The spill v the need to drill

Sarah Palin came out right away in support of drilling.

Obama came out a few days later putting a freeze on new drilling.

The New York Times asks The Spill vs. a Need to Drill and surprisingly agrees with Palin.

    [..] But whatever the magnitude of the spill at the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana, it is unlikely to seriously impede offshore drilling in the Gulf. The country needs the oil — and the jobs.

    Much has changed since 1969. The nation’s demand for oil has surged, rising more than 35 percent over the past four decades, while domestic production has declined by a third. Oil imports have doubled, and the United States now buys more than 12 million barrels of oil a day from other countries, about two-thirds of its needs.

    The politics have also changed. Republicans want to boost domestic oil production to reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil. High on the Democratic agenda is reducing carbon emissions that cause global warming. To bridge the gap, the White House has backed a compromise that would expand domestic offshore exploration in exchange for Republican support for its climate policy.

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  1. High on the Democratic agenda is reducing carbon emissions that cause global warming.

    Which just goes to show the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of the Democratic agenda.

    There is no global warming, as proven by the fact that the average worldwide temperature is falling.

    That is why the term “global warming” has been largely supplanted by “climate change”.

    Of course, climate change is merely a euphemism for “weather”..which in fact has been known to change.

    Cap and Trade is a Wall Street scheme to defraud the public via the ruse of “Carbon Credits”.

    Goldman Sachs lobs some cash at the liberals, and they respond by eagerly cheating their own voters.

    The “Democratic agenda”.

    AKA “Bandini Mountain“.