Moral equivalency is moral bankruptcy

American in Israel


I am a Californian living in Israel, just a Freeper on the ground watching the things coming down in the Middle-East. I am not Jewish, Arab or the such, just a plain ole Californian. I come in a “right-wing” flavor. My ethnic makeup is American-Cherokee. No I do not have dual citizenship, because I am not Jewish.,

I came over here a party to neither side, but am astonished at the media bias against the Jewish people. I do not believe the Jews walk on water, (currently) but I do respect their incredible restraint in the face of massive terrorism from its “peace partner” and vilification at the hands of the oil hungry world.

In my opinion, moral equivalence assigned to Israel and the Islamic’s is moral bankruptcy. If someone can not see the difference between police action and Genocide, military strikes within the Geneva conventions and Terrorist atrocities outside the Geneva Conventions, they are unfit to live in a free society. One must be able to understand the difference between right and wrong, murder and killing, lust and love to live within society without being a danger to that society.

My take on the Arabs is that Arafat, and now Abu Mazin and the Arab League have trained them to be bomb fuses for the next middle east war, and are now using them for that purpose. I have found the Arabs to be kind, friendly naive, but untrustworthy. I am ashamed at what America and the Jews have done by helping create a terror state to get control of their lives. We owe an apology to the Palestinians for backing the Palestinian Authority, and we owed Arafat a noose in war crimes trials.

I liked Arabs before, I still do, but pity them more so. I have grown to hate Islamic’s, their religion is enslaving the Arabs, and is the ultimate Big Brother dressed in Cleric Drag. The Koran seems tailor made for whipping up an army from illiterate people, and it works well now as when Mohammad designed it in 600ad for that very purpose.

I can clearly see what is happening around me as fufillment of many prophecys in the bible written 3000 years ago, and can also see where we are in the scheme of thing in the book of Revelations. If you are hoping for a pre-trib Rapture, I have news for you, we all must have missed the bus, the tribulation is in full swing.

I do not give out my personal information as I have gotten death threats from the Palestinians here on Freeper. The Palestinian Authority kills those who dare speak the truth, and I do not want to wake up to a ticking package at my door, so don’t ask for identifying personal information. I will however be glad to reply to any e-mails through Free Republic, so ask away for any other kind of thing you wish.

At the time of this writing, we are on the verge of the abandonment of the Gaza Strip area of Israel. I am not shocked, heck, you can read all about it in Zephaniah 2. You can also read about the Palestinians being wiped from the face of the earth there too… Here is a 70 good link for those with ADSL, it is a 70 meg video about this disaster: Zep. 2 “For Gaza will be abandoned, Ashod will be in ruins…”

The voters feel betrayed by voting for a hard line Sharon and getting a Leftist version, this latest vote shows that, the Conservatives just did not show up to vote. Why vote when they do what they want anyway?

I suspect this will be a disaster of monumental proportions as there is no one to keep the corrupt left from raiding the bank account.

Blessings to you from Jerusalem… AnI

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