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By Ted Belman

What Paul Eidelberg has to say is always important and worthwhile. His latest article Netanyahu, Kissinger, Metternich, and Statecraft is no exception.

When I first made aliya, Paul Eidelberg was my neighbour and we saw each other from time to time. Then he disappeared from my horizen.

Now he has resurfaced as head of Israel-America Renaissance Institute. (I-ARI)

This web site has this to say about him and his institute:

    Internationally known political scientist, author and lecturer, Paul Eidelberg is founder and president of the Israel-America Renaissance Institute (I-ARI) with offices in Jerusalem and Philadelphia.

    Prof. Eidelberg served in the United States Air Force where he held the rank of first lieutenant. He received his doctoral degree at the University of Chicago, where he studied under the world-renowned professor Leo Strauss. Before immigrating to Israel in 1976, Prof. Eidelberg wrote a trilogy on America’s founding fathers: The Philosophy of the American Constitution, On the Silence of the Declaration of Independence, and, A Discourse on Statesmanship.

Its Editorial Advisory Board :

    Michael Ledeen, Robert R. Reilly, Harry Clor, Will Morrisey, Efraim Karsh, Israel Hanukoglu, Eugene Narrett, Edward Alexander, Arieh Zaritsky, Wolf Pearlman, Louis René Beres, Yoram Ettinger, Isaac Elishakoff

Very impressive.

June 22, 2012 | 3 Comments »

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. I did not finish addressing the issue of Israel’s PMs. There must be movements and they must find financial backers who will do whatever it takes to stop these politician/sociopathic criminals from weakening Israel any further. If the IDF refused to remove “settlers” what would the traitors who run the government do? The idea of a private Zionist rightist BBC like media entity could make Israeli citizens and supporters better informed ,spur them to action necessary to stop the traitors from destroying Israel.If every Jewish Israeli citizen and every Jew in the diaspora knew there can never be peace with the Arab except by instilling enough fear in them, and if necessary killing enough of them, the traitorous politicians could not get away with their treason.

  2. As a psychiatrist and holding a BA in Political Science I am convinced that there are more similarities between successful politicians and the vast majority of career criminals which known as sociopaths or suffering from antisocial Personality Disorder than differences. I studied under one of the world’s most renowned experts on personality disorders Otto Kernberg M.D. who said a very simple way to determine a sociopathic is by well they can lie,meaning the less conscience they process the better they can be convincing liars. In politics, almost no one can be successful unless they are very convincing liars. For example, someone who is unable to tailor they speech for various audiences and sound convincing, will not be successful in politics. Eidelberg mentioned Max Nordau who not directly but suggested politicians or “leaders” suffer psychological disorders. Since not having a conscience or very little of one is found both in very successful politicians and career criminals what is the difference? They both are pathological narcissists meaning they have no regard for others except a person they believe can be used to them attain what they want. Rabin, Peres, Olmert etc. are not stupid by any means. For example, Peres is only interested in Shimon Peres and has almost no real concern for the citizens of Israel. The same is true to varying degrees of all Israel PMs and all US presidents. Sharon was portrayed by some responsible for Israel essential winning by surrounding the Egyptian 3rd army. However, he showed poor judgment at times and did not follow orders that were sensible in some cases showing his narcissism. In the US army anyone who is suspected of having a personality disorder is immediately dismissed unless they are an officer.
    So what is the solution to the incredibly destructive policies which have resulted from Israel being a highly popular nation in the 1970s and 80s to a pariah nation? The populous should have engaged in civil disobediance since insane policies like the Oslo Accords, returning the Sinai to a people who will never make peace with or allow Jews to live in peace unless they are frightened of the Jews as they were after the 1967 war. I suggest : Tell the US leaders (but not most of its’ citizens) to go take their road map for “peace” and shove it up their —- ( since they are the puppets of the Saudis). The many articles on Eidelberg’s website must be disseminated as widely as possible. If there was a very rich American or Israel true Zionist or Zionists who would fund TV/radio/internet channels like the opposite of Nazi-like BBC which broadcasts to nations all over the world with truth about how Islam is in essence gigantic criminal syndicate masquerading as a religion.Expecting peace by negotiating with Israel’s neighbors is like expecting the FBI to negotiate reliable contract with the criminal syndicates in the US not to break the law. Israel also must deal more harshly with traitors. The professor who caused Ben Gurion University to lose $1 million should be sentenced to 20 years in prison. Israel has oil and natural gas deposits which must be turned into cash asap. There is no time for dealing with the obstructionist environmentalists. Lincoln jailed traitors without trial.

  3. Thanks for telling us about Prof. Eidelbert. He wrote, “The idea of deténte or cooperation with an evil regime known to have slaughtered millions of its own citizens, moreover, a regime explicitly and ideologically committed to America’s demise, would have been deemed abhorrent, if not insane, to Prince Metternich, even though that aristocrat is usually identified as a “realist” as opposed to a “moralist.” Okay. Why then are American voters cooperating with the Democrats, an evil regime known to have slaughtered at least two of its own employees as well as thousands of Mexicans in Fast and Furious? We do not need any more evidence. Obama is fighting as hard as possible to destroy America. Why are we Americans allowing him? Detente with the Democrats?