Whatever happenned to Iraq’s WMD’s

seven.jpgBy Ted Belman

Recently, I was approached by Bruce T Smith who informed me that he and John H Schumacher had written a page burner, Seventh Psalm. He asked me to help publicize the book. Evidently, all New York publishers approached, turned it down. For them, the subject or the candor was too hot to handle. Or perhaps it went against their leftist political agenda.

According to Wikipedia the book “purports to finally explain what, in fact, happened to Saddam Hussein’s infamous “WMD” that justified the American invasion of Iraq.”

What I most appreciated in the book was the expertise of the authors which permeated every page. Both authors are retired U.S. Air Force Judge Advocates. Both are experts in the law of armed conflict and they seem to know a lot about warfare and intelligence. Seventh Psalm is a great read and as they said, a page burner.

When they approached me, they advised their mission was my mission. We see eye to eye on the threat appraisal and the need to fight it.

By the way they have agreed to write a legal opinion on how, within the law, the IDF can defeat Hamas with the least casualties to itself. I am looking forward to receiving it.

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