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  1. A Kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. See Mark 3 v 24.

    Here are some easy to spot examples.

    The Left the Arabs, the Communists, the Nazi (socialists) dislike or hate Israel. They dislike Capitalism because it allows freedom of choice, they love welfare in exchange for votes, murder the unborn, they adhere to a fake humanitarianism that discriminates against anyone opposing their views and their evil deeds. They stifle or violently oppose freedom of speech, practice civil disobedience, are lawless (as long as they can get away with it). They lie, cheat and either support or condone terrorism. They hate all true belief and faith in G-d and break the Ten Commandments with no conscience. All of these actions are evil and all evil comes from the heart of man through Satanic wiles, temptations that having rejected the real G-d they cannot resist and are thus willing or deceived servants of the god of this earth, Satan who currently is ruling this Earth as his kingdom. All of the evil on this Earth can be attributed to one source, one kingdom and with numerous celebrities that have openly declared that they sold their souls to Satan for fame riches and it is not surprising that they also hold and support the Left. The Left are just another false anti-G-d, anti-Christ and anti-Israel ideology and cannot stand up for righteousness and against real evil or they would be dividing Satan’s kingdom. Note how their refusal to accept a fair Election and all of their actions including the anti-statue activities cause division. They want the USA to fall and unless they can be stopped the USA by the same principle, will not stand.