What has Israel promised to warrant this support?

By Ted Belman

The US and other countries are trying to curtail the flotillas

Clinton: Flotilla a bid to provoke Israel

US secretary of state criticizes planned Gaza-bound aid sail, urges US citizens against taking part in it; new Israeli ambassador to UN warns flotilla ‘only spells trouble’

The high price opf diplomacy.

June 24, 2011 | 5 Comments »

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  1. Vinnie, Liberal American Jews need to wake up now.

    Obama is no friend of Israel.
    He is an outright liar.
    Forget what he says, watch what he does.
    He cannot be trusted.

    He is best of all (an acorn community organizing pamphlet distributing anti-Semite, pretending to be a Christian [for political reasons] who embraces Islam, attempting to socialize America with the aid of George Sors & Co. and the liberal left progressive and he is an incompetent president, a real boy playing president while acting like a comedian).

  2. I’m with Jewboy.

    Obama is liable to be the first presidential candidate since WW2 to lose the Jewish vote. Actually, the vote isn’t nearly so important as the $$$ and activisism that the Jews here provide to who they like way out of propostion to their numbers.

    He’s toast with or without the Jews, but yes, he’s trying to appear more “pro-Israel” now that the election is looming.

    It won’t last long. Obama’s extreme anti-Israel knee-jerk impulses always get the better of him.

    Just wait till he figures out that he CAN’T get re-elected. Then he really will be dangerous.

    Another contributing factor, everybody, is this:

    “He that bites the hand that feeds him, licks the boot that kicks him.”

    Not sure who said that. Maybe Winston Churchill? Not sure.

    But it sure describes Obama and his ilk. He’s a vile coward to the core.

    You suppose the political beating Bibi gave him last month on his visit here might have engendered some respect?

    Stranger things have happened…..

  3. Support? It’s lip service to steal the thunder when the flotilla fails. Then they will try to take the credit.

  4. One can only guess. The price is known but we will know soon enough what Israel going to have to pay. You don’t really think all that support is given for free, do you? Then you’re a chump and a fool!

  5. I don’t think Israel had to give up anything. The progs merely need to appear sane for the elections. I imagine that she’s cashing in with her commie, terrorist college network as we speak.