episodes very similar but in cities far apart from each other.

    These may or may not represent anything unusual, but America feels on edge due to our open border, and due to the fact that we all know our federal government no longer makes any pretense of protecting its citizens. We also know our government has betrayed Israel.

    We are saddened by the events in Israel, but at the same time, it is inspiring to watch Caroline Glick explain the vital meaning of Israel and making Aliyah.

    My mother, now 90, lived in Israel during the Iraq war. She was a volunteer at Ichilov Hospital. She went by herself to Israel for 5 years, and to this day she is a strong supporter of Israel. She never learned to speak Hebrew. When I was growing up, we listened to an Israeli folk singer’s album over and over. His name was Ron Eliran.

    When I took Hebrew classes, starting in 2004, I started listening to Israeli music to help me learn Hebrew. I listened to many Israeli folk songs and some songs written by Naomi Shemer are still some of my favorite songs of all time.

    I feel that Caroline Glick is an outstanding spokeswoman for Israel and for Jews everywhere.