What, me worry?

By Ted Belman

From my readings, I forecast the following for this year,

    Rice won’t succeed in putting together a coalition of “moderates”.

    Livni won’t succeed in creating a provisional Palestine.

    Abbas will resign before end of year.

    US won’t succeed in Iraq.

    GOI will continue to be ineffective

As a result,

    US will shift focus from Iraq to Iran (and about time)

    US will attack Iran without invading

    Israel will attack Hezbollah with US blessings.

    Israel will attack Hamas in Gaza

January 26, 2007 | 1 Comment »

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1 Comment / 1 Comment

  1. Abbas will resign before end of year.

    Not so long as he gets all the money that the US and ISrael really really want to keep away from Hamas. It is far to lucrative a position for him to leave. Have no expectations, get hundreds of millions of dollars, probably get nominated for a nobel peace prize for being poor poor abu mazen.

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