Why Europe Abandoned Israel

Richard Baehr, has a major essay in American Thinker which is well worth reading for the differences between the US and Europe.

There are a number of factors that explain European behavior towards Israel. I have identified seven of them:

    1. Europe’s dependence on Middle East oil
    2. Europe’s rivalry with the US
    3. The growing number of Muslims and their militancy
    4. The small number of Jews, and their passivity
    5. The role of elites in Europe’s politics
    6. Europe’s long term disease of anti-Semitism, and
    7. The decline of Christianity in Europe.
February 15, 2007 | 3 Comments »

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3 Comments / 3 Comments

  1. Differences? Some similarities between the US and Europe

    1. USA’s dependence on Middle East oil
    2. The growing number of Muslims in the US and their militancy
    3. Rather than a small number of Jews and their passivity, in the US, there is a vocal group of liberal Jews,
    and their passivity
    4. Lukewarm Christianity in the US (worse than a decline)
    5. The role of elites in American politics and (and academia and business) and greed. Just caught a couple of minutes of Lou Dobbs today 2/15/07, Port of NY will most likely be under Dubai control after all (via a management company), transcript should be online tomorrow.

    The US and other western nations lag behind Europe. But it may be to late to change course.

    Here’s an article that is too politically correct to have been published in either an American or a European newspaper:

    Limit Muslim migration, Australia warned

  2. I would like to say that Britain has not ‘Abandoned’ Israel. The weak pathetic incompetent Dhimmi leadership of this generation are showing by their actions their position with regards to Israel but the thing is, is that a new generation of leadership is arising and ‘We’ the British people will never abandon Israel. We stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel and the Jewish people, we embrace and will protect those British Jews living with us in England and we stand in solidarity with the Jews in their homeland.

    Israel and the Jewish people hold the same values as us, and our history for good or for bad is intertwined, we are the civilized people of the Earth and must work together as friends in the face of the genocidal forces of hell in the embodiment of Islam.

    May God continue to ‘Bless & Protect’ Israel and the Jewish people.



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