Why is Israel afraid of Hizbullah?

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Last week Hizbullah commander Imad Mugniyah was assassinated. It is very likely that the Mosad was responsible. The Israeli government has not only denied involvement, it has issued warnings to Jews worldwide to expect terrorist retaliation.

Rather than hide under the bed, one would have expected the Israeli government to have used this opportunity to instill fear upon our enemies rather than upon Jews. Whether or not the Mosad actually implemented this heroic feat, they should have accepted responsibility. Not only that, they should have declared that all enemies of the Jewish People are targets and will be taken out if they continue to rant against Israel. Rather than televise Nasrallah’s venomous threats on Israeli television, government spokesmen should have announced that Nasrallah is next on the list of those to be assassinated.

Rather than listen to the calls for war by our terrorist enemies, Israel should mount a vigorous offensive against the terrorist organizations, destroying them in a ruthless campaign. We have the ability to terrorize and destroy our enemies. Instead we permit and even help them to terrorize us!

The very concept of an Arab Palestinian is a negation of the legitimacy of Israel. For our government to recognize such an entity is to aid and abet our enemies and to lend a hand in our self destruction! How dare any Jew suggest helping those who seek to destroy us! But for a Prime Minister, a President and nearly all of our Knesset to do so surpasses all limits of lunacy, cowardice and treason!

The Israel Defense Forces have never entered into a war to win. They deliberately limit their efforts to defend the country. Such a policy is nothing less than madness. Our enemies make war and we make peace. This may sound nice but it is an unworkable equation. We have placed ourselves in a situation in which we can never win and thus never achieve peace. Were we to truly win a war we could dictate terms of peace. Were we to lose a war we would perish. We have chosen a path to neither win nor lose. The result is that we are losing slowly. We are participating in our own self destruction and calling it a peace process!

The problem is not the arab terrorists. The problem is the loser syndrome imbedded in the minds of our misleaders. We worry more about our enemies’ rights than those of our own civilian population. Rockets are murdering our civilians and our Supreme Court disapproves of cutting electricity to Gaza. We should not cut electricity to Gaza. . . we should carpet bomb Gaza. Isn’t that why Sharon took the Jews out of there?

It is time for the Jewish government to stop acting like an impartial mediator. It is not our job to protect our enemies. It is our job to protect the Jewish State without regard for the safety of our enemies.

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4 Comments / 4 Comments

  1. Today’s NY Times carries an op ed written by an Israeli who claims it is too dangerous to engage in an assassination war with the Arabs. Too many innocent people will get blown up. To which I say the best defense is a vigorous offense, even if it takes a full military invasion. We need to destroy our enemies, not try to make their lives comfortable so they will love us. Haven’t we learned anything in the last ten years?

  2. I agree that a defeatist mentality has taken ahold of Israel’s leadership. Its exhausted and morally bankrupt. It wants an easy way out of the conflict with the Arabs but there is no easy way out. There has never been a solution where Israel can have its cake and eat it too. If there was, the Olmert-Barak-Livni government would already have peace with the Arabs. The truth is like the Cyprus conflict, the Israeli conflict is destined to go on forever because the existential question underneath the talk of territory, settlements and borders is one that by definition, is not open to compromise – ever. No country would negotiate itself out of existence.

  3. Cooperberg’s brave words are rooted more in wishful thinking then reality. The weight of the double standard the world thus far successfully imposes on Israel and the leverage America has on Israel, factor greatly into the formulation of Israel’s policies.

    It also doesn’t help that Israel suffers from leadership that is weak when it comes to putting Israel’s best interests first ahead of Western interests, but is strong in justifying its leading Israel along a path that tries to appease the concerns and interests of the West.

    While the Olmert government has not completely subordinated Israel’s best interests to Western interests, it has seriously subordinated a number of those Israeli interests and the Olmert government has thus compromised Israel’s best interests and security to an extent that is deeply troubling.