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  1. Although this is a non PC idea I like to look at all possibilities. I am remnded that Jimmy carters iranian debacle and his failure to release hostages was a boon to Reagans election and may have been the main influence on voters. I am also reminded of the bribe to Iran to release hostages through the Iran contra deal. The current events may be instrumental in bringing obama down, one must always ponder motives in the world of smoke and mirrors. In spite of what posters on Israpundit tend to believe, I am not sure that Romney would win on economic platforms. The US jews are indicative of this notion in that in spite of his animosity towards Israel they still vote the economic platform of the Democrats. Perhaps, in current economic times, this also indicates the overall electorate as the republicans will be seen to damage govt. programs such as medicare. My own view is that it would take a foreign policy meltdown for Obama to lose and this appears to be happening now.

  2. Ted, thanks for these posts. For me it definitely puts another spin on the situation. I even wonder if it was an act of revenge by Quaddafi remnants. Debbie Stussel is right on in revealing the facts behind the fictions and the role of Stevens participation in the Lybyan revolution. It is hard to believe that this was not done for a purpose as yet unrevealed. The guards melting away etc is a typical scenario of such planned assasinations. They were probably paid or instructed to melt away.